ATI .22 Caliber Kalashnikov Rifles

ATI Introduces Two New .22 Caliber Kalashnikov Style Rifles

GSG Kalashnikov
GSG Kalashnikov

American Tactical Imports
American Tactical Imports

ROCHESTER, NY – -( A new addition has been added to the highly demanded line of German Sport Guns (GSG) offered by American Tactical Imports. The GSG Kalashnikov is the newest 2009 firearm added to the novelty line of GSGs that include such guns as the GSG-5 carbine, the GSG-5 pistol, the GSG-5PK pistol, and the GSG-5SD carbine. American Tactical Imports also featured a very limited time special edition SHOT Show edition GSG-5 that was unveiled at this year’s show and was sold only throughout the month of February.

The GSG Kalashnikov is a semi-automatic recoil operated 22 caliber high velocity long rifle. It is available with a capacity of either a 10 or 24 round detachable magazine. The Kalashnikov has a barrel length of 16.5 inches, and an overall length of 34.5 inches. The weight is exactly as the original Kalashnikov. The GSG Kalashnikov is available in two options: the wood stock model, constructed from blued steel and green forest birch from Italy; and the black stock model, constructed from high impact polymer. The MSRP on the wood stock model is $569.00, while the black poly stock has an MSRP of $549.00.

The GSG Kalashnikov is an exact copy of the original Kalashnikov in appearance and weight. Each gun is proof tested and stamped with the German proof house eagle. The Kalashinkov’s namesake, Michail Timofejewitsh Kalashnikov, was injured during WWII, and later became the leading head engineer of the UDSSR, where he created the Kalashnikov Assault Rifle AK in 1947. The “Kalashnikov AK 47” went on to become the most produced carbine worldwide with around 100 billion total produced pieces.

GSG is proud to be the only licensee worldwide of Mr. Kalashnikov’s creation for use as a real firearm. GSG developed the Kalashnikov in a .22 caliber for sporting purposes and for civilian use. Gun enthusiasts can now have an exact Kalashnikov replica to use for target shooting, for plinking, for small game hunting, or for practical shooting, such as IPSC-Shooting.

American Tactical Imports also proudly offers a full line of GSG accessories, ranging anywhere from baseball caps to slings to scopes. For a full listing of these accessories, please refer to page 14 of the American Tactical Imports 2009 Catalog, or visit

For all your informational needs regarding American Tactical Imports please visit or contact Dana Ruff, Public Relations Director – Blue August at [email protected]

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Sherman Dollison

I need to get two AK 47 magazines for a in .22 caliber or where to get them.


steve snyder

I need two ak 47 magazine for a 22 lr