Just Give Up Your Guns Rights, You Will Be Fine, Say Freedom Haters

By Larry Keane

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USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- New York Times columnist David Brooks is reminding America why they shouldn’t put faith in opinion writers pontificating from their metropolitan ivory towers.

Brooks recently said America would be a much safer country if Americans would simply give up their freedoms and become more like Europe. If America wouldn’t hold onto the individual right to keep and bear arms spelled out in the Second Amendment, and affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court, he argues it would be a much safer place.

In his estimation, giving up the ability for self-defense and defense of loved ones would make crime just go away.

“That would take a gigantic culture shift in this country. A revamping of the way we think about privacy, a revamping of the way we think about the role government plays in protecting the common good,” Brooks said during a segment on PBS’ “Newshour.” “I think it would be something. I think it would be good not only to head off shootings, but good to live in a society where we cared more intimately about each other. And I would be willing to give up certain privacies for that to happen.”

That’s certainly out of the mainstream of how the rest of America views lawful firearm ownership. There were over 21 million background checks for the sale of a firearm in 2020, the most ever in a single year. Last year, Americans submitted to 18.5 million background checks. In 2022, background check figures are headed for the third strongest year on record. During the week up to and including Black Friday, the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) tallied over 711,000 background checks, with over 192,000 on Black Friday alone.

That was the third busiest day for FBI’s NICS ever.

The Plan: Give Up

Just how would America achieve this utopia that Brooks imagines? Just give up, he said. Give up your rights. Give up your freedoms. Submit to an Orwellian state that provides you with all your needs. He admits this wouldn’t be easy.

“But for many Americans that would just be a massive cultural shift to regard our community and regard our common good in more frankly a European style,” Brooks explained. “I think it would benefit our society in a whole range of areas, but it’s hard to see that kind of culture change to a society that’s been pretty individualistic for a long, long time.”

America broke away from European-style rule for a reason. The Founding Fathers rejected the British crown’s demands to give up guns then. Based on background checks for gun sales, America continues to reject calls for strict gun control. A recent Gallup poll found that support for more gun control dropped nine points from 66 percent to 57 percent in an October survey.

Failed Disarmament

The argument that individuals should surrender their gun rights has been tried elsewhere with predictable results. Gun owners that complied with gun seizures find themselves unable to protect themselves while criminals that ignore the law are empowered. A recent report from ABC News in Australia showed that criminals find it easier now to obtain illicit firearms than before the multiple amnesty periods when government officials collected firearms from Australians. New Zealand instituted its own gun confiscation program, and crime spiked. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ushered in Draconian gun control, including confiscation, and the country and crime hit new peaks.

The only ones left with guns were the criminals. That’s a lesson that Canada’s grappling with now as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is eyeing his own gun confiscation scheme and banning the transfer of any handguns. Some Canadian provinces are rejecting the heavy-handed measures. Sadly, history is replete with examples of regimes that took away its citizens’ firearms only to become tyrannical and turn their citizens into defenseless subjects. Those that fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. Our Founding Fathers, in the Declaration of Independence, expressed their fear of a tyrannical government and enshrined our right to keep and bear arms for self-defense in the Bill of Rights for a reason.

Brooks is wrong to think that ridding ourselves of rights and lawful gun ownership would reduce crime. The answer to rampant crime is more law enforcement. The changes needed to safeguard America’s communities don’t begin with turning our backs on freedoms. It starts with holding elected officials in The White House, Congress, state capitols, and district attorneys responsible for not enforcing the law and failing to hold criminals accountable.

Brooks’ notion is a devil’s bargain. Americans know it. Surrendering freedom has never resulted in anything less than creating a society of victims.

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first of all, who is this david brooks guy?
secondly, if he is so much for giving up rights, how about he give up some of his, like freedom of speech and stop writing these idiot opinion pieces?
thirdly, he must have failed history because he does not remember that ALL civilizations that have been disarmed slaughtered by their own governments. remember, he could always move to one of those countries that do not have the civil rights we have here in America.
finally, why does he believe i give a sh!t about what he thinks?


Mr. Brooks is a man who, considering his religious background, should be all too familiar with the horrible things that have been done to disarmed populations. I would expect him to hold the opposite views to what he is espousing.


Well, you keep an eye out for whenever ole Mr. Brooks’ head pops out of his ass and I’ll supply his first bottle of shampoo.


It’s so far up in there and has probably gotten so much bigger since insertion that it may never pop out. I hear you on that first bottle of shampoo, it will no doubt take SEVERAL.


Shampoo, rinse, repeat


Do you mean a wood shampoo?


It really might make you closer to other people, especially if you’re in a gulag for violating some of Benevolent Dictator’s edicts.


We have some of the brightest individuals and, unfortunately, some of the stupidest ones. Some persons are unaffected by history and logic. Such get hired as “journalists” by the NY Times.


buzz – I don’t think this wuss deserves to be called “Mr.” and it is doubtful he is a man. More like a parrot, after all that is what he is doing – parroting the talking points of the anti-gun folks and the globalists.


“…give up some of his, like freedom of speech and stop writing these idiot opinion pieces?”

Brilliant, and very well stated.


He is a burned out film critic and gun hater. With duel canada/america citizenship. I suppose so he can give both countrys his idiotic opinion, bring that canadian socialism to america as if we didnt already have enough socialism already.


Exactly my thinking!
David Brooks needs to leave on a small boat to China!

Last edited 1 month ago by 2AGunster

Explains a lot…

Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity



Born and raised in CANADA, moved to Chicago when he was 12 and graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in history.

Funny his mother studied in college British history at Columbia University.

Gee all this studying of history and no one learned squat about takeovers and purging people of guns and the end result of what happens living under a monarchy.

