Winchester Adds New Big Bore Calibers to Product Lineup

Winchester Big Bore 44 Magnum
Winchester Ammunition adds new Big Bore self-defense/hunting calibers to its product lineup. IMG Winchester Ammunition

U.S.A. -( In the backcountry, little is left to chance. The trusted performance of Winchester Big Bore ammunition for hunting, and personal defense gives individuals the confidence needed for any situation.

Big Bore centerfire pistol offerings feature a newly engineered semi-jacketed, concave hollow point that controls and delays expansion to achieve massive shock and lethal wound channels.  Available in the pistol calibers popularly carried in the backcountry, Big Bore ammunition was designed to offer consistent expansion, massive energy deposit, and, most importantly, trusted functioning. This is ideal ammunition for hunting and personal defense applications.

Big Bore Ammunition Features: 

  • Available in 10 mm Automatic, .357 Magnum, .44 Rem Mag, and .45 Colt
  • Reliable expansion on big game and for personal defense situations
  • Newly engineered concave hollow point
  • Deep penetration of semi-jacketed hollow point design controls expansion

Look for new Big Bore ammunition at a Winchester retailer or dealer near you, and for more information on Winchester Ammunition products visit

About Winchester

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The description is rife with hollow point discussion, “…Newly engineered concave hollow point…”, “…semi-jacketed hollow point design…”.

Then the table lists all four calibers as “jacketed soft point…”.


Mr. Grant needs to SHOW the actual bullet IN the article…


Sharing eye opening past deer season experience with name brand 9mm defensive handgun ammo fired from Kimber Micro9. Friend made non-killing shot on a very nice big buck. Blood tracked deer made it a mile ending up alive but down in edge of a creek with 30ft banks. Called for a truck and backup to extract deer. While waiting, I decided to end deer’s suffering, using my EDC 9mm with defensive ammo, shooting in back of neck twice, heart once. Other than a mild flinch each shot, no effect on deer. Extracted and back at lodge, found bullets on outside… Read more »