Biden Rhetoric An Opportunity That Must Be Taken Seriously

Second Amendment Activist Protest Activism Take Action
Second Amendment Activist Protest Activism Take Action

United States – -( President Biden’s speech Tuesday (Aug. 30) had a fair bit of harsh rhetoric for Second Amendment supporters. The upcoming one Thursday (Sept. 1), will likely have a lot of rhetoric aimed at Second Amendment supporters as well.

We need to take this shift in tone seriously. By labeling his opponents “fascists,” Biden has escalated the rhetoric in a very irresponsible manner. The stigmatization that has been wielded against us will increase, and it looks like things have moved beyond stigmatization to property damage. Hopefully, things don’t escalate further than that.

That said, we have to assume that the language Biden is using will figuratively sign some permission slips in the minds of some anti-Second Amendment extremists. For instance, look at the leak from the New York Attorney General’s office, currently run by Letitia James, of a tax form for Nikki Haley’s political advocacy group. James needs no introduction to Second Amendment supporters, given what she tried to do to the NRA.

Who else will decide that what they see as desperate times will resort to desperate measures? We don’t know. But we have to take the threat seriously. This is part of the reason that Second Amendment supporters should adopt the “precinct strategy” as modified by the Virginia Project.

Let’s be very blunt, Biden and others have been unleashing a lot of claims about the purported risk to democracy posed by them not getting their way on a host of issues, including their desire to infringe on our Second Amendment rights. Well, Second Amendment supporters have been perhaps the foremost practitioners of democracy in our efforts to beat anti-Second Amendment extremists like Biden.

Now is the time to double down and triple down on being practitioners of democracy. We’ve used it before to turn back assaults on our freedoms and to remove those who voted to punish us for horrific crimes and acts of madness we didn’t commit from office.

In addition, now is the time to carry out massive outreach, while being extremely mindful about our approach and how we come across to our fellow Americans. This is not being a “Fudd” or “Negotiating Rights Away.” Instead, that mindfulness and consideration are the best shot Second Amendment supports have to seize the opportunity to show our fellow Americans that Biden and other anti-Second Amendment extremists have lied about us in the past and are lying about us now.

Joe Biden decided to paint us as villains. Instead, he has handed us a chance to obliterate the credibility of himself and anti-Second Amendment extremism through their extreme agenda and rhetoric. Pouncing on this chance could very well make defeating anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels much easier for a long time.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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Arizona Don

I support former President Trump. I guess that makes me a deplorable MAGA person! He may very well be the most concerned president regarding American freedoms and prosperity we have had since President Lincoln. In contrast the speech Biden gave on 9-1-2022, was the worst speech ever given in American history by any president from either party!   I am retired now however for decades I got up everyday and went to work, made a living for my family, paid my taxes, voted in every election and absolutely believe in Making America Great Again.   My wife and I tried to teach our children morals and… Read more »


Well said. Part of the problem is that the children today are being taught that socialism is good and the left has redesigned the definition to make it look and sound appealing. It has the sound of utopia all over it. I asked my niece who is going to start teaching next year that if grading children and math are racist and will no longer be done, how do you determine how well a student is doing? She stated that all that matters is that they show up to class, learn the lesson and COMPLY to what they are being… Read more »


I hope you commanded her to vacate your presence and never speak to you again. I know the exact type, and if you think her being your niece is going to prevent her from collaborating against you…’re wrong. But you probably already know that.


Oh, I had family jump me over saying that she needs to really study history rather than the crap she is learning in school and offered to teach her and then came comments about how she needs to have a real, rounded education rather than a one sided one that I would give her. I said you mean like the well-rounded education she is getting now? No wonder today’s children are so dam dumb! Then the grandmother said let’s change the subject and I added yes, lets, the thought of where our country is headed by today’s indoctrinated ignorant children… Read more »


there are more sheep in the world than shepherds , the sheep dont want our protection till after the wolves have started feasting. Then they are mad at us because they did not listen 3% risked everything to stop from becoming slaves under the king ,I dont expect 3% to stand up and defend our rights ….had a friend who helped me move ammo boxes he asked what war I was preparing for then he stopped he was wearing a maga hat and without me giving him links did not see the problems forming….he fled the wars in elSalvador and… Read more »


I don’t think he’s really a “friend”… ….you had an acquaintance help you move…


none of them know there was free blacks that risked their lives to fight with the revolutionaries , …it is sad that the schools have sunk so far as to be useless dont even try to hide their stupidity maga where do you start the schools and government agencies are so far gone almost better to start from scratch..parallel schools that teach facts and math and psychics students taught the truth about the past and mistakes made self reliance they are pushing this to a point of a shooting match…remove people that will do the right thing install people to… Read more »


Arizona Don, I couldn’t have said it any better. Wife and I are both retired and have a difficult time with this current administration. The lies are beyond all reason and being on a fixed income it galls us to still be paying in quarterly income taxes. We’ve got to get a handle on this wild spending spree by Congress and reign in the size of government. Some left leaning Americans need to talk to some of the folks who have escaped Communist/Socialist countries and came here for freedom. Hopefully, the leftist Americans could take a hint from what they… Read more »

Alan in NH

You must have written this before Uncle Joe declared us all ‘enemies of the United States’ Thursday night. I don’t know how they can walk back something like that. If there are still any democRATS out there not suffering from Trump Derangement Psychosis, they had better keep this buffoon away from the microphone. He’s has declared war on the most heavily armed civilian population on the planet.


and stinger missiles and drones and nuclear war heads.


