Bradley Smokers – A Hot Idea About Cold Smoke!

Bradley Smokers – A Hot Idea About Cold Smoke!
A NEW cold smoke adapter for superior results and incredible flavor.

Bradley Smokers - A Hot Idea About Cold Smoke!
Bradley Smokers - A Hot Idea About Cold Smoke!

Delta, British Columbia, Canada, – -( 2008-Bradley Smokers makes the only smoker that can do it all from hot smoking (genuine barbecue food) to cold smoking using their NEW cold smoke adapter. Cold smoked salmon and jerky are two examples of cold smoking.

“The Bradley Cold Smoke Adapter adds a whole new dimension for owners of Bradley Smokers and creates a superior method to cold smoke food at a very reasonable price.”-Wade Bradley, President

Cold smoking on warm or hot days has always been a problem due to the smoke heat and ambient day heat drying out or even cooking the food. The Bradley adaptor has also solved that problem. In fact, the Bradley when used as a cold smoker basically operates at the ambient temperature of the day. No longer is heat created by the smoker as it is with other smokers. Yet in minutes you can convert the smoker back to a smoke cooker for some great cooked barbecue chicken or ribs, etc.

Additionally, in tough economic times home food preparation and preservation may become more popular, but for now many people do it for just great tasting homemade food.

HOW IT WORKS: The Cold Smoke Adaptor attaches to the Bradley electric smoker via a 36-inch long aluminum smoke tube and adapter plate. Then the Bradley smoke generator (which came with the original smoker) is attached to the cold smoke tube via the powder coated steel adapter box. The smoke adapter and smoke generator are then positioned at a lower level so the cool smoke can rise into the main smoke compartment to do its flavor packed work without heat.

HOW FAST: The time necessary to convert the Bradley Smoker from a regular barbecue smoke cooking to a cold smoke unit is about two-minutes; same for removal and restoration back to a barbecue smoker.

Price: The entire system (adaptor box, smoker tube, adaptor plate) MSRP $99.00

Better when brined: When food is brined, marinated or cured in Bradley made brines the flavor enhancement is even greater, in fact flavors jump off the chart when food is brined or marinated and smoked. The overall benefits are greatly enhanced flavor and excellent preservation characteristics.

Availability: In grilling/BBQ specialty stores stores, sporting goods stores and specialty catalogs or direct from Bradley.

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