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Polish Radon VIS pistol. The Browning derivation is obvious

Assembling a Gun in Occupied Poland

A polish resistance teenager stole pistol parts, assembled a pistol, and used it to obtain identity papers from a collaborator and German officer.

Obama Legacy

Caruba: Obama Must Go! (But He Won’t)

If we know anything about Obama at this point it is that he has no regard for the oath of office he took, even less for the Constitution. He breaks laws now with virtual impunity…

Civil Rights Leaders Robert and Mable Robinson Williams

Guns Made The Civil Rights Movement Possible

Journalist Charles Cobb shows how important guns were not only to leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. but also to many black Southerners who “believed in both nonviolence and self-defense.”…

Ambassador Post Office

The Ambassador and the Post Office

You can always keep anything old, clunky and inefficient still in business, if you are willing to pour unlimited amounts of the taxpayers’ money down a bottomless pit…

Bloody BMW

It’s the Murderer Stupid!

On a recent Friday, one demented little narcissist took a knife and slaughtered 3 innocent people in the opening act of a really bad play he called his “Day of Retribution.”…

NRA Foot in Mouth

Unnamed NRA Writer Pulls a Zumbo

On May 30th, in a 1400+ word essay, an unnamed NRA-ILA writer ignited a firestorm against Second Amendment supporters in the opposition media…