First Victim and Armed Samaritan were both Armed in Greenwood Park Mall

Relford has confirmed Eli has a valid Indiana LTCH and released the image of the LTCH.

U.S.A.-(– The first victim killed in the mass murder at the Greenwood Park Mall was Victor Gomez, a well thought of husband, father, and craftsman.

The story was reported by Vic Ryckaert of WRTV.  Vic was able to obtain the exclusive information by talking with Greenwood Police Chief Ison as they walked to Ison’s vehicle.

Chief Ison revealed Victor Gomez was found to have a handgun on his person as investigators processed the crime scene.

Chief Ison said Gomez was not able to access the handgun in self-defense, as he was shot too quickly to draw his firearm. From WRTV:

One of the people shot to death by a gunman at Greenwood Park Mall Sunday was carrying a handgun that he never had a chance to pull, Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison told WRTV.

“He (Sapirman) comes out (of a restroom) and the very first person that he sees walking into the restroom, he fires on, (he) shoots, then turns the gun to the food court and starts firing into the food court,” Ison said.

Gomez was the first of five people who were shot by the suspect. Three of them died.

Police later found that Gomez was carrying a handgun. Gomez, Ison said, had no chance to pull his gun and defend himself.

He had no time,” Ison said.

Vic Ryckaert confirmed to this reporter via email Police Chief Ison communicated the information to him without other reporters present.

On the afternoon of July 20, WTHR, confirmed Victor Gomez, the first victim, was armed when he was killed.

“Never had a chance to use his weapon,” said Greenwood Police Chief Jason Ison. 

This is reminiscent of the West Freeway Church of Christ defense shooting in White Settlement, Texas. The murderer in that case killed the first armed defender, then another church member before he was killed with skilled shooting by Jack Wilson.  Wilson made a difficult shot with precision, as did Eli Dicken.

It is very difficult to prevent someone from killing without warning if they are prepared to die while killing others. The numbers killed are greatly reduced if an armed responder is on the scene, and able to react quickly.

More than fifteen percent of adults in Indiana have concealed carry permits. As of July 1, Indiana instituted Constitutional Carry.  Adults who may legally own guns in Indiana are now able to carry them concealed or openly, without obtaining separate government permission before doing so.

No information has been released as to whether Victor Gomez had an Indiana License to  Carry Handgun (LTCH). He probably did not need one under the Constitutional Carry law in Indiana.

Early reporting by Greenwood Police Chief Ison indicated the police had not found that Eli Dicken had an Indiana License to Carry Handgun (LTCH) permit.

Eli Dicken has retained a well-known defense attorney and firearms instructor, Guy Relford. Relford has confirmed Eli has a valid Indiana LTCH and released the image of the LTCH.

Relford has confirmed Eli has a valid Indiana LTCH and released the image of the LTCH.
Relford has confirmed Eli has a valid Indiana LTCH and released the image of the LTCH.

In any situation where it is legal to carry firearms in Indiana, where there are 10 adults, the chance of encountering a person with a LTCH is over 80%

Eli’s permit is a lifetime carry permit. Eli took his responsibility to carry and protect his life and the lives of others, seriously.

The sad death of Victor Gomez shows how important it is to have more than one Armed Samaritan at hand when events demand their attention. What make, model and caliber of handgun Victor Gomez was carrying has not been made public as of this writing.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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People try to detract from carrying by pointing to victims who were armed yet killed. I know of many cases where people were killed in car accidents while wearing seatbelts. These same detractors would scream bloody murder if you made the same argument with seat belts. It’s about minimizing risk and dealing with threats. Who do you want to be? The person who did everything they could to defend yourself and loved ones or the sheep who went to the slaughter? In the academy we were told. If you can’t accept that if someone wants to kill you they most… Read more »


this is why a vest is important

Ricardo Pacetti

In reading some of these posts I have to believe they must be watching the liberal TV stations. Conservative stations would have told you who Eli was and how he took out the perp starting at 40 years hit him 8 times out of 10 shots with a 9mm Glock. He should get a freaking medal.

Doug G.

Who is Eli Dicken? This article says nothing more than this person had a permit and is now represented. A little sloppy Dean, not up to your usual standards, this article. I wonder if the would-be mass shooter had a permit, if so many ppl in IN have them? That question goes unasked and unanswered. I had heard that the defender didn’t have a permit but was relying on Constitutional Carry for being armed at this scene. Is that Eli Dicken? If he’s the defender/Hero and is not being charged, then why does he need representation or why does his… Read more »


Short for Elisjsha. Hero whose parents either couldn’t spell Elisha or Elijah, or named him after both or something, and raised him to be a good citizen.


It is too bad Gomez didn’t have the time to shoot the killer. Packing a gun doesn’t ensure you will survive an encounter it just increases your chances. I carried concealed for decades and thanks to that I stopped three felony assaults without firing a shot. This summer I decided that I will open carry during the hot summer weather. So far, the only comment from the public was a “Thank you for packing” statement. I am still feeling a little awkward about open carry, but it has been positive. I used to carry a M642 or a Glock 43,… Read more »


Recently, in a liquor store that I have frequented for years, a new clerk asked me to leave because of my open weapon. I talked to him and explained my history there and he relinquished his complaint. I did tell him that if I cam back and saw a no weapons sign on the door I would just walk away.



What state ?


That liquor store must have more business than they can handle. If he wanted to turn your business away for exercising a constitutional right they must not need it.

Wild Bill

Yeah, I don’t think that the management would be too happy about a clerk turning away repeat business.


