STI International Adds New Firearms Prior to SHOT Show

STI International Adds New Firearms Prior to SHOT Show

STI International Rogue 9mm Pistol
STI International Rogue 9mm Pistol
STI International Guns
STI International Guns

Georgetown, TX – -( New introductions that will be available prior to the SHOT Show are the Escort, Guardian, and Off Duty in .40S&W. No price change for the caliber differences even though the magazines are more expensive. We’ll also be able to provide the GP6 & GP6-C with a 5″ barrel. We’re taking orders for them all now, too.

As MUST happen when we start adding new firearms to the product line, something has to go to make room for them. As you’re aware, the “TruSight” has already bitten the dust! Even though we recently gotten some excellent press coverage on the Rogue, we intend to build only one more run of approximately 20 pieces. If this one “trips yer trigger”, you need to get your order entered soon. Further candidates (no decision ‘til the end of the year) are those perennially on the list, the 6 inch Trojan and the Lawman. Because we’ve got 8-12 potential new products, we’ve got to make some decisions soon. I think the new models will intrigue you greatly but we’ll hold those for the “SHOT Show Surprise”.

The owners’ manual for the “Sporting” and “Tactical” rifles is on the website. Those items are still selling very well. Well enough that we’re able to reduce the price on both. Check with your contact here, or your Distributor, for the new price structure.

Increased foreign manufacturing costs and the weakening U.S. $ will necessitate a minor price increase on our imported products, the GP6, GP6-C, and the Spartan. These won’t happen all at once but will phase in as contracts are renewed. We’ll probably be increasing prices on the LS9 and on select 1911 and 2011 parts, also, as of January 1, 2010. Old prices are good until we publish a price list dated 1/1/10.

As they say on late night TV, “back by popular demand”, you’ll start seeing the previously discontinued “2011” single stack polymer grip making a comeback. This is proving necessary due to the number of folks that want to use our (and other manufacturers) .22LR top ends and the number of countries and states that have 10 round only laws.

We still can’t keep up with the demand for the 1911 & 2011 .22LR conversion kits but we’re pushin’ as hard as we can. Just as a preliminary forecast, it looks like our total product output will be up a few points over 30% by the end of this year.

Come see us at the SHOT Show- Booth #3221

Sell a bunch. Have fun. Do good. Not necessarily in that order!

Dave Skinner

About STI:
STI International is a leading firearms manufacturer and the pioneer of the modular frame system for the 1911. A favorite of both top competitors and custom gunsmiths, STI pistols are widely regarded as the gold standard in the sport of Practical Shooting.

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