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Browning Tax ReliefAmmoLand

2013 Browning Firearm Tax Rebate

Purchase a new Browning firearm at retail price from April 15, 2013 thru April 30, 2013 and Browning will reimburse you up to 8% in U.S. funds for the sales tax.

CZ-USA Cz83 Pistol

What is a C183 Handgun?

What is a C183? I have never heard of a firearm by this model. It is a 14 megapixel camera. Did some uninformed journalist see C183 and just assume it was a gun?

Rossi Ranch Hand Rifle

The Rossi Ranch Hand Pistol Is, ‘Wild West Tech’

The Ranch Hand Rifle can be fired with one hand, although you will need the other to work the action effectively for successive shots. The action was smooth right out of the box and becomes even smoother with use…

051483490 Buck Mark Camper Stainless UFX AmmoLand

Browning’s New 2013 Buck Mark 22 Pistol Line

New in Browning’s Buck Mark 22 pistol line for 2013 are the Buck Mark Camper UFX and Camper Stainless UFX models. Both new Buck Marks feature the new Overmolded Ultragrip FX ambidextrous grip design.

Turbo Glock

A Guide In The Purchase Of Your First Handgun

In sharp contrast to the restrictive gun laws being proposed around the country, at gun stores, customers have been arriving in droves to purchase their first handgun and register for beginner pistol classes…

Unleaded Ink By Norman Gray

Ruger SR22 Pistol Review – Making Plinking Fun Again

I can highly recommend this pistol to everyone! It is a great pistol for kids to learn marksmanship skills and safe firearms handling. For new, older or experienced shooters, it’s a great pistol to learn on or keep your skills up…