Poll: 83% Say Violent Crime will be Important Issue in Elections

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A new Rasmussen survey says most voters think violent crime will be a major campaign issue this fall. More people are buying guns for personal protection.

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- A formidable 83 percent of likely voters believe the issue of violent crime “will be important in this year’s congressional elections, including 56% who say the crime issue will be Very Important,” according to a new Rasmussen survey.

The poll also revealed that 65 percent of the same likely voters think violent crime is getting worse, while only 11 percent believe the situation is improving. By no great surprise, 22 percent don’t believe crime is worse or the situation is any better.

Interestingly, the survey result comes within days of the billionaire-backed Everytown for Gun Safety gun control lobbying group sent an email blast attacking “Stand Your Ground” laws in several states. Their email declared, “The gun lobby isn’t just against gun safety laws—they’re trying to pass bills that encourage violence. Shoot First laws—also known as Stand Your Ground (SYG) legislation—are deadly, reckless, and extreme.”

In the process of demonizing lawful self-defense, Everytown made a significant error, posting a map on its website identifying 21 states that, in their opinion, have “rejected” the SYG principle.

Among those states, Everytown erroneously includes Washington. Evergreen State lawmakers didn’t need to pass such a statute, because the State Supreme Court has made it abundantly clear Washington residents have the right to stand their ground in the face of an imminent attack.

As noted by the state high court in a case known as State v. Reynaldo Redmond, “The law is well settled that there is no duty to retreat when a person is assaulted in a place where he or she has a right to be…An instruction should be given to this effect when sufficient evidence is presented to support it…Parties are entitled to instructions that, when taken as a whole, properly instruct the jury on the applicable law, are not misleading, and allow each party the opportunity to argue their theory of the case.”

In an excellent explanation of Washington’s situation at Kornfeld Law, attorney and author Robert Kornfeld noted, “There are two different kinds of laws in our state – those that were passed by our state legislature and those that are called ‘case law’ or ‘judge made law.’ These are laws that arise out of rulings in legal cases. Washington’s stand your ground law is this latter type of law.”

What’s this got to do with violent crime as a political issue in November? Plenty, beginning with possibly the most important consideration of all: if Everytown is wrong about Washington State and SYG, what else are they wrong about?

Look around the Internet and you will find several stories of average citizens fighting back. The most common involves home invasions followed by attempted armed robberies in which the perpetrators are either wounded or killed by gunfire.

The situation may be best illustrated by a report from Spokane, Washington’s KXLY News, quoting local gun shop/gun range owner Jeremy Ball. He’s the second-generation CEO of Sharp Shooting Indoor Range & Gun Shop, and he told a reporter people are assuming responsibility for their own safety.

Have American voters had enough with violent crime? An overwhelming majority of Rasmussen survey respondents say “yes” and they’ll vote accordingly in November.

“They have to take their own precautions and do what they feel is necessary to keep their families safe,” Ball observed.

He told KXLY that gun sales have been steady since the coronavirus outbreak two years ago, and that includes more first-time gun owners buying compact defensive sidearms they can carry.

According to the most recent data from the state Department of Licensing, Spokane County has more than 42,600 of the state’s 638,000 active concealed pistol licenses. This includes 31,217 CPLs held by men and 11,390 held by women.

The “defund police” experiment fostered by the Far Left in the riotous summer months of 2020 has left many major cities with reduced manpower. As a result, people have armed themselves, and they vote. Politicians who supported reducing police department manpower may be in considerable trouble this fall.

As the Rasmussen survey shows, “Fifty percent (50%) of voters say the Biden administration’s policy for dealing with violent crime is worse than the Trump administration’s policy, while 29% think the Biden crime policy is better than Trump’s.” That’s a fairly lopsided view of Biden’s policies on crime. That could haunt Democrats all the way down to state legislative races.

Only 17% “believe the crime policy of the two administrations is about the same,” Rasmussen reported.

Breaking down Rasmussen’s numbers by political party, 79% of Republicans “say the problem of violent crime in America is getting worse, as do 48% of Democrats and 70% of voters not affiliated with either major party (Independents).” That’s going to make things tough for Democrats when they have to face voters at Townhall sessions in various communities.

