EDC Moon Clips ~ Revolver Moon Clips Aren’t Just For Competition Anymore

Original Precision CCW HDTM Moon Clips
Original Precision CCW HDTM Moon Clips

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Late last month, September 2022, there was a quiet release of a new product that has rocked the concealed carry pocket revolver world. Original Precision in Queen Creek, Arizona, which has been known for many years for its world-class quality Lock Delete Parts kit, unveiled its new CCW HDTM Moon Clips and CCW HDTM CNC machined cylinder conversions for Smith & Wesson J Frame 38/357 Revolvers.

The moon clip has traditionally been a competition revolver item, with the exception of its modern roots, which stem from the U.S. Military Revolver models M1917, one made by Smith & Wesson, the other made by Colt, both were chambered in 45-auto and issued with half moon clips for use on the battlefield.

With the current growing trend in concealed carry, particularly the small pocket-sized revolvers. It became apparent to J.D. at Original Precision that his methodology for the use of a moon clip in your carry cylinder as a means of guaranteed positive ejection for faster reloads under stress would be beneficial to everyone that carries these pocket-sized revolvers for self-defense.

Original Precision CCW HDTM Moon Clips

Thus the Original Precision CCW HDTM Moon Clips and CCW HDTM CNC machined cylinder conversions were created. This one-of-a-kind conversion is engineered with concealed carry ejection being the top priority. It began as a personal project for J.D. to machine the cylinder of his own snub nose carry gun, a Smith & Wesson J Frame, model 438, 38 Special, 
and create a heavy-duty heat-treated stainless steel moon clip of his own engineering and geometries on the wire EDM.

The inherent problem all snub nose revolver owners have faced at one time or another is when you hit the short ejector rod to expel the spent cases, they do not always come all the way out and fall free from the cylinder. 

Which leaves you in a very tough spot
 for a fast, reliable reload in a
 self-defense situation.
 Forcing you to pick single cases out of
 the rest of the charging holes
 before you can reload with fresh ammo and get back to defending yourself. 

Or GOD forbid the rare but happens
 case head slips under extractor star
, a serious problem
 in self-defense situations

Original Precision CCW HDTM Moon Clips closeup
Original Precision CCW HDTM Moon Clips closeup

CCW HDTM Moon Clips and CCW HDTM CNC machined cylinder conversions eliminate these problem

s with guaranteed positive extraction
 of all empty cases at once.
No picking singles out of the cylinder
. Hit the ejector rod
. The whole unit comes out. 
 Back to the fight. 

A 100% win-win to be able to reliably
 eject all spent cases at once

You can reload with CCW HDTM Moon Clips
, speed strip, speed loader, 2x2x2 pouch, etc.
 There are zero limitations on how you reload.
 Moon clips are not required for the revolver to function. 38/357 cases still properly headspace
 on the cylinder and fire with or without CCW HDTM Moon Clips.

 J.D. did not want to change 
how he has already trained himself to insert fresh ammo into the cylinder. The CCW HDTM Moon Clip had to be an enhancement no retraining was needed.

Along with just how tough and durable these moon clips are, the CCW HDTM Moon Clips maintain positive
 case retention after repeated uses
 , regardless of what size or brand cases are used. They also load and unload with your fingers and take most any 38/357 ammo you can find. 
Hornady, Speer, Buffalo Bore
, Federal, Remington, Winchester, Fiocchi
, Starline, CBC Magtech, PPU, WRA, RPFC, Western, PMC, WW, and WCC, to name a few. This kind of versatility is unheard of in the moon clip industry.

Covering all the bases and ensuring the availability for everyone to have this important upgrade done to their snub nose was paramount. J.D. created versions starting at $75 for a basic CNC conversion up to $195 for a premium CNC conversion, all versions include 3 CCW HDTM Moon Clips to get you started.

CCW HDTM Moon Clips come in a 3-pack and are $27 per package. They will work in all S&W J Frame 38/357 cylinders that came from the factory already cut for moon clips or have been properly converted for 38/357 moon clips.

Original Precision CCW HDTM Moon Clips and CCW HDTM CNC machined cylinder conversions are available online at www.originalprecision.com or by phone at 480-305-3236.

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Unless they’re made of a material that allows casings to be extracted easily, they’re undesirable.


Just use one of the tools that I’ve found useful over the past 10 years. I shoot an S&W 625 in .45 Auto in competition. I like the Moon for two reasons..speed of reload during competition, and because I reload, it keeps my fired brass in one nice little bundle.

Deplorable Bill

If you run a revolver you NEED to carry spare ammo to even hope to keep up with the status quo. Facing a bad guy who has a 17 shot semi auto with a 6 shot or 5 shot revolver will get your attention and test your skills to the max. I carried, used and competed with speed loaders for decades and they have their place. Some brands are very quick while others are much slower. The one thing they all have in common is they are bulky. Moon clips are not bulky, they are very easy to carry. The… Read more »


Moon clips aren’t really feasible for defensive carry. Other than having the load already in your roscoe being ejected more quickly during a reload, unless the additional fresh cartridges in a moon clip(s) that is to be the reload(s) are carried in a hard case or extremely stiff leather pouch (& who does that nowadays), moon clips aren’t to be trusted if simply carried in a pocket or in another manner. The clips are too flimsy to reliably contain the cartridge rims exactly at the angles they need to be & typically one or more cartridges become dislodged during carry,… Read more »


You obviously have NOT used moon clips in USPSA Competition, never prepped or carried in a defensive posture using a revolver that employed moon clips – have you? I can reload almost twice as quickly with my .45 revolver (S&W 625) with moon clips – than using speedloaders. Why? Because I can dump 6 rounds very quickly – no hangups, no having to shake loose a sticky spent brass casing. You have never seen the spring-tension belt clipped holders for moon clips have you? They are as secure as any speed loader case I’ve carried. But hey, to each his… Read more »