Comfort Concealment Belt, Low-Profile Carry

Comfort Concealment Belt
Comfort Concealment Belt

U.S.A.-( There are more ways to conceal a pistol than you can shake a stick at. While we all know holsters and bellybands, every now and then something new comes across my feed. A year ago it was the PHLster Enigma. More recently it was the Comfort Concealment Belt. Well actually it popped up in my wife’s feed, but I can’t let her have all the fun. With this in mind, I snagged it for myself when she periodically opted for other methods of carry. Over the past several months I’ve been experimenting with the Comfort Concealment Belt to see how it compares to other options. How does it stack up?

Construction and Design of the Comfort Concealment Belt

The Comfort Concealment Belt is a fairly simple piece of equipment. Essentially this is a padded nylon belt, featuring rubberized lettering on the outside to improve security within the pants. The most similar product that comes to mind regarding construction of the belt is the backer on the Alien Gear 3.5 Cloak Tuck holster. The belt is closed using Velcro on an elastic portion of belt. There are no rigid portions of the Comfort Concealment Belt, allowing it to be rolled up extremely tight for storage and shipping, or to flex with the body during movement.

Comfort Concealment Belt
With very little rigidity, the Comfort Concealment Belt is easily rolled for storage

This lack of rigidity reduces the belt’s ability to interact with claws/wings on holsters, thereby reducing its potential for concealment. Interaction with these concealment features can improve by tightening the belt further, however adjustments are limited by the sizing of the belt.

Real World Use

The real-world performance of the Comfort Concealment Belt varies widely based upon the equipment carried, level of activity of the wearer, and more. I wore this belt intermittently for three months during the review process.

Daily Wear of the Comfort Concealment Belt

When lounging about the house wearing a lightweight pistol, the Comfort Concealment Belt is fantastic. The soft material stays comfortable for long periods of time, allowing the gun to shift along with the body. Thanks to its relatively small footprint and ease of adjustment along the body, using the bathroom (number 1 and number 2) are a breeze.

Comfort Concealment Belt
Aside from a slight bulge from the large belt clip on my holster, the pistol can be worn well below the waistband with zero printing

I spent a few days wearing the belt in deep concealment, burying my Glock 48 below my waistband to avoid detection. From here I ran errands around town, cleaned house, and went bowling with family. I was able to fairly easily access my gun, managing 2 second draws from concealment. As time went on the belt began to sag where the gun was connected, drooping the muzzle near where the seat and crotch of my pants meet. Despite attempts to adjust things, the Comfort Concealment Belt stayed droopy throughout the remainder of the day, reducing comfort and concealment, while complicating the drawstroke.

Sagging and folding is a common problem I experience with the Comfort Concealment Belt. The Glock 48 I frequently wear with the belt comes in at 25.8 ounces loaded. This is fairly lightweight for a carry gun, and is still too much for this belt. I have far fewer issues with using my Smith & Wesson 351C, which comes in at 12.5 ounces loaded. I recommend sticking with lightweight guns when using the Comfort Concealment Belt, such as Airweight J-Frames, and other mouse guns.

Drawing the Gun and Holster Retention

Dry practice with the Comfort Concealment Belt is a challenge. Due to relatively flimsy construction, the holster and belt frequently find themselves substantially higher after drawing my pistol. Often times this pulls the front of the belt completely out of my pants, requiring a bit of work to reset everything to continue my practice. The movement isn’t a deal killer for me, but does add time and effort to my dry practice routine. I imagine this could also pose a problem in a real-world struggle for my firearm. This could be mitigated with the use of a garter or leg leash of some sort to help keep things in place.

Comfort Concealment Belt
Christmas jammies means alternative carry methods are required

On a few occasions, my G48 holster lost its grasp on the Comfort Concealment Belt, leaving my pants still attached to the gun. This holster uses a fairly low-quality plastic belt clip, which often has problems staying connected to rigid belts as well. I’ve worn holsters with Discreet Carry Concepts clips with this belt, and while I think they would perform better, they still seem precariously perched on the Comfort Concealment Belt. This makes me hesitant to use them here, despite their normally stellar reputation. My recommendation is to use either Pull The Dot loops, or a fully fixed belt loop, ensuring the holster is secure on the belt, with no chance of being dislodged.

Unique Use Case

An area I think the Comfort Concealment Belt could excel at is low-profile IWB carry of tools other than firearms. I’ve worn this with a flashlight, OC Spray, medical gear, and a small knife attached to the belt with a tucked-in shirt. A common suggestion is to strap gear to my ankles, but not all outfits lend themselves to that method of carry. The beltline however allows me to carry equipment in situations I normally would not be able to. Of course this isn’t quick to access, but it is certainly better than nothing.

Final Thoughts on the Comfort Concealment Belt

The main comparison I often see drawn between the Comfort Concealment Belt is with the PHLster Enigma. Between the two, the Comfort Concealment wins by a landslide in terms of comfort and price. However, the Enigma dominates in terms of concealment and security of the firearm. Because of this, I can’t give a broad recommendation of the Comfort Concealment Belt, but I do think it has a place in my inventory.

Comfort Concealment Belt
Comfort Concealment belt outfitted with a tourniquet, OC, flashlight, and J-Frame

An ideal configuration for the Comfort Concealment Belt is with a lightweight gun or similar equipment worn for short durations, with fairly low levels of activity. Carrying within the home is one of the main roles I use the belt in, as it stays comfortable for longer periods of time than a traditional holster or the PHLster Enigma while allowing more security and capability than pocket carry. The above-mentioned carry of medical and other gear is also one of my preferred configurations for the Comfort Concealment, and one that I highly recommend checking out.

