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Learning More About Safari Club International

I needed to have to gain a deeper understanding of SCI, what they do globally and how they serve their members. After reading through their website, they mean what they say- First For Hunters.

Don't stand in your own way.  Do your own research and live out those adventures you have imagined for years.

Why Hunt Africa Now

Be honest with yourself. Is the backcountry of Africa going to be the most prime location to contract Ebola? How many Kudu are migrating from South Africa to Serria Leone and back?

Benelli On Assignment On Safari in Kenya

Benelli On Assignment On Safari in Kenya

An African safari may well be the last great adventure on earth, as Franchi found out when they traveled to Kenya, East Africa to launch a brand new line of shotguns…

Bob Kuhn Leopard Hunting

Hounded Leopard Hunting

Without uttering a sound, the leopard suddenly stood up – silent as death – and charged hell-bent…