Savage Literally Squeezes More Accuracy Out of Its Rifles With New AccuStock Technology

Savage Literally Squeezes More Accuracy Out of Its Rifles With New AccuStock Technology

Savage Arms AccuStock Technology
Savage Arms AccuStock Technology
Savage Arms
Savage Arms

SUFFIELD, CT — -( First there was the AccuTrigger, now there is the Accustock, the next phase in the accuracy revolution from Savage Arms. The AccuStock uses an aluminum spine and 3D Bedding Cradle molded into the stock in such a manner that it becomes an integral part of the composite stock.

The result is a polymer composite stock that possesses many of the same properties of high-end aftermarket stocks, bringing this high level of performance to the production rifle.

“When the AccuTrigger came out, it was very disruptive technology. The rest of the industry had to run to play catch-up,” Savage Arms CEO Ron Coburn said. “We expect the AccuStock to have the same effect. We’re proving again that you can have custom rifle quality in a factory gun.”

The AccuStock facilitates more consistent accuracy in two ways:

Rigidity – With its integral aluminum spine that runs from the action down the length of the forearm, the AccuStock is the most rigid factory polymer stock in the marketplace. No matter how hot the weather or the barrel, the forend stays rock-solid and the barrel remains free-floating.

Three-Dimensional Bedding Pressure – Pillar-bedded and v-block stocks, as good as they are, only apply bedding pressure on one axis, up and down. The AccuStock uses a wedge bolt to push the recoil lug back into the aluminum spine to prevent any movement forward and aft, while the bedding cradle literally squeezes the action from the sides when the action screws are tightened.

“The stock literally squeezes the action from all directions,” Coburn said. “It becomes part of the action, making the whole rifle much stiffer and much more consistent.”

While the differences in the AccuStock cannot be seen from the outside, AccuStock rifles will be easily identifiable by their new smooth barrel locknut and trigger-guard mounted bolt release.

Savage Arms is proud of its’ reputation for product improvements and has become the standard for accuracy in the industry. Recently, the company introduced the new AccuTrigger™, a trigger design so revolutionary it will forever change the way shooters expect triggers to function. It’s another example of Savage’s fresh innovation in setting new standards. At Savage Arms, the entrepreneurial spirit that originally defined the company is still evident today and history is currently being written!

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Too bad the company is located in the Socialist State of Ct.. I will not purchase a weapon from any company that resides there.

DEDIEU Philippe


do you have a accustock for savage axis if so at what price