He must be counting on us to get some birds from somewhere…. Stingers are for aviation… …And boy are they handy. They’re a real lifesaver… HAHA! GET IT?
Haha, I’m a funny guy.


Yep, Brandon did threaten us with F15s, however I recently saw a comment from an old vet that said you gotta land that bird somewhere and his time in the military was spent securing enemy airfields. I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten these valuable tactical lessons…they might come in handy one day.


Unfortunately, functions like that are FILLED with what we call ‘perishable skills’… This is why the military trains trains trains, super repetitively… Like, practice doesnt make perfect, PERFECT PRACTICE makes perfect… Just like how assets such as f15’s require massive support, so do the tools of the trade, that are mostly required for seizing airfields… Tracks, Trucks, COMMS, TOWs, FUUUEEL!, AMMO… , ETC… Comms is a big one. SECURE Comms, is a big one…. OPERATIONAL SECURITY…. / Force Protection, from the collaborators…, Just because someone may be used as a soldier in certain situations/missions… due to past experiences/qualifications; doesn’t mean… Read more »


Welllll… We may pulling out the ole ANCDs again… Haha…I used to can’t stand those thangs. SKL really did make it obsolete… See…these are the things that 99% of our potential “freedom fighters” just aren’t thinking about….even most the “vets”. . . And most of those vets don’t even know what a “hybrid threat” is… They aren’t thinking about convention mixed in with non-convention… They’re not thinking about a lot of things. ……it’s not the f15s we should be worried bout anyway….ITS THE A-10s ! ….it’s this Apaches, the Kiowas, Blackhawk too. RED AIR RED AIR RED AIR…!!! Most of… Read more »

Arkansas Rob

Half, or more, of the population has been labeled as enemies, and threatened with the full force of the United States military. Yet the other half “doesn’t see it.”. Bull. This threat is intended to divide “reasonable” people from “extremists.” It’s not going to work.


I like Sen Kennedy’s comment … ” The water isn’t going to clear in DC till they get the pigs out of the creek ” I never knew was hayrolled in DC? Is that where lil wayne’s desk is ? is there hay under it ?

Last edited 24 days ago by Oldvet

I cannot tell you how offensive is was for me, a retired Marine to witness the pictures of Marines ordered to stand behind this tin horn. I spend years in Central America dealing with real tin horns, many of which Biden and Kerry were prime enablers. Danny Ortega comes to mind. Biden’s team and his sock puppeteer cooked up what is possibly the most tone deaf scenario possible. They used the founding place of our liberty to replicate a rant by the likes of Danny Ortega, Fidel Castro or Manuel Noriega. Folks, this is exactly what fascism looks like. I… Read more »


the worst that money can buy


Thank you for your services and for ‘sticking around to rebuild.’ I attended the ROTC training at Fort Knox in ’73 for those who wanted to enter the program after their sophomore year. What I saw convinced me to remain a civilian.


Harold, in the first place it wasn’t a speech it was a demented Rant by a demented, racist Democrat. He did what all democrats do by calling
other people the names for what they themselves are doing!


That is exactly in the Nazi playbook.


It appears the braindead idiot Biden has fired the first shot to start a civil war . You can’t fix stupid and Joe Biden has been a complete idiot his whole life .

Wild Bill

Yes, dementia is a help to him.


he has been good at inserting his foot in his mouth for a long time but it shows how stupid people are that they voted (or didnt) for him


Aren’t those draft dodgers tough, though? Like Bernie Sanders, who was kicked out of a hippie commune because he’d rather talk than work. No work, no eat!


What do you have chambered for .454 Casual?


You can’t “show” anyone anything they don’t already see.


None so blind as those who will not see.

Captain Sloog

Biden said that republicans are the biggest threat to the constitution!!!! What are the Democrats but the biggest threat to the first, second and fourth amendments ever seen in the history of the USA!!!


All I can say is. Good luck with that! They’ve turned the ballot box into a corrupt system! They’ve all but destroyed free speech and the “Soapbox.” They’ve suborned the Jury system almost beyond repair!
It would seem to this reader, that the only alternative left to us is the “Cartridge Box.” Now, the worthless miscreants are definitely after that!
What in God’s name is it going to take to wake up the American people?! When the government thugs start herding them into Boxcars?! It way too late then!

