Drugged & Schizophrenic Son Killed While Attacking His Mom by Good Guy with a Gun

Oildale, California – An 86-year-old man in Oildale, California, is being hailed as a hero after he protected his neighbor from her schizophrenic son, who had attacked her with a shovel.

The incident occurred when the son, who was allegedly on illegal drugs, came to Eva Strickland’s home, accusing her of keeping lottery winnings from him. He became violent and broke through the metal security door with the shovel. He then pushed Eva down and moved forward to attack her when her 86-year-old neighbor shot and killed him on the spot.

Eva Strickland said she would not have survived the attack if her neighbor had not been there to protect her. The incident highlights the growing problem of mental health violence and the need for law-abiding Americans to have increased ways to defend themselves and protect loved ones from people with mental illness.

Dr. Corey Gonzales, a licensed clinical psychologist, said that mental health issues can be tricky, especially for those who are diagnosed with schizophrenia.

He explained that “probably the most severe mental health condition you can have is schizophrenia.” He also noted that “delusions and hallucinations are the hallmarks of schizophrenia,” and that high instances of people with schizophrenia, about half of them, also have a mood disorder. There can be substance abuse where they’re trying to self-medicate, and about five to six percent of schizophrenics will die by suicide.”

While incidents like this are relatively rare, they highlight the need for better mental health care in the United States. Many people with mental illness do not receive the care and support they need, which can lead to violent incidents like the one in Oildale. Increasing access to mental health care and support for those who need it is essential.

At the same time, incidents like this highlight the importance of self-defense and the right to bear arms. While gun ownership is rising in the United States, incidents like this show that more law-abiding citizens must have the means to protect themselves and their loved ones from potential harm. While there are no easy solutions to the problem of mental health violence, it is clear that increased access to mental health care and better self-defense options are essential for keeping Americans safe.

By Tred Law and AI technology. Note: This article was generated using AI technology and may contain some automated content and analysis.

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I don’t recall we had that problem before they closed the asylums .

Knute Knute

The streets are the insane asylums now. And Washington, DC is where a lot of them went. 🙂


Not all the demented, evil and insane reside on the street. Some roam the halls of Congress, and the White House.

Watch um

I agree, asylums were for the safety of the patient from harm and used to treat them besides safety of the general public.
I would venture to say that 2/3’s of those who are homeless and live on the streets have some type of mental illness.
They live like that, not only because they are not able to keep a way of support but their mental illness also.

A drug addiction also causes mental illnesses which should be controlled by a controlled environment, same as any other person with serious mental illness


I remember the days when these people were not much of a problem because they were institutionalized and doing the thorazine shuffle . We need to return to those treatment methods for these violent offenders and make them docile like a lamb .


Where are the toxicology reports and mental health records from the terminated mass murders? Surly there are no privacy issues with the deceased. Could it be that Big Pharma has a hand in this lack of transparency ?


Of course they do. It’s their faulty products that make these Hallmark moments possible…


Opening fire on somebody’s son [right in front of them] would trigger terminal hesitation in 99.99% of all shooters.


Now that you have started using AI to write your articles, what is your next move to further degrade the quality of your publication?


They just keep dumbing down the reporters, Soon the kid with Severe Downs Syndrome will be getting a “4.0 GPS” (Quote from Carlos Mencia)


a happy ending to a bad situation


Not happy but best possible under conditions.

Pa John

For consistency, U.S. corporate media should have reported this as the actions of a rare good firearm. Most reporting on news events where any firearms are involved, are generally very carefully worded to achieve a psychological effect wherein the unsuspecting reader is led into accepting the fantastical idea of “gun violence” as a reality, as if inanimate objects are somehow capable of acting of their own volition and accord. So, it is a good thing that this firearm dragged it’s elderly owner over to that woman’s house, so it could stop that violent mentally disturbed man from killing his own… Read more »


At its foundation, it’s a simple but tragically sad calculus: regardless of the reason – schizophrenia, PTSD, drug abuse, or pure hatred – dangerous, felonious members of society who represent a mortal threat to others have to be removed from that society. Either we commit to permanent segregation in an environment that excludes them from the peaceful population – that is, the population that settles things by compromise, contract, competition, and operation within lawful rules – or we remove them just as we would any violent predatory animal. No predator – regardless of whether or not “they were here first”… Read more »


Yeah, lets all fall right into the communist trap of everyone is mentally ill and needs to be tested by the government before gun purchases. Nice, leftist AI written article…


Yup, and you could see the bias in this scrap piece. So much for AI trash.