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Depression Era refugees on a New Mexico highway in 1936

Photos Of Hard Times, The Past – The Future

The vehicle, overflowing with children and extended family vying for a seat on a ride allegedly out of Oklahoma or Texas or Kansas or Missouri where my dad’s family was from….

Florida Carry Legislative Update

There are legislators who are now actively seeking to pass legislation that would punish law abiding citizens who act in necessary defense of themselves…

San Antonio Freedom Event Custom Grips

Custom Gun Grips For A Good Cause

In Texas of all places, the San Antonio police under leadership of Chief William McManus have been giving legal open carry citizens a hard time even to the level of harassment and arrest…

Signing of the Constitution

Caruba: Birthday Reflections

There is risk to not understanding or valuing the precious gift the Founding Fathers gave us and the millions who fought and died to protect and preserve it…

Mongol Warriors in hand to hand combat at the battle of the Kalka River, 1223

The Absent Superpower

What is astonishing and dismaying is that Obama recently said that the world is more stable now than in the last five years. What world is he talking about???

Cory Booker

Stop Cory Bookers Anti-Gun Agenda

Billionaire-playboy New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, head of the radical anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is has commited $1 million to help advance Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s anti-gun agenda…

Gunvoter Large Mug

Starbucks Still Neutral On Guns

Unless Starbucks posts a policy forbidding the lawful carry of firearms in their stores, they are not our enemies. We have enough real enemies to worry about without trying to make more…

Professor John Lott

Watering the Grass Roots of Self-Defense

The next gun rights policy conference is in Chicago. You belong there no matter what kind of activists you are. You will go to hear the speakers. After that, you’ll come back again and again to meet people just like you…