Army Shooters Dominate JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Competition

Army Marksmanship Unit Shooters Dominate JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Competition

National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

FAIRFAX, VA –-( The mountainous terrain of the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico served as the perfect setting for the 7th annual JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Match, held August 6-8. Nearly 200 competitors traveled to Northern New Mexico to compete against some of the top shooters in the country.

Many familiar names topped the leader board at the 2009 JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Competition, including Specialist Daniel Horner and Sergeant First Class Robby Johnson of the Army Marksmanship Unit. SFC Horner took first place in the Tactical Scope Class with a total score of 754.3550 match points out of 800.

Competitors completed eight stages over three days using pistols, shotguns, and tactical rifles to engage paper, steel, and clay targets. Many of stages included long-range rifle shooting, facilitated by the sprawling 33,000 acres of the NRA Whittington Center.

“I really enjoyed this match,” said SPC Horner. “It’s a great training opportunity for the Army Marksmanship Unit and it helps us pass these skills on to other soldiers.”

Horner’s colleague SFC Johnson earned a total of 774.7710 match points out of 800, landing in first place in the Tactical Iron Class. Like Horner, Johnson uses the tactical and marksmanship skills necessary for 3-gun competition to train others in the United States Army.

“In 3-gun competitions, we take back the lessons we learn during the event to combat soldiers to be used overseas,” said SFC Johnson.

Rounding out the list of top finishers are Charles “Tate” Moots with a score of 771.4664 in the Heavy Scope Class, Patrick Kelley in the Heavy Iron Class with a 761.0331, and Don Bednorz with a score of 764.4363 in the Open Class.

While practices vary for each match, the scoring systems of 3-gun competitions are known for rewarding shooters for a combination of speed and accuracy, tactics that relevant for both law enforcement officers and those serving in the military. David Neth, an Idaho State Trooper, was named High Law Enforcement Officer in Tactical Scope Class and understand how competing in matches such as JP Rocky Mountain Competition serves as important training.

“As a law enforcement officer and firearms instructor, I know from not only competing, but from training that 3-gun competition is one of the best ways build proficiency with your duty firearms,” said Neth.

The JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Competition will return to the NRA Whittington Center in 2010. For more information on NRA-sanctioned 3-gun competition, contact NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division at 1-877-NRA-MATCH.

JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Top Competitors by Class:

Tactical Scope
First Place: Daniel Horner – 754.3550
Second Place: Eric Miller – 680.1435
Third Place: Adam Popplewell – 638.3984
High Military: Daniel Horner – 754.3550
High LEO: David Neth – 620.6840
High Senior: Andy Horner – 505.6188
High Woman: Tasha Hanish – 387.2541
High Junior: Matt Sweeny – 346.5465

Tactical Iron
First Place: Robby Johnson – 774.7710
Second Place: Scott Kurtz – 645.2210
Third Place: Mike Pinto – 546.4631
High Military: Robby Johnson – 774.7710
High LEO: Gordon Chicoine – 495.1502
High Junior: Jon Moody – 257.7439

Heavy Scope
First Place: Charles “Tate” Moots – 771.4664
Second Place: Eddie Rhodes – 612.4813
Third Place: Maurice Griffin – 499.5114
High LEO: Charles “Tate” Moots – 771.4664
High Senior: Eddie Rhodes – 612.4813

Heavy Iron
First Place: Patrick Kelley – 761.0331
Second Place: Kuan Watson – 704.8941
Third Place: Trapr Swanson – 634.2448
High Military: Fred Quarles – 388.3019
High LEO: Kuan Watson – 704.8941
High Senior: Fred Quarles – 388.3019

First Place: Don Bednorz – 764.4363
Second Place: Russell Kruse – 645.2919
Third Place: Dave Mosier – 610.8439
High Military: J.J. Johnson – 596.0556
High LEO: Craig Outzen – 588.6450
High Senior: J.J. Johnson – 596.0556
High Woman: Heide Kaser – 350.9546

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