Ask Dettelbach Tough Questions about ‘AFT’ Abuses During Confirmation Hearings

ATF doesn’t write the law, Dettelbach misdirects as “the supreme Law of the Land” is trampled and prosecutable infringements are introduced. (The White House)

U.S.A. – -( “Today, to lead and support the dedicated men and women of the AFT, I’m proud to nominate Steve Diddleber…de… Dettelbach, excuse me, I mispronounced your name … I just … as Director of Bureau of… Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives,” Joe Biden bumbled through his Monday White House lie-fest on guns (begin at 57:34).

As a side note, it’s interesting that a “Comments are turned off” notice appears under the official administration video, and only “thumbs up/likes” are registered—my “thumbs down/dislike” wasn’t counted, which makes it fair to wonder what an honest vote involving Biden would look like. It’s also curious that for a public event on an issue of great (I would say existential) public interest, only supporters and media appear to have been invited to attend. As a result, only hearty applause and enthusiastic cheers were presented to the American people as a national consensus of approval. A more representative audience would have no doubt been tempted during particularly egregious claims to “boo,” or call out wholly appropriate rebuttals like “That’s not true!” or “What about Hunter lying on the gun transfer form to pass his background check?”

Dettelbach is a bureaucratic creature presuming to dictate infringements on the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and agreeing with those lies is bad enough. So naturally, being an ambitious team player shamelessly sucking up to “The Big Guy,” he felt compelled to offer a whopper of his own.

“I’ve seen firsthand the work that so many at the ATF do to protect us from violence. They’re dedicated. They’re professional, and they’re effective. They don’t write the laws…”

Just following orders, eh? So, what the hell is this whole White House dog and pony show about? Calling them “regulations” and “rules” still results in enforcement and incarceration of any American deemed in violation — provided they survive the militarized “interdiction” experience.

“Article 1, Section 1 (literally the first operative sentence in the Constitution) says Congress makes law, not POTUS!” Rep. Thomas Massie reminds us on Twitter.  Naturally, rather than acknowledge essential checks and balances as something all Americans should agree on, Democrat trolls make it clear they think subverting them is laughably great.

That Dettelbach is an enthusiastic gun-grabber who will use his appointed powers to make enforcement against ordinary Americans a priority is a given, as Gun Owners of America’s pre-nomination warning amply illustrates.  And one of the examples they cite brings back some memories that further illustrate the dangers of Republican collaboration with the violent monopolists.

“Dettlebach used his position as a US Attorney to advocate for gun control for years, publishing op-eds such as ‘Requiring universal background checks makes sense,’” GOA notes linking to a propaganda piece co-authored with my former congressman, “Republican” Steve LaTourette.

“Neither of us wants to trample on the rights of target shooters, hunters, and other gun owners,” they declare in another stale “I believe in the Second Amendment BUT” Fudd deception. “We simply think that felons should be subjected to the same background checks as law-abiding citizens.”

You have to wonder if they listen to themselves when they talk.

LaTourette was one of those weaselly political changelings who started out as a beneficiary of NRA support. A few years later, he was one of only two Republicans to vote against contempt of Congress charges for Eric Holder over stonewalling production of Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” documents.  And a few years after that, he was warning “To Win Women, GOP Needs To Ditch The NRA.”

The maddening Republican propensity to give Democrats what they want, not only without a fight but oftentimes with enthusiasm, is something I expect to see again as the usual suspects vote to confirm the nominee (something host Mark Walters and I discussed on Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense). They didn’t press Ketanji Brown Jackson, whose confirmation has much more serious long-term consequences for gun owners when they had the chance, and my prediction is, in the absence of a serious scandal that makes even Democrats want to jump ship,  Dettelbach will attract even more crossovers (any bets on Lindsey Graham?).

Still, he’ll go through the Senate Judiciary Committee process, and GOA’s pre-nomination alert poses a question that invites more:

“Dettlebach said that federal law prohibits the creation of a gun registry. What does he think should be done with the 920,664,765 records of guns, gun owners, and acquisition and disposition logs currently in ATF’s centralized database as of November 2021?”

Will Republicans ask him? How about Ranking Member Chuck Grassley?

