Hunter Biden’s ‘Naked Gun’ Suggests 2nd Felony Firearm Transfer Violation

Hunter Biden Naked Gun
Hunter Biden Naked Gun

U.S.A. – -( “Packin’ heat: Nude Hunter Biden cavorts with hooker, & a possibly “illegal” gun in the latest mess for president,” the New York Post reported Monday (and originally reported by Radar Online).

“The cavalier clip of Hunter Biden holding the apparently illegally obtained weapon emerged amid the rash of mass shootings [and] came just days after his dad called on Congress to pass new gun-control measures to stem the slaughter…”

“Hunter Biden recorded the video on Oct. 17, 2018, according to Radar Online, which first revealed its existence,” the report continues. The timeline is important, as the report makes other assumptions that appear unfounded, possibly due to unfamiliarity with firearms by mainstream journalists.

“Five days earlier, he bought a .38-caliber handgun in Delaware, Politico reported last year,” the report says. According to that report, the gun Hallie Biden threw into a supermarket trash receptacle on October 23 was “a .38 revolver.

“Hunter Biden points an illegally obtained .38-caliber gun as he’s caught fooling around with a prostitute,” a photo caption in the Post story claims. Except that’s not a revolver in Biden’s hand.

According to firearms-knowledgeable people I’ve asked, it appears to be a Beretta PX Storm or possibly a Stoeger 8000 Compact (L model) or even possibly a replica firearm? For the purpose of this article, we will assume it is the real deal.

As an aside, if it’s a 9mm model, that’s what Biden’s father wants to ban because it ostensibly “blows the lung out of a body” and accommodates more than 10 rounds. Also of interest, since the new “laws” his father and the Democrats demand are presented as “commonsense gun safety” is the photo of Biden’s finger on the trigger, a blatant violation of one of the most basic of rules of gun safety.

Whatever it turns out to be, the point is this is the second gun shown to be in Biden’s possession, which raises questions about when and where he obtained it. The controversy over his having a gun in the first place revolves around lying about substance abuse on the ATF Form 4473 Firearm Transaction Record, a federal felony carrying up to a 10-year sentence and $250,000 fine. Regular AmmoLand readers will recall my ongoing lawsuit against ATF  over this, with the agency claiming that even admitting an investigation would be a violation of Biden’s privacy rights.

Hunter Biden’s Handgun Purchase 4473 Singed and Dated 10-12-18

That Biden had a second gun is an indicator of yet a second firearm transfer falsification. It doesn’t matter if he bought it from a dealer or not.

Per Giffords Law Center:

“Private firearms transfers (i.e., transfers by non-firearms dealers) are subject to a criminal background check requirement in Delaware. A background check must be conducted on the prospective purchaser when neither the seller nor the buyer is a licensed dealer.”

One of the ways “progressives” who favor citizen disarmament edicts have tried to minimize objections is by challenging those pointing out the law-breaking and implying hypocrisy if gun owner rights advocates want to see Biden held accountable for a “crime.”

“Do you believe in GUN control?” one such apologist trolled on a representative Twitter thread. “If your answer is NO, WHAT is your POINT?”

The point, of course, is equality under the law and no special privileges for the elites and their relatives.

That anyone would ask that shows that no level of corruption by the Democrats will go undefended by their apparatchiks, the same people who will demand anyone defying the new edicts they are trying to pass have their lives destroyed and do “hard time.”

What’s clear now is that there are two sets of laws in this country, one imposed on the people and the other an inconvenience that needs to be suppressed when exposed. That being said, gun owners need to demand answers from gun-grabbing politicians and their media megaphones. If loud enough, who knows what impact it may have in helping to derail the subversion of the right to keep and bear arms taking place right now in the halls of Congress? Hunter Biden unwittingly handed us a gift. Why not use it.

What excuses will the violence monopolists and their cult followers have to ignore this? What excuses will ATF have? And will anyone on the Senate Judiciary Committee ask Director nominee Steve Dettelbach before passing his confirmation on for a floor vote?

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Guns for me because I am rich, well connected, powerful and my daddy is the president. You plebs and surfs don’t get the special privileges that I get.

Now back to work, time to pay your master, he needs your taxes to help build the utopian NWO that the U.N. thinks they will be in control of.



The author is supporting the government turning We Constitutional Americans natural rights into government privileges. That is how the rich folks get special privileges. Unfortunately, the nwo folks know they won’t do well against us Western Americans, which is why they won’t give us an excuse to use force on them, and they have used intelligence. Hence, why the left would not get in the way of conservatives making a mistake, and criminalizing the process to get a Constitutional protected weapon.


