Do Permits to Carry Equal Gun Registration?

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Do Permits to Carry Equal Gun Registration? iStock-665117528

U.S.A.-( In a recent article about the intricacies of passing a Constitutional Carry bill in Nebraska, it was noted people with a recognized permit to carry concealed in Nebraska was not required to register their handguns in Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha, specifically the Omaha Police Officer’s Association, was lobbying hard to keep the Omaha requirement of registration of handguns.

Under current Omaha regulations, people who do not have concealed carry permits which are valid in Nebraska, are required to register handguns in Omaha.

Commentator Jon Anderson of the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association noted:

Omaha ALREADY requires registration of all handguns possessed inside city limits UNLESS the possessor has a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP holders are exempt from registration. This has been the norm for YEARS.

Commentator Russn8r replied:

No, they’re not. A concealed carry permit *is* registration! Extensive registration.

Both are correct, in a sense. CHP holders in Nebraska are not required to register any firearms, handguns, or long guns.

A concealed carry permit is a “registration” of a sort. It is registration showing the person who has the permit applied for and received a permit to carry a concealed handgun (in Nebraska or some other states) or weapon (in Arizona or some other states).  Such “registration” has little significance because it does not tie the person registered to any particular handgun. It does not show the person registered owns a handgun. Numerous students in the concealed carry courses that I conducted in Arizona did not own guns.

This is a significant difference in the level of registration. Legally tying ownership of a particular firearm to a particular person is a stepping stone to confiscating guns from the population slowly, in increments. Registration of guns with particular owners, is, in effect, gun confiscation.

Registration of someone as having received a carry permit has little effect. It shows the person is likely to own a firearm. Many other things do so as well, such as reading AmmoLand. It is difficult to avoid having your viewing history on the internet recorded and tracked. If you purchase a firearm, ammunition, or a firearm accessory with a credit card, you are on a list of potential firearms owners. If you subscribe to any hunting or shooting magazine or belong to any shooting or Second Amendment group, you are on a list as valid as having a carry permit. If you have a hunting license, you are on a list.

In the United States, about 40% of residents are strong, potential firearms owners. In some states, such as Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona, the number of likely firearms owners is a significant majority of the residents of the state. What good does a list of potential firearms owners do, when a list of residents is mostly the same?

Most states who issue carry permits do not require information about a particular firearm in order to issue the permit. There are a couple of exceptions.

California appears to list specific firearms on the permits they issue for carry. If particular sheriffs in California do not do so, please inform us of the practice.

New Jersey requires information about the specific firearms that would be carried.

Some local jurisdictions that issue permits to carry, such as Sheriffs in a few states, might require information about specific handguns, but it seems unlikely.

A few states require registration of all guns or just handguns, such as California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York.  A person with a carry permit does not add much information to their database.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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The government is specifically prohibited from involving itself in our choice of weapons, how we carry them, or what we build, buy and possess. We don’t need no stinking permits.

Deplorable Bill

The answer is in the simple but strict reading of the second amendment. The government has no constitutional authority to impose any restrictions whatsoever on a free American citizen’s right to keep and bear arms this obviously includes registrations of any kind, cc permits etc. Legislators trying to look busy or important or outright trying to destroy the rights and freedoms we all enjoy by infringing on the constitution upon the citizenry is what I call legislative mission creep. There are some truly evil despots in all three branches of government but the 2A is clear; “A well regulated militia,… Read more »


No permit required in Montana and that’s the way its suppose to be in all 50 states. Freedom does not require a permit . Tyrants do require permits so they can use it to confiscate it when they decide you do not need it anymore . America promotes freedom and it’s time the tyrants get with the program or get removed out of all positions of power !


In sacramento kommiefornia you can only list one kommiefornia approved firearm if you are lucky enough to get a permit, (you have relatives or friends in the upper echelon of society). If that weapon needs repair you have to report it as being out of commission, you cannot carry another firearm in its place and if you want to replace it temporarily or completely, you need to requalify and have the background check done again. This was back in 1985 and the kommiefornia approved gun came somewhere in the late 90s I think. In OreGONE it is whatever you happen… Read more »


Getting a CCW in Kommiefornia depends on your county. Looking at an electoral map is a fairly reliable indicator. “Red” county Sheriffs generally see it as shall issue. Sacramento and LA counties are two notable exceptions. Within the last year or so, LA sheriff Alex Villanueva has been issuing permits to those who jumped through the hoops. Issuing permits was a campaign promise that Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones actually kept.
CCW holders can have up to 3 guns on their permit and you have to live fire qualify with each one.