There are plenty of other questions he could be asked, the answers to which should be illuminating, at least in terms of establishing expectations for continued evasion and stonewalling. Some that I can think of, and some that friends and advisors did, all raise points of interest that you’d think more than gun owners would want to see answered.

  • “It would definitely be something about Hunter Biden and what firearms laws did he violate and what is the ATF doing to ensure that he is held to account for his violations,” one colleague offered. “Or, if the ATF won’t do anything, can they put out a rule that says crack cocaine use doesn’t count as being an unlawful user?”
  • “Ask him if rights that God grants supersede rights that mankind recognizes,” another advised.
  • ATF said in a presentation on firearms recovered from the Las Vegas shootings that they were “not allowed to physically examine the interior of the weapons for machinegun fire control components or known machinegun conversion devices such as Drop-In Auto Sears, Lighting links, etc.” Has that since changed, and why haven’t the results been made public?
  • The CleanUp ATF website has existed for well over a decade now to document allegations by employees and whistleblowers of agency waste, abuse, corruption, and fraud (colleague Mike Vanderboegh and I first tried to get House Oversight to look into their claims in 2009). This was the site responsible for revealing the relationship between Operation Fast and Furious and the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. What will Dettelbach do to investigate the truth of the complaints raised, ensure that corrective actions are implemented, and let whistleblowers know that sticking their necks out will be respected and resolved instead of retaliated against?
  • What will he do to nail down and report on Fast and Furious weapons recovered to date in Mexico, in the U.S., and elsewhere in the world, so that an updated and clearer picture of the number of deaths resulting from ATF’s “gunwalking” operation, along with potential violations of Arms Export Control Act violations, can be revealed?

Understand that no one is expecting a straight answer to any of these. With the way this is shaping up, I believe the best we can hope for is to at least get hard questions like these introduced to a public that has never heard nor considered them before, at least to those people who don’t rely on the DSM for their “news.”

If you were on the Senate Judiciary Committee, what questions would you ask Dettlebach? Feel free to share them in comments that will be forwarded to Sen. Grassley and other Republicans on the committee.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Here’s a question I’d like someone to ask Mr. Dettelbach. We’re told that there is an epidemic of gun violence in the United States. We’re told that the solution lies in the passage of nationwide, effective, common sense gun safety laws. Well that sort of implies that at least some of the 20,000 laws we’re told are currently on the books are ineffective, are not in the realm of common sense, or are not really related to gun safety. Otherwise, the problem we’re talking about, an epidemic of gun violence, could not be happening. It would surely have been solved… Read more »


On that note, admit there is no epidemic of gun violence and that all 23,000 current laws are totally ineffective. The United States’ 1931 population was 124 million, and we had 11,160 murders and manslaughters, 7,533 committed with firearms.  The United States’ 2019 population was 328 million, and we had 13,927 homicides, 10,258 via firearms. So…Over the course of 90 years, we increased population by 204 million, citizens built or purchased over 250,000,000 additional firearms, yet America experienced only 2,725 more homicides by use of guns in 2019 than we did in 1931. Per population growth alone, much less Gun… Read more »


I figured out what the term actually means :government attacking guns and peoples rights


Ask diddleback 1) how the 920 million gun records in the illegal registry will be destroyed, 2) who from BATFE is going to jail for creating it, 3) why Hunter Biden is not in prison for lying on his 4473?


They should be converted into wood pellets for wood stoves.


it is all being digitized, this is going to get nasty sooner rather than later, in self defense people are going to have to gang up on atf , and local police if need be


And since he is a fan of UBC, “how can a universal system exist without a registry of firearms and gun owners? How could you possibly enforce UBC?” And he will have to admit they want and need a registry, as UBC will NOT work without a registry. No way in hell we are allowing a registry.

Lesko Brandon

A bit of a slip there Mr Codrea. Calling something a “White House dog and pony show” in front of ATF agents?? They are liable to pull out guns and start shooting. Save the dogs, abolish the BATFE.


. “The path that leads to truth is littered with the bodies of the ignorant.”


