California DOJ Proposes BackGround Checks for Anyone That Buys Gun Parts

Executive Orders Rule Regulation Red Tape

USA – -( California will soon require every person who wishes to purchase a “firearm precursor part” to first undergo a background check process nearly identical to that which California currently uses for ammunition sales. The only problem is no one knows for certain what exactly is a “firearm precursor part.”

Yesterday, CA DOJ submitted proposed “emergency” regulations to the Office of Administrative Law for review and public comment. Because the proposal was submitted on an“emergency” basis,” members of the public only have five calendar days to submit comments on the proposal. Since the regs were submitted on Tuesday, that gives you only until this Sunday!

  • The text of DOJ’s proposed regulations can be viewed here.
  • DOJ has also created a “Firearm Precursor Part Identification Guidebook” in connection with their proposal that can be viewed here.

California Rifle & Pistol Association strongly urges all members to review DOJ’s proposal and submit their own comments. Such comments are important because DOJ must review and respond to every comment before submitting a final proposal for adoption.

For the full story, including instructions on how to submit your comments, please click over to the CRPA’s News page on our website.

Send in Reviews & Comments ASAP!

California Firearm Precursor Part Identification Guidebook

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As a resident of Kommiefornia(for now), this isn’t necessarily something to freak out over. Unfinished frames or receivers will have to be bought from an FFL. It doesn’t apply to uppers(for now, we still don’t know if the AFT’s forthcoming diktat will force serialization of uppers) barrels etc., at least for now. The thing is, CA law already said that to “legally” build out an 80% frame or receiver, one must first apply to the DOJ for a serial number that has to be engraved on the frame/receiver BEFORE any metal or plastic is machined away. If that frame is… Read more »


Calamity, risible, fascicles & hilarious.
Look at how many leaders dId/do NOT where the masks proves how farcical it all really is. Rules for thee but not for me. Commiefornia at one time was an awesome state. Since late 80’s – 90’s really Ziowood, Aerospace Industry & immigrants drove out all the decent quality people. Commiefornia leads the nation in exactly what meaningful or virtuous metric by any standards ? Lol

The Emperor has no clothes.

Reductio ad absurdum

Last edited 2 months ago by Tank

how about everyone in the calif. doj be drug tested, and run a deep background check on them ? Then, make the results public.


How about ALL federal employees, including elected officials and random drug screens after that; let’s add anyone receiving any public assistance. If you have to take a drug test to work in the public sector you should have to if you’re a government employee or living off welfare.


Oh, absolutely but they tried it on welfare recipients back in the 80’s and found it to be invasion of privacy and unconstitutional.

You are right. Do the government employees. I bet that half of them would be gone, we could weed out the trash and hire new people that are clean and believe in hard work. Of course, that is anti-union you know.

Gene Ralno

I need a mainspring for my 1874 St. Etienne revolver and wonder if that’s included in the book of “precursor parts.” Further, I’ve heard a skilled gunsmith should be able to make one. If so, would replacement be a simple repair or would it be a new part that requires a background check?

Just checking. Perhaps everyone should ask the state to answer a question.


fearless leader biden proposed yr.`s ago that he wanted to get rid of guns by attrition. In other words, no repair parts would be available for firearms.


if successful ridding repair parts, next up would come registering shop machines and rationing metal. Along w/huge fines and jail time for making repair parts. You can be sure,undercover batf would make efforts to get some shop to make a gun part. Large news coverage would follow. Gentlemen, we must stop the BS before it gets this far, because its coming. By-the-way, has that protector of the 2nd Amend. , the NRA, weighed in on this ?


There is no useful purpose to be served for any state to have any laws pertaining to firearms, ammunition or firearms parts. Such laws are obeyed only by the law abiding members of society, and the criminal element doesn’t give a damn, one way or the other. If a person isn’t concerned about the possible penalties for shooting someone, he/she certainly is not worried about any laws against ownership, possession, carrying or anything else pertaining to firearms. BE PREPARED!


Desperate measures for those desperate for truth but who cannot handle the truth. Violent crime is a byproduct of progressive public policy, the war on poverty and war on drugs and war on Western Civilization. New Left Progressives like those running California (in to the ground) are seeking to deflect blame from their failed ideologies and blame those who are least likely to commit crimes: law abiding gun owners. The more desperate these ideologues become the more desperate will be their measures. This is how secret police organizations like the CA DoJ hit squads get formed, We have even busted… Read more »


I said it when kommiefornia started not allowing bullets in the mail because you have to have a permit to buy bullets or some bat crazy BS.

Some of us need to buy a piece of property where kommiefornia is on the other side of the fence. They throw the money over, we throw the ammo cans or parts over to them. Kommiefornia cops cant do squat it would have to be feds and feds aren’t going to enforce commiefornias laws at the present time. Guns would be a different story.



Actually, CA DoJ hit squads do in fact stake out our gun shows here in Arizona. Fact. When we find them we confront them but they will track vehicles with CA plates back to the AG station in Needles for shake down. Be very careful.

Wild Bill

Good intel for all California readers.


You can make an AK receiver from a shovel…


California voted for this, including twice for Gov Hair Gel. You get the government you deserve.


Reminds me when I was in line behind a girl trying to buy colored pipe cleaners for a school project but she couldn’t because they were a “tobacco product”, just stupid.


That made me think back to when I was a little kid building model cars and airplanes and they passed a law making it illegal to buy glue if you were not 18. We also had a chemical that I use to call DOPE I don’t know why but after we put the material on the frame and skeleton of our airplane it used to make the material tight and hard and then we could fly the planes we built. I asked my mom who was a demcrap why and she said because people are stupid. She was right.


Wow, it’s all gone so nuts. They are trying to tie up the legislatures fighting about gun rights and not taking care of business like they should. The left has proclaimed total war on guns and their owners. It’s all beyond ridiculous. Well, if kommiefornia manages to pass this I know it will only be a matter of time until OreGONE will pass it only they will have to add a luxury tax on it because OreGONES demonrat crap in charge just can’t stand to be less WOKE than any other state. We must lead the new charge in order… Read more »


No. Uhhnn uhn. You can take that and shove it.


Gun part precursors?

They gonna ban soda bottles, scrap aluminum, seamless steel tubing, spring wire?

All of those can, have, and will be used to make firearm parts.