Right on, sounds like things might be getting better. So in Sacramento you no longer have to be connected or the daughter, niece nephew cousin to a Drug sales person, judge, doctor, lawyer, LEO to get a concealed permit. I have a hard time believing that but hey they claim that the big tomato is a cow town so maybe it is finally acting like it should be. Crime and Criminals are rampant there and the gangs and shootings in my back yard that hit my house and flew over my house on Friday and Saturdays as well as being… Read more »


Holy s**t, whereabouts in Sac did you live? I think overall crime has gotten a little better up until the pandemic but I’ve only lived in outlying suburbs. Gang violence hasn’t been an issue for me knock on wood. Sheriff Jones isn’t seeking re election as he has decided try to flip CA’s 3rd Congressional district from blue to red. The Dim O crat who wants to be the next Sheriff (Jim Cooper) is the guy that got caught with a gun in his man purse at the Sac airport a couple weeks ago. Of course his a rules thee… Read more »


Well, lets see how well you actually know the outskirts. How about these. Rancho Cambodia, North Harlem, South Sac, Del paso Heights, Natomas, Arden, Oak Park. all the good areas for crime not the better areas like Fair Oaks Blvd, Antelope, Citrus Heights, Orangevale, Rocklin, Roseville, Folsom and my favorite Rio Limbaugh, LOL.


Haven’t heard anyone say Rancho Cambodia in a long time, never heard North Highlands referred to as North Harlem. NH and south Sac are still kinda rough neighborhoods, but the others you mentioned have gentrified to some degree since the recovery from the 08 recession. Del Paso Blvd was revitalized and for a while was the center of the artsy/hipster scene, For the last 5 years and especially since covid hit, bay area yuppies have been snapping suburban houses at a furious pace. I live in Rosemont just a couple miles from what was Mather AFB (where I was born)… Read more »


Lol, an X fellow homey. Yes, it changed to North Harlem when Mc Clellan closed. Property values dropped and more brothers moved in and everything went to hell. Unkept yards, multiple cars on jacks and in the yard, houses in disrepair. Then the mexican gangs came and it became major trouble fighting for turf. I am glad to hear that some of it is coming back but it never comes back to what it once was especially property values.
Hope you stay safe.


thank you for filing in the details. Saved me some writing. I happen to know that SOnoma Coutny has been WILL NOT ISSUE unless you are SOMEBODY for decades. Same with Alameda. Friend in Alameda was a licshesed California Private detective, and has a perfct legal track record, and could NOT get a permit to go a\rme,d even only while on the job. I also now that Tulare County has been hsalll issue for decades. Rural farm area. Last I knew, twith a population of maybe 250 K there were over four thuosand Mother May I Cards active. Los Angeles… Read more »


You accused me of what I didn’t do above. Will you walk it back? The namecalling was by Bruce (formerly TEX), who deleted his abusive post (a TEX M.O.) so now it falsely looks like my reply was to John due to Ammoland’s bad system.


I totally agree it sucks that it’s basically up to the whim of those with power, but we have the choice to play the game, go elsewhere or be outlaws. When my wife retires we will be looking to move to a more gun friendly state, Are you sure about Sonoma County? I only ask because one of my favorite gun channels on YouTube is Reno May. He lives in Sonoma and has a CCW. To be fair, his day job is professional photographer and he might have been able to use the carrying around a bunch of expensive equipment… Read more »


Texas now allows carrying without a license however, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has almost autonomous control over any business that sells alcohol. Even at stores that sell it for “off premises consumption”. They have forbidden the unlicensed carry of a gun into any establishment that sells alcohol, period. Most gas stations and convenience stores sell beer so, that means that unlicensed people can not legally carry there. If you’re licensed, you can. I have a license but, that’s all Texas knows. They don’t know how many guns I have or what type of gun I have. All they know… Read more »


Many have died due to “gun free” zones backed by NRA & Abbott. e.g. There was no armed resistance at El Cielo Walmart because it’s half-surrounded by the privately-decreed “Gun Free” El Cielo Mall.

All “GF” zones should be banned for public safety. The claim that gvt has no right to prohibit private “GF” zones by firms open to the public doesn’t wash for the same reason it’s criminal to serve rancid food, e-coli & rat crap.

Last edited 9 months ago by Russn8r

Was unaware of restriction on CC carry in locations under TX-ABC. Guess that’s just one more reason to remain in the TX-LTC registration system.