Miyamoto Musashi is a go withe the flow of things philosopher, I am more A single tree felled in the right spot can divert a mighty river from its path, and set a new path , it took criminal actions that were so blatant as to make the public squirm for the bureau of narcotics to be dissolved dea was formed they get local police to do illegal stuff for them , , it can happen faster now , a stand off today would start with a few in days could be thousands like what happened to bureau of land… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, the demise of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics set a precedent for the shedding of federal agencies that break the law and violate just common decency.
First, “If I am going to help you get elected candidate, this is what I want.” Second, after a new Congress, “Congressman, remember me? You accepted my help.”


“Bushido as an independent code of ethics may vanish, but its power will not perish from the earth; its schools of martial prowess or civic honor may be demolished, but its light and its glory will long survive their ruins.

Native Americans say, “It’s a good day to die,” and samurai live their life to die honorably, so that kind of energy creates a certain mindset of re- activeness with control to a point. And after that, it’s gone.


questions to put before this Diddlebar character (wonder why Creepy Joey used that particular phrase….) Will you put an end to the present egregiously illegal practice of ATF agents when “inspecting” at FFL premises, bring in scanning equipment and scan large nubmers of 4473 forms? Since this is illegal practice per fEderal LAW, will you begin imposing sanctioins on those inspectors who do such things? Will you commit to (and folow through) overhauling the current database wiht respect to the monstrous number of “false denials” due to similar names of individuals who were born in different states and yeara part?… Read more »

Happy Everafter

“What guns are not allowed by the US Constitution, Mr. Dettlebach?”
“I don’t know, I’m not a metalurgist.”


Bushido, or “the way of the warrior”, is a code of conduct that guides samurai philosophy, in thought, action, and way of life.
The philosophy has evolved over time, however the principles are still used today to help guide people’s daily lives and provide a focus and direction regarding how we should view ourselves, the world around us and our place within it.

I find this helpful in my life today may everyone have a happy Easter


David, this was my letter to my senator who sits on the judiciary committee: Dear Senator Hawley, I just read that the Biden administration is about to nominate Steve Dettelbach for permanent director of the BATFE. In his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing: 1) Please coordinate between all Republican members so that the same question is not asked multiple times. 2) Please consider questions such as: a) When firearms technology changes should the ATF be able to write regulations that go beyond the letter of the law or should they make a request of Congress to update the law? b) Under… Read more »


Perhaps, the question that we should be asking, is why are so many people still supporting and voting for the those running under the banner of the Republican Party. Haven’t you seen enough flagrant abuse, lies, and corruption?


Because as a rule the Democrats are far worse. Voting for a 3rd party with your values will guarantee a Democrat win. It’s a simple matter of choosing the lesser of 2 weevils.

The left is Anti-liberty NOT anti-gun

Area code 9324 – Dettelbach Dettelbach is located in Germany and has area code 9324 TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT 4/13/22 24 min So, the question is what do you know about Stephen Dettelbach? isn’t he any better than the guy they put forward the first time?  Well, a couple years ago 2018 Dettelbach ran to be the attorney general in the state of Ohio and at the time he called for universal background checks meaning if you give a shotgun to your son for Christmas you need his permission and a ban on most rifles ‘assault weapons’ another totally made-up… Read more »


Now that Congress and the Senate approved Biden’s unqualified, incompetent, radical liberal, black, female (house n****r) nominee to the Supreme Court, do you really think this liberal clown won’t be approved by the 2-faced, back stabbing pack of hyenas in the Congress and Senate as head of the BATF? If it looks like he won’t make the cut at some point, all he has to do is show up in a dress and “identify” as some sort of sexual deviate and he’s a shoo-in.


The lie to us, we know they lie to us, they know that we know they lie to us. Yet we still pretend it’s not real, participate in the rigged system & continue to allow the long train of abuses under the color & authority of law. Why ? “Full Spectrum Dominance” means exactly that. It doesn’t mean something else…. This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector. Plato A state, is called the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly lieth it also; and this lie creepeth from… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Tank

Hey guys…go check out the Letter to the Editor that was posted today called “In Pursuance There of OR NOT! I’m ringing my bell!

Wild Bill

It is rather good!


Abolish ATF! Speaking of corrupt treasonous agencies…

Abolish the FBI or Face an American Putin