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Hating All Infidels

Caruba: Hating All Infidels

What does it say about Islam that both the Super Bowl in America and the winter Olympics in Russia require massive security against an attack by jihadists???

Open Carry

Open Carry is Coming to Texas

In Texas, both parties’ likely candidates for governor have now endorsed the policy of restoring the legal open carry of sidearms to Texans..

Poor Dick Metcalf

Ten Threats To Our Gun Rights In 2014

The biggest threat to gun rights remains apathetic guns owners, a fact that hasn’t changed in the last 50 years, and, sadly, isn’t likely to change in 2014…

Chains to Arms

Constitutional Carry Considered in South Carolina

Constitutional carry is being considered by a number of state legislatures, including Ohio and Colorado. South Dakota, Utah, Georgia, Montana, and Nevada all had constitutional, or permitless, carry bills pending in 2014…

Palestinian Children

Israel Watchful in Midst of Mideast Unrest

Since its declaration of independence in 1948, Israeli efforts to secure any peace with the Palestinians have proven futile. Instead, it was immediately attacked by a coalition of Arab states…