Silence from Black Leaders on Biden ATF Nomination is Deafening

Was Acting Director Richardson “cozying up” to the firearms industry at SHOT Show the reason Bloomberg told Biden they wanted a white man? (ATF HQ/Twitter)

U.S.A. – -( “ATF in turmoil as top black director demoted, Biden pushes second white man for top job,” Washington Secrets documents. “Reports said that acting Director Marvin Richardson, the highest-ranking black man at the agency who had 30 years of experience with ATF, announced Monday that he was being shoved aside by the White House. Biden last week chose a white lawyer to head the sprawling law enforcement agency after his first pick, another white male, bowed out under pressure.”

Stephen Gutowski of The Reload broke the story, noting even Bureau insiders were taken by surprise:

“‘The news that he was being replaced came as a shock to most of us within the agency,’ one ATF official, who was not authorized to speak publicly, told The Reload.”

“The move follows a recent New York Times article featuring complaints from gun-control activists which labeled Richardson ‘an industry-friendly subordinate pumping the brakes’ on President Biden’s aggressive gun-control initiatives,” Gutowski notes.

That article is paywalled, but Tickle the Wire gives a glimpse of the elite special interest power brought to bear to demand sweeping Richardson aside:

“‘A.T.F. needs a top-to-bottom overhaul,’ John Feinblatt, the president of Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun control group funded by former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York, told the Times. ‘That starts with the administration making sure the agency has the resources and leadership it needs to regulate an industry that has consistently prioritized profits over public safety.’”

In other words, because Richardson didn’t move fast enough to impose demanded infringements, he’s gotta go. Feinblatt couches that in terms of inadequate “leadership.”

In other words, Feinblatt just called Richardson incompetent.

What is it about Michael Bloomberg and those he bankrolls insisting that minorities can’t handle full enfranchisement? How else would you characterize someone who wants special rules to apply for their right to keep and bear arms?

And how is that not the very definition of racism?

What’s surprising in all this is how the white “progressive” left gives outrages like these a pass. It’s curious, how their exploitation of phrases like “systemic racism” and accusations of “white supremacy” hurled at political opponents are really just agenda-advancing smears intended to agitate low information followers. In truth, the most profound effect of so many of the “commonsense gun safety laws” they demand, like repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act to gun manufacturers, will most impact the ability of the less affluent to afford firearms.

The keyword in “economic discrimination” is “discrimination”, from T. Markus Funk’s essay, “Gun Control and Economic Discrimination: Melting-Point Case-in-Point”:

“Keeping arms away from blacks had always been an issue; in fact, the first ever mention of blacks in Virginia’s laws was a 1644 provision barring free blacks from owning firearms….

A National Institute of Justice Study found that: The people most likely to be deterred from acquiring a handgun by exceptionally high prices or by the nonavailability of certain kinds of handguns are … poor people who have decided they need a gun to protect themselves against the felons but who find that the cheapest gun in the market costs more than they can afford to pay.”

You’d think with all their talk about “equity,” more angrily outspoken members of the Congressional  Black Caucus, representatives like Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee, would be demanding full firearms enfranchisement for their constituents. Ditto for Black Lives Matter.

Instead, crickets.

That they haven’t, that they ignore the lessons of history (including from within their own lifetimes as exemplified by civil rights icons like Robert Hicks and the Deacons for Defense and Justice — and talk about black history that ought to be taught in schools!), shows their priorities are very different from what they say they are. But while it may be unrealistic to expect them to suddenly climb aboard the Second Amendment bandwagon (they are commies, after all), it may be possible to get them to protest the Biden administration’s humiliating dissing of Marvin Richardson to favor pudgy white “yes man” Steve  Diddleber…de… Dettelbach.

As observed in that article, it’s not looking good for Republicans to be able to muster enough opposition to prevent his confirmation. Maybe not on their own. So why don’t we gun owners publicly ask the CBC and BLM why they’re standing down for this shabby treatment of one of their own, and dare them to do something about it? After all, Obama appointed B. Todd Jones – what’s the problem with “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black” Biden?