With an MSRP of $34.95, the Comfort Concealment Belt is a budget-friendly way to carry your life-saving equipment in certain situations where other methods may fall short, while still having some limitations of its own.

About Dan Reedy

Dan is an Air Force veteran, avid shooter, and dog dad. With a passion for teaching, he holds instructor certifications from Rangemaster, Agile Training & Consulting, and the NRA. He has trained with Darryl Bolke, Mike Pannone, Craig Douglas, among several other instructors, amassing over 400 hours of professional instruction thus far. In his spare time you’ll find him teaching handgun, shotgun, and less lethal classes.

Dan’s work has been published by Primer Peak, and The Kommando Blog, and he has been featured as a guest on Primary & Secondary.Dan Reedy headshot

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Looks very uncontrollable would not want to walk any distance or sit for any length of time. Hard if you’re driving kid of silly really.


It might be good for concealed carry with a skirt, though I still prefer to keep mine in my bag. Womens clothes are harder to conceal though since our clothes are usually more form fitting


I totally agree but you can always wear a leg holster. A purse is the first thing a thief goes for and many women put their bag down while they look over items or leave it in the cart when shopping for food checking out the vegetables. You may not be one of the many and if so, I commend you and hope that is the case. My wife wants to carry it in her bag and she doesn’t protect her bag good enough. Hell, sometimes she forgets her cell phone. I told her that your gun is like your… Read more »


I really think that having the gun on you is best and I have given a few reasons why. I don’t like to carry on the outside because I feel it is advertisement to the gangs and takes away my element of surprise and that is why I prefer constitutional carry as well as not having to pay for a mother may I card. Someone once said an armed society is a polite society. Too bad I believe that’s true because now days not everyone is respectful to others and are judgmental by the clothes you wear or the color… Read more »


I understand that thought but after living in Europe most my life where there are lots of pickpockets and bag thiefs, I’m fairly good at always keeping it on me. I’ve tried leg holsters and they just aren’t comfy and with the clothes I wear I can usually draw much faster from bag than leg holster


Ok, if that were the case and it were me, I would always have a purse with a shoulder strap that goes around my neck that I can rest my arm on and hold the strap and not have the strap over my shoulder. I bet you know that though.


I get what your saying though having a across the shoulder strap can sometimes be really uncomfortable for women if you catch my meaning.


No I don’t catch it, I totally get it minus the body parts rubbing on points of interest. My wife and I were on a hike in Montana to see a ghost town one mile away from the road. On the way back I noticed she was leaned to the side walking funny. I said what the hell? She said this thing is heavy. So, I carried it 3/4 of the way back till we got to the car and my neck and shoulder was hurting. Since I can’t fit all my stuff in my wallet and she carries some… Read more »


I don’t really carry much in mine. Just phone with wallet case, gun in a holster attached to inside side of bag, car keys and a fixed blade back country knife. Where I grew up in Norway, no one had guns aside from hunting rifles but EVERYONE carried really big knives. They outlawed the carrying of them but only southern Norway really follows that law lol


Well I wish you good health and fortune and hope that you never have to carry the whole house and medicine cabinet with you wherever you go. I hope you like America and it is everything you dreamed of and more. We still have a great country, but what is left is hanging on by a thread.

Thanks for protecting yourself and being an independent lady that supports a healthy citizenry and freedom.

Wild Bill

What does Norway think about Putin invading another country?


It is very scary. While Norway is part of NATO, Sweden is not and my fathers side of the family still lives in Sweden. There is fear that if Putin can invade Ukraine with little consequence, he can do the same to Sweden. Ukraine used to have the worlds 3rd largest nuke arsenal but the US and Russia negotiated with Ukraine to disarm, under the condition that Russia would never invade, attack, interfere with their politics and respect their independence and sovereignty with the guarantee that No Russian weapon shall ever be used against Ukraine with a guarantee that they… Read more »

Wild Bill

Good report. Will Norway, Germany, and France sent help or will they all let Ukraine fall? What about the Baltic states? They don’t have much!

Last edited 3 months ago by Wild Bill

I am honestly not sure. The commen thought is Russia is invading because Ukraine has good ports and to act as a buffer zone between Russia and NATO. While NATO is worried direct action against Russia will lead to full war so instead they seem to be supplying arms and resources to Ukraine instead. This all reminds me very much of WW2 Germany. The Allies wanted to avoid war at all costs and ignored Germany as it built up its army again and began to invade the smaller surrounding countries. Putin seems to be setting the stage for that and… Read more »

Wild Bill

Interesting. How are the Ukrainians really doing? We can not trust the reporting of our own media.


Honestly, you really want to see how it’s going, go download tiktok and watch the videos of the Ukrainians there. Lots of them showing exactly how it’s going without the bias the news shows. They are doing a better job than expected but all they can really do is make taking over the country as expensive as possible and Putin doesn’t seem to care about cost.

Wild Bill

Yes, the Ukrainians are doing far better than expected, but the Russian arm is getting ready to use gas on them. Kiev did not fall last night.
I think that tik tok is Chinese and not safe to do tik tok. But thank you for your report.

Last edited 3 months ago by Wild Bill

With hardly NO portion of that grip exposed and tucked so far down into your skivvies… yeah, good luck drawing that out in 5 minutes or less.


Hit the gym bud


Do you dare sit down with that on?


Mine digs into me if I have it in front. I carry it on the side like you would on the outside. I don’t like that I have to grab my shirt with my left hand and raise it to use my right hand to grab the gun but like they say, Practice makes perfect. 2.2 to 2.5 sec for me and that includes the shot from my waste not aim and shoot. Nice that I don’t have to cock the trigger or disengage a safety. No safety scared me at first, but I came to realize so long as… Read more »

Watch um

The most uncomfortable way to carry a gun.