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Free .22 Ammo at Yuma Gun Show

Free .22 Ammo at Gun Show

I had more .22 ammunition than I would likely shoot over the course of my remaining life. I shoot less and write more these days.

Firearms and Freedom: Benefits from Obama

Democrats & republicans who have been taking pot-shots at our Second Amendment, and think you can get in just one more shot – Be it known, that you are in for the political fight of your lives…

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Leave The Oil Turned On Mr. Putin

Putin has got this oil as a weapons-thing figured out. He is proceeding very effectively to turn the Russian oil and gas industry into the 21st century’s, new Non-Destructive, Weapon of Mass Destruction…

Staples Gun Protest

Moms Demanded Action and Got NOTHING!

Our sources tell us that exactly ten people showed up; coincidentally, the exact number of “paid” staffers that MDA has on the take in North Carolina…