And no, of course naming Richardson instead of Dumbledore won’t buy anything for gun owners outside of another very public Biden stumble. I’m trying to offer a path to stretch things past the midterms here, when, if things go as everyone is hoping (assuming Republicans don’t blow it), we’ll be able to call in some markers.

In the meantime, if he wants to start a GoFundMe page to file a job discrimination lawsuit, I’m in for 10 bucks. The stories about institutional discrimination I bet that man could tell…

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Joe Biden and the Democrats have always been the party of racists. But don’t tell the Black lives matter community that as Joe has convinced them he is thier savior . Guess it’s not an election year and he does not need to deceive them for thier votes .


Obiden, America’s new Anti-Christ NWO pimp and the lefts whore.


they hate conservative blacks, imagine Martin Luther King today ,everyone has a right to work not free stuff would not go over good he would be labeled an oreo


He would also be against gun control.


he applied for a permit before he was shot



The left is Anti-liberty NOT anti-gun

Everyone needs to understand that the fascist authoritarians of the Anti-liberty left only care about power.
They are perfectly willing to exploit ancillary issues to attain that power, but when it get’s in the way of their primary goal, they’ll drop it faster than Hunter Biden’s laptop.


The New left is anti American that is more interested in making history than understand the importance of our country’s past history. It is failing morally within its own community with progressive values that are communist ideologies. The democratic socialist party prioritization of social economic objectives the role of the state in the road to socialism and ecological as opposed to developmentalist strategies. Look at countries in latin America where the left has encountered issues arising from labor & party issues to the democratic transition to socialism. While our borders are overrun with people fleeing to America for freedom from… Read more »


Joe Biden and the democrats are racist to the core Black only suites them when it will help them control the voting districts. Lets see how is Adams performance as Mayor working out 41% rise in crime since he took the oath of office. The only success he had so far was in dictating to the schools lunch program meatless Fridays. Just think Stacey Abrams pre pandemic flat broke under investigation for tax evasion owed more than a million and a half dollars. Has no job and now a 3 time million air. Black Privilege awarded by the democrats to… Read more »

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I no longer use products manufactured by Coca Cola. All of us need to stop using the lefts woke products when and where we can. Our biggest problem in my books is that China makes everything and America is no longer in business to be leaders of manufacturing in the world. I can’t find a thing anymore that says Made in the USA. Everything is assembled now. It’s sad that the demoncraps restructured Americas wealth and sold us out to the devil, (China).

Thank you Clinton and NAFTA.


Good evening It will get worse before it can get better that is a ols statement so excuse me for that. Our next issue is the cost of food due to inflation not from the war in the ukraine or russia it is do to the bankrupting of our country by the democrats. I no longer use any coke products or any other item that falls under their banner. Shanghai the closing of that port is a deliberate action by the chinese . There is not enough deaths as they have locked down some 30 million people. It will take… Read more »


I am waiting for the day when everyone who wants a shot has it and the only people left are hold outs and then it becomes mandatory. You can’t buy groceries at the store, get help from a doctor or hospital or anything without a vax card and your partner on your tax statement, in my case wife, will be held out too until you get the vax. My other concern is that instead of cash being king, it will all be plastic and digits in a system and too many others want it to be something other than what… Read more »


Sunday Sunday Sunday I understand your concerns I do believe that all things will boil down to a smartphone. Direct deposits to the bank from a employer into your account and the rest is pay for all things with the phone. It is already there they just can’t get that far due to all the failures of the Biden administration.If and when they implement that program there can not be any room for failure. The Obama phone was the test run for getting one in everyone’s pocket they gave them for free. All had the 911 feature along with most… Read more »


Make America Great Again by making stuff in America again. That being said, I recently bought some fine tuners for my violins. The company that makes them is Chinese and the product has an elegant design and is superior in both materials and craftsmanship to the ones that have been available. I even replaced the genuine W. E. Hill (made in England, and no longer available, but in its day, was the one to have) tuner on my best violin with one. These are not the cheapest tuners of this type, but this Chinese company has done its homework and… Read more »


I know, we have really painted ourselves into a corner. Look at the microchip. We invented it, moved it all to China and because of that we don’t have new cars to drive. I hope we learn something from this and start making our own products again.
I would rather pay more and support the America that I knew than pay less and support a country that threatens me.

