Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro & NBC News Breaking Gun Laws ~ VIDEO Evidence?

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Philadelphia, PA – -( Did NBC News and the Pennsylvania AG’s Office Commit Multiple Felonies in a recent TV hit piece on so-called “ghost guns”?

That is the question many people are asking.

A few weeks ago, at a gun show in the Philadelphia suburb of Oaks, NBC News Reporter Vaughn Hillyard was equipped with a hidden camera and purchased two Polymer80 kits plus all the parts needed to build two handguns. After buying the kits, he ambushed Jordan Vinroe owner of JSD Supplies, the show seller of the Polymer 80 Build kit, with a surprise interview.

If you thought NBC would use selective editing of the interview to push their narrative, you would be right. NBC misrepresented Vinroe’s statements with careful editing. But that isn’t where the story ends.

Next NBC’s Hillyard then transferred 2 complete “readily convertible” kits with all the parts, to agents of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s office to build.

ATF believes “readily convertible” kits are firearms.

Pennsylvania has universal background checks for all pistol transfers, and they must be transferred through an FFL. It doesn’t appear Hillyard did that, meaning that he, NBC News, and the AG’s office appear to have broken the law.

But it did not stop there.

It is also illegal for someone to complete an 80% firearm for someone else.

So much so that even lending someone your tools to complete a frame can land you in hot water with the ATF. And just what is what PA’s AG office did. Being a state employee doesn’t exempt you from federal law!.

Then Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s agents, re-transferred at least one of the now completed handguns back to NBC News’ Reporter Vaughn Hillyard, who is an out-of-state resident!! ,,..apparently breaking YET another law!

Will they be held accountable to the same laws that all Americans have to follow?

No one is above the law. Here at AmmoLand News, we could argue…. that some of these laws are unconstitutional. But do you know who wants these laws enforced the most? The same people that broke the law on National Television.

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If you feel like you just saw a gun crime you can report TIPs to the ATF online here:

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 The ATF is an abusive and oppressive government agency that enforces unconstitutional, anti-gun regulations. It must be defunded and disbanded. And the laws and regulations that ATF enforces must be put to rest by Congress. As with all alphabet government agencies there has become a abuse of power by the deep state within.

Wild Bill

Getting rid of BATFE would be easy.


This thread opened up an opportunity for some to jump on their anti ATF soapbox but they failed to answer the posed question. Yes the ATF is a terrorist organization of the Biden Administration, aimed at the law abiding citizen. Yes the “News Reporter” and the PA AG’s office violated ATF regulations (not laws). For these infractions both should be prosecuted under the law and authority as it exists at the time of the infraction. But who are we citizens kidding, in the Biden Era of lawlessness by our Federal Government, some “pigs” are more “equal” than most in the… Read more »


So much so that even lending someone your tools to complete a frame can land you in hot water with the ATF. And just what is what PA’s AG office did. Being a state employee doesn’t exempt you from federal law!.

I have heard that if you have a jig that you are allowed to make only three lowers from it. I don’t know if that is true but I have heard it from multiple people but I have never seen it mentioned on Ammoland.

Any comments?


Americans once built most things themselves in basement & garages. Dad had a full shop could build almost anything for anything. Something came undone, wood we fixed it metal machined it never saw a repair man at our house American had dirty hands and loved it growing up.

Last edited 11 months ago by john

The ATF is full of useless tools and the government that promotes these clowns is nothing more than a huge tool bag ! Useless tools and a tool bag that is do to be replaced due to the corruption that exist in our government . The tool bag has a hole as it rotting from within and the useless tools will fall out and be lost forever when the American people decide to clean the shop up and throw away the the worn out tool bag and broken tools !

Wild Bill

The problem is that the American people are not of one mind. Some like to be sheep.


Sorry about their stupidity.


B. Feinstein broke Washington D.C. laws a few years back when she had the Police involved with bringing REAL Guns into government buildings for an Anti-gun “demonstration”. She and her COHORTS were NEVER held responsible for breaking the LAWS of Washington D.C.! Hunter Biden BOUGHT a handgun and LIED on his FEDERAL ISSUED form 4473. He IS a known DRUG USER, even when he bought the gun! He and his cohorts, who threw the gun into a trash container, were NEVER charged nor held accountable for BREAKING FEDERAL GUN LAWS! What about the Government Official who “accidentally” carried a LOADED… Read more »


There is only one way this is EVER going to change and that is when WE THE PEOPLE rise up and force them to quit. The Revolutionary War was caused by the type of actions taken every day by our modern-day government.