Bill,I don’t believe so either. I was really curious what state this was in but he never responded.


I had no idea who Eli Dicken is when Mr. Weingarten dropped his name into the last sentence about a church shooting in Texas. I’m sure I’m not the only one puzzled by the authors introduction into a story about Mr. Dicken. I have not seen the young marksman’s name in print and I “cut the cord” on the TV six or seven years ago. I had to look up the name in order to make sense of who is Eli Dicken.


Yes, another poorly written article by this so-called “author.”

Desert Rat

Any regular reader of AmmoLandcom would know who Eli Dicken is since his name has been published in several articles here in the days following the shooting incident in Indianapolis. In reference to this article it is grammatically and structurally correct in that Dean begins with the discussion of Gomez being armed but gunned down before he could respond. The transition from Gomez to Dicken is an interesting one by referencing the shooting at the Texas church and the skills displayed by the Texas defender and Eli. Dean’s writing is structurally correct by the usage of proper punctuation, a skill… Read more »


This wasn’t a story about Dicken, it was a story about Gomez. If you read it from start to finish, and have a functioning brain you will figure it out

Wild Bill

What is the “it”.


This article proves the concealed an carry narrative. The media always assumes that because we carry, that we are always out looking for trouble, similar to a vigilante wanting to take a life. when all we want to do is protect our families and friends as well as others who may not fortunately be carrying, but even though we do carry, doesn’t mean that we catch everything, and sometime end up the victim ourselves. There is nothing anybody can say to me, that will make me believe that situational awareness will make you 100% proficient, when you out with your… Read more »


Don’t forget that the concealed carry narrative is only one aspect of responsible carry that can address these shootings.



Vigilantes aren’t wanting to take a life. They are the result of the system not taking care of issues that should have been. Like the murder of Daniel Shaver by the psycho cop named Philip Braisford. The JURY was kept from seeing evidence that would have put Brailsford in a cage or better yet, had him executed for his cold blooded murder of Shaver. So if someone where to execute Brailsford that person would be considered a vigilante. That is where the phrase “vigilante justice” comes from. Hope that helps you understand the truth about what a vigilante is.


One armed person or guard is effective protection only if they are not the first p person shot. Armed and uniformed guards will be the first target of a killer.
Civilian concealed carry doesn’t tip the killer off about who to shoot first. Guards should not group to be an easy and quick target.
When and if all places have or might have armed men and women the killers will be outnumbered and that deters the criminal. If the insane criminal is not deterred they’d be shot and stopped quickly.


If we had the first 13 words of the 2nd amendment in force and effect MILLIONS of citizens would be armed and be able to take care of SSRI addled individuals. EVERY mass shooter since the day SSRI prescription meds came into use has been on them.


It’s too bad that the victim didn’t have his situational awarness working at the time. Not having any video to see, I can’t say for sure as it’s sometimes difficult to discern.


The time required to and draw a defensive weapon is 3 or more seconds. The killer doesn’t have that delay in a gun free zone.
Uniforms and open carry help the killer know who to shoot first.
Having lawful concealed carriers dispersed in a crowd means either deterrence or return fire will happen


In a crowded mall, I truly doubt that the shooter will identify me as an open carrier. There are just too many sides of too many people to scan. I think I can put my weapon in my hand faster with open carry than concealed. I also think that it is probable that my large caliber open carry weapon will stop a shooter better than the normal smaller caliber concealed carry weapon.



open carry and wear body armor best of both


Except that larger caliber, unless it is a .45 or 50GI has a lot of penetration and can end up going through a shooter and into a bystander. One reason not to use 10mm, .41 magnum, 44 magnum or 500 S&W magnum.
UNLESS there are more than one shooter and you can pull a Quigley on them.


This open carry/first victim myth needs to die an agonizing death.


Agreed. I think that as long as you are AWARE of your surroundings that carrying openly is just fine. I typically don’t, but on occasion just for public education I do.


Sir, if it takes you 3 seconds to draw from concealment, then you need to practice drawing from concealment more. Get a pocket 9mm, and carry it in your front pocket. You can brandish without brandishing if stuff is getting real, and you can draw in under a second. I make sure if need be, that I can rip my pocket stitching to not get snagged. I can’t wear jeans anymore, is all. Also, stand in front of the shower when it goes from cold to hot the first time. It is a training method that has to do with… Read more »


A pocket pea shooter? I PRACTICE with 9mm, but carry a 10mm or 45. If I have to use my pistol I want the assailant to leak a lot of hydraulic fluid.


I second the bigger the hole the better, and my pocket is a 44mag two shots up close and personal


Trade off. Where I still live for a few more months the risk of your life being wrecked or ended by criminal cops who might notice you carrying is far greater than the risk from other criminals. Pocket pistol greatly reduces that risk.

Seecamp 32 is invisible, comfortable, easily drawn from front or back pocket, much better than no gun at all. Not freatherweight like Keltec, but less snaggy. Keltec has a snaggy grip I’m thinking about smoothing down.


Deceased defender’s last mistake was trying to draw from the drop. He was close enough to get hands on the shotgun far faster than he could draw and shoot. Sure the nut-job was younger and probably stronger, but there was a room full of assistance some within arms reach. Just hold the muzzle down two or three seconds to buy time for Jack to put one in his head. It is easy to train for scenario specific situations. Groups like that church’s security need to train wide variety of situations and skills. Never forget that gun is just a modifier… Read more »


When you are walking into a bathroom and shot in the back. situational awareness is not going to do you any good, not trying to argue just saying


the more of us out there armed the less criminals get away