Wild Bill

Americans demand and get so much more pay for their labor than Chinese, Viet, Thais, Koreans, etc that CEOs, on advice of consultants, moved American jobs to Asia. Once one CEO did that, then they all had to move or go bankrupt.

The consultant and his firm that started the ball rolling is ” … McKinsey and Co. counseled businesses to move their manufacturing operations to China to reduce labor costs and thus increase profit margins. Once one company did then the rest had to so as to remain competitive. The man behind McKinsey and Co is Dominic Barton.”


When the chinese bought the machine shop where I worked, they bragged about the productivity of chinese workers. What they downplayed was that those workers worked double shifts every day. They live at the factory in “dorms on campus” they called it. No need to own a car or a home. It is voluntary slavery. A chinese worker gives his life wholly to the company, or he can starve out in the country. A starving population lacking skills and education provides ready made slaves. Thinking about our education system and predicted food shortages, it does appear slavery waits in the… Read more »


I agree whole heartedly and offer that the Chinese worker gives his life wholly to the country because it is his God. That is what the NWO is all about which is part of the hope, change and transformation of Merica that idiots voted for and obiden carries for obummer;s crony’s who are really in charge. Morality was in question when NAFTA went into effect and the argument was that they wouldn’t treat their people any better, said the republicans, and that they would change and treat their people better, said the demonratts. The most important thing that was in… Read more »


Awaiting approval. Have a great day!!!

Wild Bill

I believe it.


The goal of the New World Order is to end the possession of property by everyone except the Elites. That way they can put us all in ‘apartments’ where we can be tracked and controlled. You can see that going on in Shanghai, right now. No wonder the Chinese are buying all the agriculture land they can get their hands on and B. Gates is in on it with them, under the pretense of growing potatoes for Mcdonalds worldwide. The revolt is nearer to us everyday. Hope we are ready for it.


A statement of fact **** Old man respectfully as this is how you identify Bravo you are correct that is the plan.

Wild Bill

Prepare to participate.


I believe we are ready………….I will die for the oath I took., and for those that didn’t…


I don’t know what to say other than they were the first then to feed the beast but I disagree with the others jumping in. I think greed was the major motivator on both the industry and peoples part. I call it selling out.

OreGONEISTAN, where we grow the lumber, send it out 100 miles off our shore, the chinese process it and make it into lumber and then sell it back to us. That killed OreGONES economy.

Last edited 9 months ago by musicman44mag
Wild Bill



This illustrates one of the critiques of Capitalism. It becomes a race to the bottom for all but the very top. This is OK if you’re the first company to export your (former) employees’ jobs. Until your competition does the same thing, and maybe cuts their prices to gain market share, and so on. Most replacement jobs don’t pay as much as the ones that were lost. (Yes, there are “Losing my good high-paying manufacturing job was the best thing that ever happened to me.” stories, but they are few and far between in the real world.) Downward pressure on… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by buzzsaw

Two key elements are involved in their trying to keep AfroAmericans out of the leadership and decision making process in the gun control movement. One: They don’t want to be seen as reinforcing the fact that AfroAmericans have been historically denied legal gun ownership. Two: They know, the vast majority of the minority community, particularly those residing in less than middle class abodes, are too street smart to fall for the bs. that “less guns means less crime”. An Afro-American at the head of ATF&E, could be laughed off the stage if he unloads the gun control narrative. The Black… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Wass

and like you mentioned, black people control too. Our schools in OreGONE do not teach history anymore, OreGONIESTAN is too busy spending our covid federal tax dollars on CRT so the children don’t know the real past history of our country and are open to suggestion. I have a niece that will be a teacher in three years. She doesn’t know shit about anything in the past. Washington crossed the Delaware to kill Indians, Pearl Harbor is located somewhere in Europe and thinks the war with Japan was the Japanese, American war and there is more but I will spare… Read more »


Let us not forget Biden’s past association with and admiration for the KKK. Uncle Joe isn’t fooling anyone.

Country Boy

Well on top of stomping on the 2nd A, Dementia Joe is now hard at work to stomp out the 1st A too………….


