The New Colt CBX Precision Rifle System

Colt proudly announces the launch of its new CBX Precision Rifle. The CBX is an advanced bolt-action chassis rifle with features ideal for competitive shooters. IMG Colt Industries

U.S.A. -( Colt proudly announces the launch of its new CBX Precision Rifle. The CBX is an advanced bolt-action chassis rifle with features ideal for competitive shooters. “Our engineers excelled in the design of the CBX Rifle,” remarked Jessica Treglia, Colt Manufacturing, Director of Commercial Products. “We’ve created a premium precision rifle worthy of the Colt name.”

The CBX rifle is customizable for a shooter’s fit, and its modular accommodate aftermarket accessories, including suppressors, weights, AICS magazines, and optic mounts.

The modularity of a chassis rifle system makes them a popular choice for competitive target shooters. The CBX’s user-adjustable length-of-pull and cheek weld allow a custom shooter fit. The rifle’s aluminum chassis features a 15-inch extended forend with an ARCA rail and M-LOK slots for mounting accessories. An aggressive barricade stop establishes a solid shooting platform in any position. Enhanced ergonomics include an angled pistol grip, built-in thumb shelf, QD cups, and an ambidextrous magazine release, providing a user-friendly shooting experience.
The CBX rifle system features a flat-bottom receiver—a design that reduces flex and improves accuracy. Its 60° bolt throw allows for faster cycling times and increased optic compatibility, while its ergonomic 2-position tang safety is intuitive and quick to operate. A user-adjustable (2.5-5lb), crisp trigger allows a customizable shooter feel.

Colt optimized the CBX’s carbon steel, button-rifled barrel’s length for ballistic performance. The 6.5 Creedmoor sports a 26-inch barrel, while the .308 Win uses a 24-inch barrel, and both feature 5/8-24 UNEF threaded muzzles with thread protectors. A black nitride treatment protects barrels from corrosion while providing a tactical matte finish.

Other features included with the CBX rifle system are a 1-piece Picatinny rail with Rem700 compatible scope mounts and a detachable 5-round Magpul AICS magazine.

Colt backs the CBX Precision Rifle with a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee. “We are proud of the CBX rifle platform and know shooters will love how it performs,” added Treglia. The CBX Precision Rifle is available at Colt now at dealers nationwide.

Colt CBX Precision Rifle Features:

  • A Flat-bottom receiver reduces flex and improves accuracy
  •  AICS magazine compatible (includes 5-round Magpul magazine)
  • Black nitride barrel finish protects against corrosion
  • Carbon steel, button-rifled barrel with ballistically optimized length and twist
  • Ergonomic 2-position safety
  • 60° bolt throw for faster cycling times and increased optic compatibility
  • 1-piece Picatinny rail – Rem700 compatible
  • Aluminum chassis with a user-adjustable length of pull and cheek weld
  • Extended forend (15”) with ACRA rail and M-LOK slots
  • Aggressive barricade stop
  • User-adjustable trigger (2.5-5lbs)
  • Pistol grip, thumb shelf, QD cups, ambidextrous mag latch

Colt CBX Precision Rifle Specifications:

  • Barrel Length: 24” .308Win; 26” 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Weight: 10.75lbs (unloaded)
  • Capacity: 5+1
  • Twist Rate: 1:10RH 6 GR .308 Win; 1:8RH 6 GR 6.5 Creedmoor
  • OAL: 47” .308 Win; 49” 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Trigger Pull: 2.5-5 lb (user-adjustable)
  • MSRP: $1,899

About Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC

Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC ( is one of the world’s leading designers, developers, and manufacturers of firearms. The company has supplied civilian, military, and law enforcement customers in the United States and worldwide for more than 175 years. Its subsidiary, Colt Canada Corporation, is the Canadian government’s Center of Excellence for small arms and is the Canadian military’s sole supplier of the C7 rifle and C8 carbine. Colt operates its manufacturing facilities in West Hartford, Conn., and Kitchener, Ontario.

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Finally a rifle that I have been waiting for. The 6.5 Creedmoor from what I have read is an accurate rifle and good out to 1,000 yards with a 24 inch barrel. This one goes 26 which will add pressure and distance. The only thing left is for them or a manufacture to come out with an extended, yes extended magazine that will hold 10, 15 maybe 20 rounds. Then I will buy one for sure and dump my 7mm rem Savage 110E. Well on second thought I will keep it. Like the old saying goes. The more calibers the… Read more »


Sounds and looks good. Curious how it compares to DD Delta Pro. Might be just as nice a rifle but bout $1000 cheaper.


Why does it look like a clone of a Savage precision rifle?

Desert Rat

Exactly. Looks like my Savage 10 BA Stealth and probably uses the same chassis. No more accurate and almost twice the price. Even better would be the Savage 110 Ultralite with the Proof Research carbon fiber barrel at 6# and less than $1300.


Everybody is a Creedmore fanboy and it looks like COLT is going all in on the trend . Not impressed with the Creedmore . Build this in a 6.5 PRC and it will be worth a look . The 260 Remington has been doing what the Creedmore does for a lot longer but lacks the fan boy following .