New Jersey – Is Your Locality Infringing Your Gun Rights?

New Jersey – Is Your Locality Infringing Your Gun Rights?
Report extra fees and paper work requirements that violate state law and court decisions.

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

New Jersey – A few years ago, after a 10 year fight, Gun Owners of New Jersey secured a notable Appellate Court victory for NJ gun owners — a victory that was binding statewide.

In this decision, the Appellate Court decided that it was against NJ statute for any permitting person or agency to add extra fees or paperwork requirements to the permitting process as outlined in Title 39 of the NJ Criminal Code and Title 14 of the NJ Administrative Code.

The problem is that, by itself, GONJ does not have the resources to police the activities of all the state’s permitting personnel/agencies. They need your assistance.

If all of GOA’s New Jersey members would monitor, and periodically review, their local county permitting agency requirements, GONJ could rapidly discern which agencies were candidates for an immediate lawsuit for violating the order of the Appellate Court.

Such action(s) would became widely known and would “encourage” all of the State’s permitting agencies to obey the law as it is written, and stop the annoying, illegal practice of adding fees and additional local paperwork requirements to the permitting process.

GONJ, by itself, is incapable of monitoring the activities of the permitting officials/agencies in each of the 511 NJ municipalities.  But with the assistance of all of GOA’s New Jersey membership, they could so monitor — and where necessary “correct” — the policies of agencies not operating within the restrictions of applicable NJ Legislation regarding all phases of the permitting process.

Because Gun Owners of America does not have state affiliates, all inquiries should be directed to GONJ.  So for more information, please contact:

Lawrence C. Farrell, Jr. Board Member Gun Owners of NJ 908-277-1111 [email protected]

Gun Owners of America
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Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue.

GOA was founded in 1975 by Sen. H.L. (Bill) Richardson (now retired). Richardson continues to serve as the Chairman of Gun Owners of America, bringing his many years of political experience to the leadership of GOA. Richardson is also an avid hunter and outdoorsman.

The GOA Board of Directors brings over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience on guns, legislation and politics. GOA’s Board is not satisfied with the “status quo.” Americans have lost some of our precious gun rights and WE WANT THEM BACK! This is why GOA is considered the “no compromise” gun lobby.

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Permit- the word itself delinates special permission to be able to exercise one’s right. I guess it needs to be Second amendment privilege in NJ. As a law abiding citizen must pay , have their backround checked , and wait to exercise their privilege of living in socialist NJ to obtain permission for firearms.
Sorry but NJ needs to be removed from the United States along with a few other states.
Imagine if you charged fees for politicians to speak. they would be screaming 1st Amendment violation.


could not have said it better well done..enough with all the charges ,,,


I glad someone has decided to do something about the harassment and abuse gun owners must go through because that feel they have a right to own guns. I had to surrender my C&R and go through the embarrasment of an arrest because though the guns were registered with the BATF, I didin't register them with the state. Now, the whole collection is gone. JL

Larry Farrell

I'm Larry from GONJ, and very much appreciate you forwarding this alert from GONJ. We desperately need to find people who, in their spare tine, will contact the police forces in their county and obtain for GONJ a complete list of all forms and fees required to obtain an FOID card, Pistol Purchase Permit or the identity of permitting authorities who are deliberately delaying the processing of the forms necessary to obtain an FOID card or Pistol Purchase Permit. When we find evidence of such activity, it is our intention to, using applicable NJ Statute, sue the municipality where these… Read more »



Maybe you can expand on what you are looking for interested folks to do?

What exactly do you want gun owners to do at their police station or sheriffs office?

If I already have my NJFID card I can not go through the application process, but what can information can I collect?

What do we do with the info once collected?

What are the things that PD’s can ask for or charge for?

Larry Farrell

The permitting process consists of the completion of forms and the payment of fees. Sometime, some of these forms and fees extra to the requirements of NJ Statute, and, therefore are illegal. We ask that NJ gun owners contact, telephonically or via mail, the permitting agencies in their home county, and ask those agencies to send the gun owner a list of all completed forms and paid fees that are required by that agency for the issuance of an FOID Card and/or a Pistol Purchase Permit. We then ask these gun owners to submit that date via email/snail mail to… Read more »