But only the republican message. Any idiot could see what is going on if they opened their eyes. Too bad some will let their pocketbook rule their vote, that’s why obiden is offering up paying up to 50,000 dollars off school scholarships. The adults that sacrificed to put their kid through college aren’t going to get squat. People are greedy and would rather vote demoncrap to get a discount then pay what they had previously promised and vote for the party of responsibility showing good standard and morals. Control the media and you can control the people in America. The… Read more »


OK folks, let us crank the clock back to the 1970’s. This was a time when cultural Marxism found its home among the former Weather Underground clown circus formerly known as the anti-War movement. This particular clown circus later became the driving force behind today’s un-Democratic party. But back then, they were simply community (communist) organizers looking for likely candidates to organize, categorize and motivate to take on the American Republic and its values. A large part of that organization was along ethnic lines: everyone except those of Northern European stock became the victim classes as opposed to the honkies… Read more »


Marxism is the argument for socialism/communism and the argument against capitalism. It foments class warfare and appeals to people who become convinced “they have not” because “others have.” It is the allure that a massive government can fix people’s problems by redistributing wealth. A core principle of the ideology is a progressive tax system. This was captured in the Marxist slogan “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs,” a phrase/sentiment Marx borrowed from Becker and Blanc.   Marxism got a foothold in the United States long before the 1970s.   The 16th Amendment was ratified in 1913. The top personal… Read more »


the thing that makes no since is the attorney general at the time said income tax was unconstitutional ,at that time ,and no one contested it in court


They’ve said exactly this, over and over, though apparently some people aren’t paying attention. They now claim that your thoughts and values are expressible in “skin color” regardless of the color of your actual skin. Most racist thing I’ve ever heard, and I’ve read Woodrow Wilson’s executive orders.


guess government speaking with forked tongue makes me a red man.


Abolish the illegal ATF … where is Hunter Bidens laptop? It mysteriously disappeared with Hillary’s emails IMAGINE THAT our so called government is organized crime at its finest DRAIN THE SWAMP


I agree that ATF needs an overhaul, but more in line with a major house cleaning.
DOJ, FBI, NSA, etc need it as well.


No way ATFBI, NSA or CIA will ever be reformed. They need to be abolished.


I willingly obey most laws. However, I grudgingly comply with infringements on my arms rights. The ATF lives a lie. The edicts they enforce are all unconstitutional, and thus invalid, having no legal force. The only reason I comply with any of them is because the ATF, along with other LEOs, can kick in your door at zero dark thirty, murder you, your wife, burn your children to death, and probably shoot your dog while they’re at it. All of this with impunity. I see them as no different from a criminal gang, and maybe worse. It is time for… Read more »


It is like you said their laws maybe illegal but socialist thugs will gladly enforce them, and then conservatives made it so that enforcer can murder you. The greatest threat to an armed Citizen during or after a defensive gun use is a cop near by, since the cop can roll up and drop anyone with a gun, no matter the facts on the ground. Tyranny by the majority is worse than by a minority. The majority turns that tyranny into law, and makes the good guys into criminals. It was illegal for the enemy of Germany to fight back,… Read more »


We need law enforcement but the type of enforcement and power they have needs to be revamped and changed. The Red Flag Laws and CCW permits required need to go.

OreGONISTAN the third state of the left coast to enact red flag laws, making Kommiefornia, Washinton and Oregone the trifecta shit whole of the USA and where your CCW from your state isn’t worth squat with the exception of Washinton. I’m sure the fix for that is in the worx.


Nope, no maybe about it.

When it comes to societal harm, BAFTE runs rings around ms13, crypts and all the rest put together. Big part of their evils comes through disarming good people so that NGG (non-governmental gangs) can operate with impunity..



I absolutely agree. The Mafia crossed my mind when I wrote my original reply, but the Mafia operates by certain rules and some of their activities are actually legal, which is more than one can say about the Bureau of Arms Rights Infringement (BARI). The only legitimate federal agencies involved with the arms of We, the People, might be some kind of forensics lab to examine arms used in crime, and maybe a proof house to make sure that the arms presented to the American people perform as designed. However, the former could be done by the states, and the… Read more »

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Behind The Lines in N.J.