At the same time, the polling firm added, “78% of Republicans, 50% of (Independents) and 22% of Democrats think the Biden administration’s policy for dealing with violent crime is worse than Trump’s policy.”

“Far more Democrats (20%) than Republicans (7%) or unaffiliated voters (4%) think the violent crime problem is getting better,” Rasmussen observed, suggesting Biden party loyalists may be out of touch with the majority of their fellow citizens.

According to Rasmussen, “More Republicans (66%) than Democrats (52%) or unaffiliated voters (48%) believe the issue of violent crime will be Very Important in this year’s congressional elections.” If this pattern prevails, expect strong law-and-order, and pro-gun rights candidates to make headway. With dozens of Democrat members of Congress already having announced their intentions to not run again or to pursue other elective offices, Capitol Hill beginning in January 2023 could have a far different complexion than it does now, and a GOP takeover would translate to having Joe Biden’s gun prohibition agenda stopped dead in its tracks.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman


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Monkey Mouse

It will be an important issue – problem is that in Democrat cities they will trade an pro-crime Dem for another one, just like NYC.

Good news is that people will move out of these liberal hellholes, taking their money and votes to states that will pick up HOR seats. CA lost 2 and NY lost 1 seat in the 2020 census – going to red states where the people moved to.


Unfortunately, CA will probably gain seats in the next census, as illegals are also counted. Governor Nuisance has made it clear that he welcomes them with open arms. He wants to give them all free health care for crying out loud.


These rich CRBs are traitors to this country. When you fund a cause that is contrary to the republic, and the constitution, you are fighting against the nation.


Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action have been joining with law enforcement departments in numerous states to lobby for more gun control and against pro 2nd Amendment legislation. Here is an example in South Dakota: “Moms Demand Action volunteers joined law enforcement officials and public safety advocates in providing testimony against HB 1052, a dangerous bill that would make it illegal in South Dakota for any public officer or employee of the state, including state and local law enforcement officers, to assist with the enforcement of federal gun safety laws, and penalize those who attempt to enforce them. The… Read more »

Wild Bill

More like betrayers, than traitors only because treason is so narrowly defined in the Constitution. But we know what you mean.


Bloomburg wouldn’t be able to get much done without people like Tim Walburg to lobby on his behalf.



Violent crime is getting worse the democratic policies of revolving door justice have all but destroyed the biggest cities in America. There are two types of Politicians and both can not be trusted Democrats and Rhinos they are destroying the constitution one 9th circuit court corrupt judge at a time. Our country is under attack by the progressive left who believe in nothing yet ask for all things to be given free to them.They are socialist moving to you home town soon. Violence can only be met with violence you can not ask a criminal not to kill you or… Read more »

AZ Lefty

While the “right” screams about places like Detroit and Chicago they ignore the areas they control that are as bad if not worse

Wild Bill

Yup, crime here in rural E. Texas is just terri … nonexistent.


Same thing here in rural W. Texas!

Wild Bill

People in Texas have been carrying for decades. The Texas legislatures and governors have been protecting Texas for decades before I got here, Texas is the safest place that I have ever lived. I want to thank every conservative Texan past and present for keeping Texas … American!


Lived in Austin from 1979 intill it became little Mexico 2005 or so still got kin down that way I pray for them.


dont know if is still on the books but there was a law that you could not carry a concealed weapon over six feet long ,could never stop laughing over that, but reality is was likely aimed at zodiac rifles in 1800s


South Georgia we live well dont like crime we play in the clay fish in the ponds swim in the rivers. concealed carry open carry we all carry. Life is but a dream


@AZ – Would not doubt it, accept I cannot think of any. Worst spots in Texas are various parts of Houston or Dallas. Both cities are democrat strongholds.

Please provide a list so we can share a bit of your wisdom.


he is thinking san fran is republican


That’s a Troll Dave, and not even an amusing one.


Because the Dems are moving into those cities that are red & turning them into libtard towns and bringing their garbage with them. Dems need to stay where they are at!


Tell me caprone did your parents have any children that lived?
Trolls are short ugly big headed stupid creatures, but you make them look like beautiful scholars.
The word schmuck refers to the sound the foreskin makes when thrown into the waste pan. you caprone don’t even measure up to that!