He and the rest of his family should go back to Canada where they can feel safe.


No! Don’t send them to Canada, that would be to nice a place for them. Send them to North Korea. He needs to want and pray for his freedom. But the only way he will get that there is to die.


Hell is a good spot to send Mr. Brooks .


Yeah, look at all the people buying guns and rifles. Look at all the numbers and tell me that piece of s–t in the oval office won the election. Criminals don’t win elections. They Steal them, They Lie and Cheat and they need to be GONE.
Communism is taking over this country AND the gun grabbers say let them. I don’t think so.

Last edited 1 month ago by Choogie

Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it, other than say; I don’t think so?

Seriously, do you have a plan?

I’m all ears. We all are.


The New York Times and it’s “journalists” have never played a part in my life. And I’m from New York.


Hey NSSF, how are your ‘partners’ at the ATF looking? They have pushed through the ‘Frames and receivers’ rule and now another new Form 4473 to get even more information for their illegal database. ‘Ghost gun’ info and ‘do you live in a city’ as well as adding 2 new ‘gotcha’ questions written in confusing and ambiguous legaleze to trip you up.

You’re ‘doing a heck of a job’ as a famous RINO once said.


David Brooke’s using Adolph Hitler’s talking points will never convince me to surrender my arms, infact it has the opposite effect on me . Buy more ammo so when Joe Biden’s minions show up to steal peoples right to bear arms we give them the same response the British got from the American Patriots.


…and end up taking THEIR arms and ammo as they DROP!


Damn right ! Since we paid for them.


One thing that we can thank the Chinese Wuhan virus for is it gave us, i.e. Americans, to evaluate what happens when a country that seemingly is similar to ours lets the government disarm the citizenry, e.g. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Heavy handed government abuses ensue as sure as night follows day. Thankfully there are several provinces, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, that are experiencing a renewed vigilance for provincial rights similar to what is occurring in some of our states. Hopefully, it isn’t too late for them, or us. Jordan Peterson has a great interview with the PM of… Read more »


That’s the American-Wuhan virus.


Probably a less accurate description in that the virus was developed primarily by Chinese researchers, in a Chinese laboratory, a vaccine for this virus was being developed by by the Chinese prior to the accidental release, and the Chinese covered up the accidental release and how transmissible to humans the virus was months prior to the pandemic outbreak. Yes, there was both American virologists who surreptitiously were working on GOF , American funding at Wuhan as well as funding from other countries, and a subsequent cover up by Fauci, Collins, and a number of other American criminals. But still it… Read more »


Don’t be naive. This was a HIGHLY coordinated mission conducted by American socio-neo-marxists, with their communist chinese counterparts.

A blind man can see it.

There’s no such thing as a naturally occurring perfect storm.


Excuse me. (dons tin foil hat). Yep, you are 100%, no doubt in my mind.


You’re a fool if you think otherwise.

Patronize me as much as you’d like…but “gaslighting” me isn’t going to make it any less true.

The handwriting is on the wall.

Yes, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…this is not one of those times.


Thank you Ope.


If Mr. Brooks is so enamored with Europe and European culture, he should go live there. I’m sure he will enjoy shivering by candle light.

Dubi Loo

It seems to be a certainty Brooks learned the Red Coats tried to take our guns. I guess he missed the part where we shot them dead.


Once they turn us all into criminals, I guess ol’ Hunter and Joe won’t feel so bad about themselves.


If Mr Brooks thinks that the European societies are so great then he should renounce his citizenship (if applicable) and go to his utopia. Don’t attempt to make us subjects as you appear to desire, we don’t favor such a system. Instead YOU should go to your desired country and immediately beg for the United States to defend your disarmed populace AGAIN. See, it’s so simple.

Capn Dad

Blah blah blah I want to be the governments bitch blah blah blah. Same drivel we always hear from a sissy.


In Europe & Australia they’re planning climate lockdowns to start in 2024. Live within a 5 mile radius with your vehicle. Go beyond more than 100 times a year and get fines. All to be automatically enforced through the SUPER SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM THAT IS ALREADY IN PLACE. They know everywhere you go. So there is your “giving up privacy”. They really feel the need for us to be more “EUROPEAN” & “care more intimately about each other. Revamping the way we think about the role government plays in protecting the common good. In Europe, “Migrant Crime and Violence” is out… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by KK
Deplorable Bill

Another fool calling to disarm we the people. For someone who says he knows history he has a very dim remembrance of what happens to a people when their own government disarms them. I have been to Germany (and other places) and I have seen train tracks rolling into the camps where MILLIONS of innocent people were murdered after they had surrendered their firearms. Hitler registered guns, “for a kinder, gentler nation”. He then had them confiscated and world war soon followed that cost 200 million people their lives. I have no wish to see any new such camps and… Read more »

Unlicensed Bozo

Boy does that picture give me the creeps.


You have to love people who want to improve society so much they’re willing to give up YOUR rights to gamble on it. The mere fact that NO disarmed populace has become the utopia he envisions is a mere bump in the road.

You might have to love such people, but I don’t.


H. G. Well’s: “The Time Machine” for those of you too young to know of or remember. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36UQCZEsY9g


Brooks is a libtard retard who stays safely behind the walls of his D.C. compound, fearful of facing “the peasants & serfs” that he continually lectures. I suggest that he best stay there for his own well being…



Last edited 29 days ago by TwohearDingy

Starting funding site for SendBrooksToEurope.

“People with ARs don’t get into cattle cars.”….new Tee just received from PewPewJew.com. Tells the WHY behind the Lefturds’ gun control fetish.

Last edited 1 month ago by StLPro2A