Biden the so Called Unifier-In-Chief; Vows War On U.S. Gun Owners

Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov
Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov

BELLEVUE, WA – -( Joe Biden took less than a minute during remarks in Maryland at a Democratic National Committee Grassroots rally to break his pledge to unify the country by doubling down on his promise to ban so-called “assault weapons” if Democrats retain control of Congress.

“That’s tantamount to declaring war on millions of American gun owners,” said Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. “Instead of promising to crack down on violent criminals, he once again demonized a type of firearm and the law-abiding citizens who own them. Threatening to take the property of honest Americans in lieu of locking up killers and crazy people is not the way to unify a nation, unless his goal is to unite the nation’s 100 million gun owners against him and Democrats everywhere.”

During his remarks in Maryland, Biden told his audience, “I’m determined to ban assault weapons in this country. I did it once before, and we will do it again.”

He followed that up with a weekend tweet in which he stated, “If we elect more Democrats to the Senate and keep the House Democratic, imagine the possibilities…We’ll ban assault weapons, saving countless lives.”

“These are not the remarks of a chief executive determined to bring people together,” Gottlieb observed. “They are the comments of a demagogue interested only in keeping his party in power so he can criminalize a third of the population whose only offense is that they exercise a right clearly spelled out in, and protected by, the Second Amendment of our Constitution and affirmed by three Supreme Court rulings since 2008.

“Biden is clearly signaling his complete disregard for the votes of tens of millions of gun owners two months before the midterm elections,” Gottlieb added. “That cavalier indifference is likely to bring gun owners to the polls in huge numbers, and they will not be voting to prolong his gun prohibition agenda. His open contempt for the Second Amendment could backfire worse than even he could imagine.”

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

‘With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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I think he might be referring to the assault weapon ban that didn’t ban any assault weapons. If you already owned it before the “ban”, it was still legal. If it was in the distribution pipeline before the “ban” took effect, it was still legal. If you made it after the “ban” took effect, but didn’t grind the flash hider slots completely through or omitted the flash hider all together, it was still legal. If you omitted the bayonet lug, it was still legal. Only in the word salad spoken in Mordor on the Potomac would that be called a… Read more »

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Wild Bill

Better buy that 10/22 for some kid’s Christmas while you still can.




Hell, even the red ryders will be outlawed. They think nerf guns are dangerous.

Wild Bill

That would be funny if it wasn’t so true.

Big George

Try it!...FJB


As far as I’m concerned, Joe McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants just removed himself from Office. No Executive, threatens the Citizenry with military action, Period.


Maybe he got into Hunter’s “Stash!”


Biden has unified everyone… that everyone hates him.


Uncle joe kamaltoe obiden, liar and thief currently in the white house.

Roland T. Gunner

I had the jackboots of “AFT” knocking on my door a week ago today, to confiscate property I legally purchased years ago.





Ok, you now need to explain why the atf was there.

Roland T. Gunner

A handful of threaded 1/2×28 muzzle adaptors, purchased on GB and Ebay several years ago; AFT now considers them “silencer parts”. Their warning letter specified 6″×1/2″×28 solvent traps, so it took me a week of reading online articles and news reports before I figured out what they were looking for.

Some “solvent trapa” are illegal.

Some forced reset ttiggers are illegal.

Some braced pistols are illegal.

But they will not say which ones until they are standing on your front porch.


Joe McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants’s rhetoric, is the rhetoric of Tyrants. The type of rhetoric that leads to revolts, Civil War and the should never be uttered “A word.”


“If we elect more Democrats to the senate and keep the house…”
A nightmare for us, and a wet dream for them.


Bring your best game, Joe. Big Mouth. Small Stones.

Dry gulched

Let’s get something straight from the start…….. I ain’t giving up squat. I hope he personally tries to confiscate them.

Roland T. Gunner

There, fixed some moron’s downvote.


And I fixed yours 🙂 see how that works ya freaking tyrants

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Sometimes I wonder if the down votes are more accidental rather than intended. I know on my phone the two are so close together if I’m not paying close attention it picks up the wrong icon.




Hey Joey, go grab Dr. Jill and go deep sea diving!

Rob J

Curious, would this be the same former President Trump that publicly touted “take them first and worry about due process later”? Or would it be the same former President Trump that pushed for a ban on bump stocks?

Former President Trump is not the answer. We need a solid presidential candidate that is a strong constitutionalist no matter what side of the aisle that pisses off. And DJT ain’t it.

*edited for spelling

Last edited 29 days ago by Rob J

Bump stocks are not firearms and no gun needs one to work, as for his other comments, they were to playcate the news media and anti-gun people and it did.
He took the narrative away from them in a bad news cycle.

Is he the best option ??
Not really, but he is still miles ahead of any of the others who ran then or any of the swamp rats now.

Rob J

I certainly do not disagree that he was the better choice for either terms he ran for. But he is not the second ammendment savior that many often believe him to be. While a bump stock is not required for a firearm to function, neither are any of the cosmetic “assault weapon” defining characteristics being used to push a ban. Banning bump stocks was merely a simple foothold “inch” towards piecemeal erosion of the second ammendment, and the ATF/Biden administration is trying to force the “mile”. DJT was adamantly outspoken for things he believed, going head to head with MSM… Read more »

Last edited 29 days ago by Rob J

After long and deep thought, I must conclude, you are right. If Trump is the presidential candidate of the GOP in 2024, he will not only lose the election, he’ll bring down the temple like Samson on the whole Republican ticket. Let’s remember, there are more registered Dems than Repubs in the USA and Trump received fewer nationwide votes than Hillary in 2016. Just as important, Trump had a knack for undisciplined utterances. The GOP has a stable of young talent who can win against any of the turkeys the Dems can put up. They gotta go for it.


Wass, I couldn’t disagree with you anymore than I already do. That’s the great thing about this country, everyone has a constitutional right to free speech and opinion. Have a really good day bro.

Wild Bill

Trump is the most popular candidate for president; he has had time to think about things; and he has a lot of unfinished business to attend to.


Bill, President Trump is the Republican Party for all practical purposes. Who would the party nominate instead of President Trump?,… Desantis ? Please ! Desantis struggles day to day just running Florida,why do people seem to think he would somehow work magic at the federal level? Trump wins big in ‘24.

Wild Bill

DeSantis has plenty of time.


Bill, the big difference is President Trump is a “proven” leader while Desantis struggles in Florida. There is no way anyones gets the GOP nomination except Trump. The ‘24 election is so critical to win and only Trump can do it. Why do you think the socialists have tried everything possible to make him ineligible to run, because they think he will lose?


I agree, but the secret to all of this is in Nov. If we don’t at least take the house and keep it close in the Senate, I believe that Joey Boy will create an atmosphere here in our Republic, that will send chills down the spine of every foreign nation in the world, including ours.

Wild Bill

Scary isn’t it?


Such a good little commie ‘joseph robinette biden jr.’ He takes after his Idol — Adolf Hitler!


I’m sorry, but in this area, I don’t trust President Trump. The corpses from the Vegas shooting weren’t even done being autopsied, and pressure had just started, when he banned Bump Stocks by Executive Fiat. With that Unconstitutional action, he proved what a Luke Warm Suppoetee of the 2nd Amendment he is.