New York Governor Hochul’s Tirade Unleashed On Gun Owners ~ VIDEO


New York – -( New York’s Concealed Handgun Improvement Act (CCIA) operates perversely to create further restrictions on an already restrictive Gun Law.

To give Hochul’s blatant refusal to abide by the rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court in NYSRPA vs. Bruen a leg to stand on, she attempts to give the public a sense that she cares deeply about the safety concerns of New Yorkers that her amendments to the State’s Gun Law are designed to effectuate that end.

What she delivers to the public, though, is nothing more than an elaborate promo, an infomercial proffered to sell a product. The product she is selling is simply a more tortuous and torturous version of the Sullivan Act that was enacted over one hundred years ago. And, like all promos and infomercials, it is meant to make a profit off a person’s gullibility.

In the instant case, the Sullivan Act is a noose around the necks of free citizens. The Act endangers the life of New Yorkers under the guise of securing life. It is all a charade.

The Daily Caller recites Hochul’s tirade against the High Court and against gun owners of New York, in its article titled, “NY Gov. Hochul Says Law-Abiding Gun Owners Make People Feel Very Unsafe”:

“Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Friday morning law abiding gun owners make people feel ‘unsafe’ just one day after the Supreme Court overturned a more than century old gun law.

Speaking on CBS This Morning, Hochul said the right to carry outside the home makes individuals feel ‘unsafe’ and seemed to insinuate it should not be allowed.

‘Everybody in America recognizes that there is a problem with gun violence and the people who cheer this, what they say, what they see is, ‘Look there is a problem with gun violence and I, as a law-abiding citizen, want to be able to hold a gun on my person so that I feel safer.’ What do you say to that individual?” the host asked Hochul.

‘I say that makes everyone else feel very unsafe. We don’t know if you’re provoked, you know, you’re in a bar and someone looks at your girlfriend or your boyfriend the wrong way. There are so many triggers. If someone wants to have a legal gun, licensed protection in their home, that is their domain, they can do that, we’ve always allowed that, or for hunting and other purposes,’ Hochul said.’”

‘But to think someone would be able to do this on a subway, in a crowded, tense situation during rush hour? No, we have a right to protect our citizens, not take away your right to own, that’s fine, but where you take it and the ability to conceal it, that’s just going to make things so much more complicated for law enforcement and others.’”

Civilians Do Not Carry Handguns Openly in New York

First, it bears mentioning, but, apparently, only to morons like Hochul, that a holder of concealed handgun carry license does not ever carry his or her handgun openly, in New York, for all the world to see. The Gun Law itself recites the lawful carrying of a handgun, “concealed,” i.e., not openly by those issued concealed handgun carry licenses.

No one in New York is permitted to carry a handgun openly apart from uniformed New York police officers, or other uniformed personnel who fall under specific provisions of the State’s Gun Law.

How, then, can any law-abiding member of the public honestly feel a sense of foreboding that another law-abiding member of the public who happens to possess a concealed handgun carry license is someone to be feared?

The only creature that could realistically understandably “feel unsafe” is a psychopathic criminal who would dare to threaten an innocent member of the public. More than a few criminals and lunatics have met their untimely demise by threatening harm to an undercover police officer or off-duty officer, or to a holder of a valid concealed handgun license.

In fact, for a career criminal, who isn’t otherwise a psychotic maniac, and who has some instinct for survival, would never know for certain who is lawfully carrying a handgun concealed and who isn’t, if many more members of the public were carrying, as is their natural law right. Hence, it is reasonable to infer that this would result in a precipitous drop in violent crimes of opportunity.

“Triggers” Anyone?

Second, The notion that a person would go off half-cocked is a “Fever Dream” of the Anti-Second Amendment crowd. The Government would like the public to believe this myth. They like to imagine all sorts of horrors to justify ending the fundamental, unalienable right to armed self-defense. But their wax museum of horrors coming to life is just entertainment. It isn’t grounded in truth. It’s merely a fabrication, it is propaganda; a fictional horror film designed like many such films to create a jump scare. Only the gullible and ignorant Americans would fall for it.

If New York holders of handgun carry licenses were really such a threat to public safety and order, how is it that we never hear Governor Hochul talking about instances of criminal acts of violence committed by these licensees?

She can’t talk about this because there is no instance of this that she can drum up. All such talk of an armed New York citizenry posing a threat to their notion of public safety and public order in their well-ordered society is sheer unadulterated speculation, bordering on delirium.

“If someone wants to have a legal gun, licensed protection in their home, that is their domain, they can do that, we’ve always allowed that.”

Third, Isn’t she nice. Hochul says, the Government has always allowed someone “a legal gun in their home.” But wait a minute? Is keeping and bearing arms a Government bestowed privilege or a God-Given Right?

And didn’t the U.S. Supreme Court rule that the right to armed self-defense extends beyond the domain of one’s house, consistent with the meaning of the fundamental, unalienable right to armed self-defense?

Does New York law take precedence over the Second Amendment and the rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court? Hochul demonstrates incredible arrogance. How did she get elected to Office anyway?