An AI could put together a better example of reasonably sounding but meaningless word salad, but not by much.


I’m pretty sure it was translated from the original Klingon version.


Enforcement of the law is just to control us little people.

Henry Bowman

Hunter, being the son of a Demorat politician, and a resident of 1600 Pennsy at that, is “special” and “PROTECTED”. There will be no investigation, let alone a prosecution!!


Knowledge is everything Why are the anti gun folks not screaming about Hunter biden actions. If you listen to the left long enough they all sound like Joy Behar It is almost impossible for logical thinkers capable of critical thought to understand what liberals like Beher are talking about. You know America is in trouble when the President says that Hunter is the smartest man he knows. Has anyone heard as to why Hunter Biden has not been charged with more felony’s in regards to lying on a FFL 4473, possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon?… Read more »


Hunter is just like his old man, a (not so) smart liar.


Hunter Biden, Another poor example of a politician’s son, commits felonies commits adultery ,domestic violence, In possession of a handgun illegally, lies to congress, Lies to America , makes million based on his families connections in the Ukraine. Joe Biden the worst president in the history of our country/ yet he got more votes than any president in the history of our country. Can you say election fraud Son where is that laptop of yours , it nice your so close to you brothers wife, hey give her a kiss for me Hunter. I proud of you kicking the cocaine… Read more »


You mean Hunter Biden still ain’t been charged with lying on that 4473 ? He broke federal law why hasn’t that bastard been charged yet ? Do you remember that picture of Hunter passed out in the bathtub with that crack pipe hanging out of his face ?


hope joe does not get to pardon him before new president gets in jail the whole bunch of criminals


We don’t need Hunter going to trial before Sleepy Joe is out of office as if he is brought to trial and covicted, SLEEPY JOE will just pardon him and he walks!!!!!!!


That is the truth


Is Hunter’s secret service detail procuring drugs for him? Do they know his drug dealers? What other crimes are being suborned and covered up by his secret service detail?

is the secret service sitting in or outside his room as he molests minors? Are they procuring his whores?

is his secret service detail present while he is commiting other crimes……say treason and bribery? IS HIS SECRET SERVICE DETAIL PRESENT AND LOOKING THE OTHER WAY AS HE ACTS AS AN INTERMEDIARY FOR BRIBES TO HIS FATHER?????

give me a break


Are they procuring prostitutes? Heck, they might be SHARING them:


Not with me, no way Hosea.

Desert Guy

The Ruling Elietes are immune from “laws”. Get used to it.

2A Gun Guy

Great Article David, Spot On!


Looks like he is well connected, perhaps HRC aka Pant Suit Nominee, aka Zero for Two is looking out for him and Joe.


Point is that if gun control advocates are not going to insist on enforcement of existing law upon dangerous criminals – what possible benefit do they think comes from imposing more draconian laws upon the peace-loving, non-violent, law-abiding people? About the only accomplishment I can see for current proposals would be creation of an immense number of felons who will no longer have reason to obey any other laws either. Unless goal is to balkanize the nation, democrats are idiots. Since we know they support common-nonsense law – guess I lean toward idiots, though it’s not hard to buy into… Read more »


there really is no order left just power and control stay armed and “safe” as you can make your family or do as they say not much choise arm up and carry on


I respect your attempt at equality under law, but I have nothing but contempt for you trying to criminalize the 2nd Amendment to make your point. You are trying to make it to where the government harms a Citizen, over exercising their 2nd Amendment right. Quit being a useful idiot to harm our rights. Conservatives have already made to where socialist enforcers can murder us armed Citizens for being armed. Now, conservatives are cheerleading for the government to keep turning our natural rights into a government privilege with begging for permission to buy a gun. That is what President Washington… Read more »


Just to clarify, is English your native language?


All them big words getting to ya?


You know you really ought to do a better job at Proofreading before you post
Maybe you are just new to this thread. Oh, I have been in the Dog House.


Ya know, slavery used to be “legal” in this country, nd some of the “elite ruling class’ defended it mightily, despite their KNOWING it was, as prcticed in the US, directly against God’s laws. There were even some “in power” who flaunted the laws claiming to favour the institution” yet working in the background to assure it continues. Hypocrisy is what that is called. And this is precisely what David is calling out here. It would appear that not only did the Biden sprog LIE on his 4473 when he bought the semiauto pistol, but he also broke Delaware’s laws… Read more »