Henry Arms Bad Axe & Brass Axe ~ Fraternal Twins ~ VIDEO

Henry Arms Bad Axe & Brass Axe Guns
Henry Arms Bad Axe & Brass Axe Guns

Wisconsin – -(Ammoland.com)- From the early age of man, there has been the recognition of the similarities and the differences of twins. Some twins on one end of the spectrum spend their entire existence together and other twins have contrast and conflict.

So “you” are discovered on the banks of the Bad Axe River in southwest Wisconsin. You are presented to the public and you become an instant star. The media loves you. Your adoring fans cannot get enough of you. Those who have your contract cannot produce enough product to meet the insatiable appetite of those adoring fans/consumers. You are hot. You are the hottest “property” out there and everyone wants more.

In the middle of your fame, your fraternal twin shows up on your “stage.” Now you love your twin but your twin has just a little bit more bling and showmanship. The world wants to see how this family conflict will play out. Will there be more consumer products for the fans now that there are two of you on that popularity stage? Will one twin completely overshadow that other twin only to have that forgotten twin found in the rusted barrel of lost fame?

Will Hollywood someday make a major feature film about the conflict and with a “shoot-out” on-screen of two family rivals?

Can we dare hope these two twins will rise to the occasion, stand shoulder to shoulder (or lever to lever), and embrace their fame and fan-based demand? Meeting the needs wants and desires of all who harken back to those early days on that remote bank of the Bad Axe River and the coming days of prosperity. This action was taken in the north woods of Rice Lake, Wisconsin leading to fame and fortune and a satisfied yet ever-demanding public.

Bad Axe vs Brass Axe Henry Firearms

This is the story of the new Henry Brass Axe, lever-action 410 firearms. The almost spitting image of the fraternal twin, the blue steel-based Henry Bad Axe, lever-action 410 firearm. Both firearms are virtually the same in all ways except the Brass Axe has a shiny brass metal action that stands out on “stage” a whole lot more than its blue steel twin.

While first holding both the Bad Axe and the Brass Axe at the same time I must admit I thought of John Wayne as Marshal Rooster Cogburn on horseback, in the middle of an open mountain meadow standing down four outlaws by himself. His comment to the challenge of equestrian combat was met with the words “fill your hand you sonofabit–“.

Filling both hands with a Bad Axe in one hand and the Brass Axe in the other, I must admit, quickly demonstrates most profoundly a sense of preparedness and dare I say confidence in the event one needed to meet the challenge, to Protect and Provide.

A fist full of Axe and a whole lot more.

The Brass Axe is 5.75 lbs and has a 15.14-inch barrel. Overall it is 26.4 inches in length and is chambered in 2 1/2 (only) 410 shotgun shells. Like almost all the Henry lever-action firearms the Brass Axe loads from either a tube at the front end of the firearm or you can use the side-loading gate.

Right now with a world crisis generating limited availability of ammo, 2 1/2 inch 410 shells are pretty darn hard to find and the going rate is $20-25 a box. But, this too will pass. One of the hottest selling Henry firearms is the blue steel Bad Axe 410 lever gun. Using minimum extrapolation I will assume the Brass Axe 410 lever gun will either chase its twin to the sales finish line or overtake the Bad Axe in the race to meet Marshal Cogburn at that mountain meadow.

Back in the old days, the Original Henry rifle was the first repeating battle rifle used in the world and first tested in combat in the US Civil War. I know you cannot really play “what-if” when you are looking back at history. However, Speaker Newt Gingrich does it all the time. In his revisionist books, he writes about how our history could have played out so much differently if only there were a few changes to the facts.

Henry Arms Lever Action Axe .410 Guns
Henry Arms Lever Action Axe .410 Guns

If only it had existed in 1861 the Brass Axe would have been an extremely effective firearm for the cavalry troops of the Civil War. The Army trooper can deploy in the fog of battle a short in length, side loading gate, a lever-action battle firearm that you could shoot on horseback. After shooting, ride away while reloading on the run. Ready to reengage the enemy almost instantly.
Given the modern 410 shotgun ammo that is designed for defense, the Brass Axe is meant to facilitate a lot of fun shooting all the while being ready to help a Henry owner Protect and Provide at a moment’s notice. The Bad Axe and its wonderful twin the Brass Axe are a modern interpretation of a tried and tested old-style firearm platform that has moved its talents into the 21st century.

Because of the weight of the firearm and the size of the 410 shotgun round, there is very little issue with the recoil of the Brass Axe. It comes ready to use a sling and with limited adjusting, you can develop a personalized style to the carrying and deploying of your Brass Axe. This sends the message to those who look on, that you do understand life’s drama and that the Brass Axe is not just an expensive plinker.

There is a real-world sense of preparedness as you develop your personal strategy on how you plan to use and deploy your Henry Arms Brass Axe.

I spoke to Andy Wickstrom, the President of Henry Repeating Arms about the current production of the steel Bad Axe and the new production of the Brass Axe. If you are waiting for a steel Bad Axe they will continue to be manufactured at the same rate with a possible up-tic in production in the near future. The new Henry Rifles manufacturing plant in Lady Smith, Wisconsin will help facilitate increased production of many of the current and future Henry firearms.

The Brass Axe has its own production line and schedule and Mr. Wickstrom has assured me the two Axe(s) will not compete. What it will do is put more total Axe firearms out there for the Henry buyer and now you have a choice–steel or brass.

Enjoy your new Brass Axe but stand ready to “fill your hand” in the event of a coming crisis. Evil hates organization, so you have to ask yourself, would you rather be prepared to delay and deflect that evil and defend yourself and your family or just hope you are lucky?

With all that is going on in the world “do you feel lucky-well do you?”

Major Van Harl USASF Ret.
[email protected]

About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:

Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force, was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School. A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI. His efforts now are directed at church campus safety and security training. He believes “evil hates organization.” [email protected]

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In 38/357 mag I might be interested if it was chambered in smith and wesson 460 and capable of 454 cassul and 45 llc yes definitely but 410 is a nonstarter for me

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