Jim Crow to the top of the list!! Yeah, you go, Ol’ Slow Joe.


More racism noise.


Quick! Send in the Race Fluffers!


Yes, please let us know here if that GoFundMe goes up. I’ll throw in my sawbuck.
Funny how gun control and power-over-the-people wins out in this case, unless BLM suddenly sees some light (not “the light” on 2A4E for we-the-people, since that would mean an awakening on their road to Damascus)


“Black Leaders” only “speak out” when the democrat party feels the need for riots in the streets for political gain.


Democrats are the virus that needs to be eradicated from coast to coast. Poopy Pants Biden never got more votes than any other president. If you believe that I got a field filled with gold that I will sell you and a bridge to paradise I will through in for free.


he had Venezuelan software to help, there is no chance Nicolás Maduro won in 2019 actual vote count exceeded number of registered voters , modern machines made by the same people we use funded by hugo chavez and funded by pdvesa


“Black Lives Matter.” But if you look closely, you’ll find that they matter to BLM, Rev. Al, and Rev Jesse, when there’s political points or money to be made.

In this case Mr. Richardson is going to have to deal with another acronym: SOL as in “Sh*t Out of Luck”, and do so on his lonesome.


Does color really matter when it comes to BATF? Anyone of any color, sex, religion or ethnicity that works for the BATF has to be a sociopathic scum who will blindly follow any orders they are given without question (a prerequisite for being hired).


what about diversity and inclusion leftists preach, where is that? guess he doesn’t toe the line like he is supposed to do and that’s why he is not getting the nomination.


they dont like oreos and they perceive him as one

J Gibbons

The Democrat party is the party of institutionalized racism, blindly and willingly accepted by the majority of black voters across the nation.

Dubi Loo

Remember in November anyone who votes to approve Dingleberry as head of AFT the enemy of We The People.

Not a fan of Richardson and have zero sympathy for his plight.


until the 1650sthe north american english territories did not have slavery ,that came about as the result of a lawsuit over unpaid debt


there is an YUUUUUGE difference between (on the one hand) the chattel slavery that came in much later where humans were sold on the open marketplace as if they were carts, lumber, livestock, tractors, etc which is what the slavery of the south was, and (on the other hand) indentured servitude to pay off a debt. The second was biblically acceptable and even proper., The former outright and totally condemned. Get your history straightened out, else you are nothing but a rabblerounser in need of an “education:”.


guess you cant read , the fact of how the second form came about in the english colonies is through courts , the original settlers were religious and would oppose this ,,by the time ownership of another was ruled a possibility there had been a flood of new settlers watering down the religious objection , and yes there has been real slavery around the world for we do not even know how long likely for as long as a bigger meaner thug existed to beat and kill rivals. so the on who needs to learn


“the first ever mention of blacks in Virginia’s laws was a 1644 provision barring free blacks from owning firearms.[206]

Cite 206 is to “White over black: American attitudes toward the Negro, 1550-1812” by Winthrop D Jordan

The book appears to have no reference to such a 1644 law.

Page 78 does discuss a 1640 Bermuda law barring black gun ownership, stating something like “Bermuda was always closely tied to Virginia.”


Go Fund Me? Go Fund Me is run by the enemy. Good grief.


Yes we know that & we also know that Gofundme would shut the account down given their past history. This would even draw more criticism.So what you got to lose ? lol


What you got to lose are the donations you would’ve actually received had you done it through GiveSendGo, a Christian conservative site.


Nah, GoFundMe isn’t going to try to steal anybody’s donations anymore, they already got their thieving hands burned on that one.


How’d they get burned? When they don’t steal the money, they take a slice. Why pay the enemy?


that they were going to divert as they wanted


I don’t recall if they had to pay the trucker group or even pay donors back. Either way it’s unlikely to stop them getting away with hosing less visible campaigns. They don’t have to accept campaigns they don’t like, but it’s far worse, big time sabotage to accept one, let you waste time on it, then cancel it, even if they return the $ to donors. You may never reach those donors again if you have to start over at GiveSendGo.

GFM’s the ENEMY & takes a % of every gift. Why give them a cut instead of friends?

Last edited 9 months ago by Russn8r