I still have the handgun I used to qualify. In case anyone cares – it is the only gun I own and I’ve been thinking of giving it away. 😉


Thank “pro-gun” Greg Abbott and his sidekick Dade Phelan for sabotaging “Constitutional Carry”.


florida has a ccw, mace and pepper spray as well as knives fall under this
if you have a nsa item you are on a list

Last edited 10 months ago by swmft

Approval of a concealed carry permit means that first and foremost I am a good american a law biden citizen. I disagree with the process that goes with obtaining a ccp in most states. As our constitution says different in the writing of the second amendment.
We have given the politicians to much power form mayors to allowing county commissioners to influence law enforcement and the courts. As for Washington those 545 elected need a reminder in 2022 We The People have a say.

Wild Bill

I don’t mean to disagree, but I, respectfully, must. Approval of a concealed carry permit means, first and foremost, that your pre-political, God given, and Constitutionally enshrined RIGHT has been stolen and replace by permission system from the state.

A permit or license can be granted and revoked, a Right can not be granted or revoked.


Respectfully I am a believer in following the law I do not make the law or disrespect those who must do a job to uphold it. My only God given gift was this morning when he blessed me and my wife another day a chance to be a better person.Each day we all get this gift we open our eyes to view the world in his image, not the image of those who now rule over we the people. The sad thing it has been revoked a little at time over the years not just our rights to bear arms… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by john
Wild Bill

If it ain’t Constitutional, then it ain’t law.


That would depend on the judge you were standing in front of or the prosecutor or the jury. No guarantees by the jury of your peers the judge or the prosecutor.



Wild Bill

Respectfully, issues of constitutionality generally occur at the appellate level rather than the trial court level. But it is ok, we knew what you meant.

Last edited 9 months ago by Wild Bill

I understand the basis for this stancs, John but please consider these two things: Firs,t God has established “the civil magistrate to bear the sword agasint those who do harm”. When I take my handgun and slip it into my waistband, I am harming no one. Thus WHY does the “civil magistrate” have anything to say about that? Now, should I get crazy and use that weapon to kill or maim innocents, then the “civil magistrate” had BETTER get on the stick and deal with me for unrightfully harming another. But what percentage of folks who use a handgu (or… Read more »


I stand by my response


The same is said for the state of Georgia and that is why we move here Freedom to live as a American. Everybody is armed in this state !!!!


Corrupt Kemp helped DemComs steal the WhiteHouse & both Sen seats but idiots will give him the primary again

Last edited 9 months ago by Russn8r

I do not wish to argue not all the people in Georgia are happy with the election results That includes me. There were many players involved.


Who’s arguing?


I apologize if I miss understood


Your stalking and trolling is abusive.


More abusive name calling.


WHAT “stalking and trolling”? And you wonder sometimes why all the downvotes?


As if you don’t know. My reply was to Bruce aka TEX who deleted his abusive post: his long-time M.O. Don’t blame me for Ammoland’s system making it falsely appear to reply to John.

Last edited 9 months ago by Russn8r

P.S. I never wonder why the downvotes. It’s current & ex-LEOs running sock puppets to cancel messengers who post things like this. You know very well I’m not their only victim. They gang up on JSNMCG, swmft, stag & others.


This was a reply to Bruce, aka TEX, who deleted his post.


the system kills previous comments from a profile that has been removed from the system for violation of terms of service. Sorry, that is just how it works. Bruce did not delete the comment the system did. Bruce has no control whatsoever and has been banned as we find his newly created account we nuke them and all the comments associated with his newly created account.


No worries.


I would agree with the writer’s premise & notion that any CCW license is a registration/acknowledgement/indicator of 2nd A & mindset awareness of that individual. It’s a reference/index/metric starting point for any state to assess it’s citizens. Certain states (e.g. Washington) have already violated 2nd A by NOT allowing law abiding citizens to legally purchase a firearm who reside in another state. That is a form of backdoor tyranny – gun control b/c it interferes with the FFL’s commerce potential/ability $$$ & RIGHT to pursue his/her right to pursue a livelihood aka happiness as a legal FFL dealer from making… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Tank

“Such ‘registration’ has little significance because it does not tie the person registered to any handgun. Numerous students in CCW courses I conducted in AZ did not own guns.”

The danger of registration is a tyrannical gvt, not one that respects presumption of innocence. Think a tyrannical gvt will assume the person doesn’t own a gun? Give them the benefit of doubt?

It’s technically not gun registration in some states, but it’s de facto gun owner registration in all states. In many states the person has to declare the exact gun to be used, making it direct gun registration.

Last edited 9 months ago by Russn8r