Last edited 23 days ago by hippybiker
Henry Bowman

Hard agree here. It’s too late when they get to your front door. They must be met at the county line, if not the state line. Just the same, I got me an animatronic taxidermy dog stuffed full of mixed tannerite, if they make it past all the lines. I hope they (once again) shoot the dog first. My front door isn’t locked for my protection, it’s locked for everyone else’s..


They haven’t fully locked it down, but convenient excuses for doing nothing help them do so.

Nothing stops us from getting on juries to nullify unconstitutional-unconscionable laws & prosecutions. Too many evade jury duty then complain that juries are dominated by authority-worshiping commies.

Nothing stops us from informing everyone we know about the jury powers and duties intended by the Framers, and encouraging them to get on juries and use them.

Last edited 23 days ago by Russn8r

If The Big Steal was permanent & ubiquitous, Virginia & many seats would not have flipped. Yet 6% of Republicans in Wyoming for example say they’ll never vote again due to fraud.

It’s idiotic. Many elections are lost by a hair. Countless conservative candidates will lose thanks to patriots boycotting elections, cutting off OUR noses to spite THEIR faces.

If we don’t vote, donate & sacrifice to win, they don’t even have to steal elections.

At least make the enemy steal them.

Those pushing “DO NOTHING but START SHOOTING” might as well work for Soros. I think it’s encouraged by psyop provocateurs.

Last edited 23 days ago by Russn8r

Voting’s not enough, especially in CA-etc. Saving the USA requires sacrifice, $ where mouth is, donate to election integrity groups like America 1st Legal & Thomas More Society & viable elections in other states, not just our own.

Ds are outspending viable conservatives in tight races who should be way ahead like Ted Budd, Kari Lake, Herschel Walker. Thx to AK’s rank vote scam it’s now a runoff: conservative Kelly Tshibaka vs RINO Murkowski. Tight but tough: No Ds on ballot so Ds will go Murky.

Sen races cost $. The enemy funds theirs, we need to fund ours; need to at least try, or stop whining about the consequences

Last edited 23 days ago by Russn8r

Lots of rich lefties moving up to AK fleeing the cesspool cities/states they created, but if Begich would have dropped out to help the party Palin would have easily won. No matter in 4 months..

Last edited 23 days ago by Rodoeo

True. Still have to try.

Truth Jurist

“Palin the quitter”, no thanks, we can do much better than Palin the quitter.

Last edited 21 days ago by Truth Jurist

So you prefer Kamala the Queefer?

Henry Bowman

Psst. Little Harold! The USA is NOT a democracy. Not by a long shot!! The USA is a constitutionally limited REPUBLIC. I’m sure you have it in you to not repeat the lie of Leftist talking heads and the political class!


and the guns are to keep the rights we have so the majority does not take what we work for and they are to lazy to


And that is not just a distinction without a difference. Franklin is famous for, among a host of other things, saying that a democracy was a sheep and two wolves voting on what to have for dinner. The system the Founders came up with ensures the sheep’s ability to overrule the vote. Minority rights being protected from the will of the majority is NOT A DEMOCRACY. As it stands, only one part of the Federal government, Congress, is run as a democracy. And that apparently pisses off some folks who feel they would be better off in a pure democracy.… Read more »


Democrats believe poll numbers should be law. A Democracy is mob rule.


If gun owners number about 100 million in a country of 330 million then we are a “PROTECTED MINORITY”.


Say what sunny? Don’t you mean an “UN-protected target, ahem; I mean minority”?!


A couple of American generations have been brainwashed in what a Constitutional Republic is. Remember this. A lie, repeated enough, becomes truth. Nazi Germany was born thusly.


Henry, thank you for saying this. I was thinking just that while reading Harold’s message. Whenever these people, i.e., Biden, Pelosi, Schoooomah, et al say we are a democracy it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to my ears.


To be blunt, the 2nd amendment underwrites all the other rights–like a firewall. If it goes, the rest of our rights are window dressing.


….say it ain’t so… . . .

Truth Jurist

“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right”…….this country is truly up feces creek. We have Dementia Joe with his gun-ban agenda in the White House, and we have the single most corrupt President in US History, former President Trump (The Great Orange Satan) telling the Big Lie that he was cheated out of winning the election. And we have the Great Orange Satan’s Fascist Cult believing the Big Lie. I have to congratulate our enemies, both foreign and domestic, for their well-played hand in helping to work us into this F’ing mess.


“The Big Lie”? LOL. Congratulate yourself on your double-agent double-talk projection technique, Comrade!

Last edited 21 days ago by Russn8r

Do you know why we “won” the revolutionary War? Well I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t because our ancestors were so cool and awesome and badass…, It was because Benedict Arnold had the foresight to realize that there’s no way a bunch of farmers with squirrel guns were going to win a war against the mighty empire of england, which of whom controlled something like 2/3 of the world at that time…SO, he did what any reasonable Patriot would do, he picked the lesser of two evils; France…..and said, HEY, ya wanna give us some help here…. …and so… Read more »

Last edited 21 days ago by Boom