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In these heavily Democrat voting states there seems to be no resistance against arrogant know-it-all politicians. Worse, they elect and re-elect them. As in the cases of NY and NJ, unfortunately, it’ll take a SCOTUS ruling to set it straight for the citizens. But never expect the antis to quit. With them, the arrogance of ignorance is on full display. And they’re not even embarrassed.


The net result of an effective propaganda campaign is this: sheep learn to hate the sheep dog and love the wolves.


Ever talk to a person who votes for these type of tyrants? They vote for people to make decisions for them, because you see, they are smarter than us common people. I’ve heard it said by aunts, uncles, mom and grandmothers. It never made sense to me as a young child even, less sense now. I had a neighbor when I lived in West Seattle in the early ‘80’s who was like that too. One day I was talking to him about the schools in the area. We both had youngsters who were about to start school. They were starting… Read more »

Monkey Mouse

SCOTUS rulings mean nothing to these people who will only do what they want – hence the new crop of laws that undermine everything that was ruled on.


so many of these clowns need to be jailed


No kidding. They’re trying to pass a law outlawing DJT from ever holding office again. I believe, if you sign onto a bill, (the pols never write bills, staff & lobbyists do that, the pols just take the credit), or vote in the affirmative for any proposed legislation that violates or illegally adds to the Constitution, they get jailed and banished from holding office or voting for the rest of their pathetic life.

Monkey Mouse

Executed is the right term.


I’m surprised we have not seen many many assassinations.
This has been getting worse and worse for a long time.
Blatant disregard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Crazy times we live in.


Shipped away to China, so we don’t have an annual cost housing these creeps!

Rob J

Given the creationist view of the world many believe the right of self defense is God given. But, as many also believe that the left has lost their relationship with God, the better terminology to use would be a “natural right”. God can be used dismissively by the atheist, agnostic, or non theistic spirituality, but the natural right to self preservation can not. The natural right to self preservation (self defense) is present in all living things. From single cell organisms, to plants, to animals of all kinds including humans, the use of naturally occuring or outside the body tools… Read more »


Hochul not complying with the SCOTUS ruling sends a message to the guns owners of New York that she thinks she is above the law so any law she makes is mute do to her not recognizing the supreme laws of the land . If she does not follow the courts rulings how the hell does she think gun owners of New York should comply with her bullshit ?


Always with the “feel” safe/unsafe.

You don’t have a right to feel a certain way, at least not one that extends to controlling other people’s actions so that you can feel a certain way.

I don’t really care if I or anyone else feels safe or unsafe. That feeling is probably not based on fact.

Bans won’t make us BE safe. Stop being a baby about it.

Viper G2 Bronze

Yes, a sheep’s feelings do not override my rights.


“If someone wants to have a legal gun, licensed protection in their home, that is their domain, they can do that, we’ve always allowed that.”

Legal??? Allowed???????????


I did listen to the video. Talk about cart before the horse. One of the many contradictions in sanity she mentioned was about criminals stealing guns from gun owners and this being a problem for the government. I will bet you that the police do confiscate many guns from criminals but they make no effort to return them to their rightful owners. This is a problem for the gun owners that the government willfully aggravates. Should the government not serve the people?



I wonder if people like her fights so hard against second amendment rights think to themselves, l know l could not control myself if l had a firearm, if somebody crossed me l would shoot them, because having a firearm would make me feel god-like. Well, more god-like like I’m already feeling about myself anyways…..

The other Jim

Spot on. She is an idiot, dumber then the Cuomo Brothers. Lot of Welfare/Relief/on-the dole types in New York City, Albany, Buffalo, Schenectady, etc. They go into the Voting Booth and vote Democrat right accross the board (even for the 11 Judges who ran unopposed due to the party corruption and backroom agreements to steal our right to vote).


It’s all BS! In case nobody noticed, the democrat party wants to disarm legal gun owners, for the same reasons that totalitarian regimes have disarmed their citizens throughout history. If they could repeal the Second Amendment tomorrow, they would do it. They wanted to confiscate AR type semi-auto’s, but didn’t have a registry for rifles. So, passed the law to register or dispose. They got 4% compliance. So now a license to purchase semi-auto rifles. THERE’S YOUR REGISTRY! Moving forward EVERY purchase is REGISTERED with state police. They’ll never give up. They are now panicking over NYSRPA v Bruin. They… Read more »

Viper G2 Bronze

Most of the “sensitive places” where she wants no firearms are places where guns are ALREADY not allowed!
She has no understanding of all the existing laws. What an idiot. She wants them locked up in your home so you cannot get to them when you need them. After all the police will protect you, right? Democrats lose votes every time they open their mouths, and that’s Ok with me.


I tried viewing the video, but all I got was one useless commercial after another. Way to go Ammoland.


Mine video play worked Ok. I use the Brave browser with 3rd party cookies turned off and clear the browsing data occasionally. That may be the difference. You really can not tell with all the complications designed in to software that we use. It is much like gun control except it is freedom-of-communication control by the likes of Bill Gates and such.