Sightmark Unveils The Wraith Dvs-14T Digital Night Vision Monocular

Sightmark Unveils The Wraith Dvs-14T Digital Night Vision Monocular
Sightmark is leading the Charge in the Next Generation of Night Vision.


Mansfield, Texas – -( Sightmark unveils the Wraith DVS-14T Digital night vision monocular, the newest cutting edge trend in night vision. Unlike traditional night vision, the Wraith can be used for both daytime and nighttime operation without any damage to the internal components of the device. The Wraith allows crisp, clear black and white imaging that is difficult to achieve with archaic tube based green-on-green systems.

With digital imaging rapidly overtaking and surpassing its image intensive tube predecessors, the Wraith is a perfect example of the boundless capabilities inherent in this new, breakthrough technology. Digital imaging is the next evolution in night vision and Sightmark is leading the trend with the Wraith. This lightweight, compact unit is the spectral embodiment of the newest in night vision technology and uses brand new image processing technology to deliver stunning image quality every time.

The Wraith has incredible Gen 3 resolution, with the viewing distance of a Gen 2 at a price range comparable to a Gen 1. Sightmark has flawlessly developed a digital night vision monocular that is perfect for law enforcement surveillance. The Wraith boasts an array of special features including an adjustable screen brightness control, multicoated lenses, and a built-in IR illuminator to increase viewing power. The Wraith is ideal for hunting, law enforcement, homesecurity, and many other uses.

Sightmark products are inspired by military and law enforcement applications. All of Sightmark’s products are produced to be the most effective weapon accessories possible. Sightmark offers a wide range of manufactured products that include red-dot scopes, range finders, riflescopes, flashlights, laser sights and award-winning boresights. Sightmark’s triple duty series offers high quality products that are ideal for tactical, hunting, and shooting applications.

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