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Pope Francis

Pope Francis Condemns Jihadist Violence

Vatican and United States Conference of Catholic Bishops officials should demand that personal firearms be delivered to victims and potential victims of murderous groups…


The ‘Equality’ Racket

Equality before the law is a fundamental value in a decent society. But equality of treatment in no way guarantees equality of outcomes…

Pat Buchanan

A Party at War with Itself

Detestation of Mayor de Blasio among the NYPD and the cops who came from across the country to stand in solidarity with their slain brothers is broad and deep…

Padded Room Rights

Weaponized Medicine

No warning and no explanation. The retired officer was forcibly disarmed, and remains defenseless to this day. He will never get his guns back…

2014 Shot Placement

Chicago Homicides for 2014

The number of homicides in Chicago stayed fairly level from 2013 to 2014. The number of shootings increased a bit, but total homicides only increased by one…

Please do ring in the new year with celebratory gunfire.

Celebratory Gunfire in Dallas

Celebratory gunfire has a long history in this country. It can be done responsibly, but firing bullets into the air in urban areas is a bad idea.