Retay USA Unveils Gordion Compact Shotgun

Retay USA Gordion Youth shotgun
The Retay USA Gordion Youth shotgun. IMG Retay USA

U.S.A. -( Retay USA is excited to bring a premium shotgunning experience to smaller frame shooters with the release of the Gordion Compact Shotgun.

With the Gordion Compact, a smaller frame shooter can have a great-fitting gun that can handle the rigors of real in the field use. Customers of today demand best possible experience in the outdoors and a great fitting semiautomatic shotgun can be a big part of that.

Additionally, women and youth make up the fastest growing segments of hunter recruitment we feel these customers deserve a super reliable, shorter length of pull shotgun fit to the needs of a smaller stature shooter. When our smaller framed customers take to the field with a Retay compact shotgun, they will be doing it with a gun that is every bit as reliable, accurate, fast, and well-built as Retay’s full-sized shotguns. Hunting and target shooting is much enjoyable with a shotgun that fits properly and we want all Retay customers to have a great experience that will give them every reason to keep going out hunting or shooting. Moreover, veteran shooters, who may want a more compact shotgun fit for a particular application, or may not be comfortable shooting a full-sized 12 gauge shotgun and they are turning to more compact 20 gauges for a lot of applications, not the least of which is Turkey Hunting.

The Gordion Compact 20 ga shotgun has a full-sized 20 ga frame that is fitted with a stock that has a shortened Length of pull of12.5”. It is not a “Youth” shotgun, meaning that a full sized Gordion stock can be purchased and fitted to the shotgun as well, should the shooter’s needs change. The Gordion Compact will be configured as a 24” or 26” barrel and will be available beginning in early 2023. The starting price of this shotgun will be under $900. As with all RETAY semi-autos, the Inertia Plus gun will sport a deep bore drilled barrel with a factory lengthened forcing cone and interchangeable chokes for the most reliable, best fitting, best patterning, Compact Semiautomatic shotgun on the market.

This new gun comes either standard Black or wrapped in your favorite Realtree or Mossy Oak camo all delivered for the amazing price point of under $1000. The Gordion Compact is built with the underserved segments of our hunting and shooting population. We are bringing this gun to market with them in mind. For those hunters and shooters The Gordion Compact is Performance, Boldly Redefined.

About Retay USA:

At Retay, we’ve reinvented the semi-auto shotgun. First of all, we made it shoot better, so you’ll shoot better. Thanks to our deep-bore drilled barrels and factory-lengthened forcing cone, a Retay shotgun puts over 20% more pellets in the kill zone and gives you over 67% better shot-to-shot consistency. That’s performance!

Retay‘s are also built to last. With no plastic receiver components and a black chrome finish, your Retay will be your favorite firearm for years to come.

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