Tred Barta Recovery Update

Tred Barta Recovery Update November 21st 2009

Manasquan, NJ –-( Here is a nice update by Great American Outdoor Trail’s Radio Magazine on our friend and hero Tred Barta.

If you did not know Tred has a Spinal Stroke in the beginning of 2009 that has left him paralyzed from the waist down. It is great to hear his voice and to hear that he is pushing through this tragedy “the hard way..the Barta way”

Tred is famous for his outdoors television show The Best & Worst of Tred Barta on Versus Channel. Tred has worked hard in the past to raise $1,800,000 for children’s charities. Now one good turn deserves another.

Needles to say Tred has been out of work and has run up some staggering medical bills. Knowing Tred it must be very difficult to take any kind of charity but the man deserves our support.  If you feel you would like to help Tred, his wife and kids out and pay down some of these bills his family has set up a fund for just that purpose.

Send what you can to:

Ann D Barta Medical Fund for Tred Barta
Wells Fargo Bank
PO Box 567
Eagle CO, 81631

Keep your spirits up Ted we miss you and hope to see you back on screen as soon as possible. – AmmoLand

Video Credit:
Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine: For more information about the Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine, the Outdoor Trails Network at
or contact Jim Ferguson at 785-846-7844 or email him at [email protected]

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phillip kornegay

Tred, you have inspired me all these years. I will continue to pray for your recovery, and strength for you and your wife.


Tred, I hope things are going well for you. My husband enjoyed your show since we found it several years ago and I, though generally not into fishing and hunting, have enjoyed the show as well. The past year has made my own family familiar with hardship and loss and the few updates I've found on line about your trials (trails) have been good to see. Keep up the attitude! you are an inspiration to us all!

Norman Vogel

Tred, my friend I understand the problems of recovering from a spinal cord injury since I have suffered one my self . I also lost my voice to cancer. but I looked at it this way, the Lord took my voice and said shut up and listen and he took my legs and said slow down and look at the world around you . so now with that said I have only seen one show after you incendent don't you think it's about time to get a few more on the air. you are now the prime spokesman to tell… Read more »

darell bleakley

i just watched your show the first one in the chair you never seem to surprise me way to be. hats off to you and your wife now thays a woman with a back bone

carlos de la Fuente

Tred, you are the standard by which hunting and fishing should be judjed. Do it your way Tred, speedy recovery."EXCELSIOR".

Jim Conley

Tred, I'm a disabled retiree (herniated discs, heart problems) who has often lived vicariously through your wonderful, lesson-filled adventures. Tonight for the first time, I learned of your painful recent journey and I just kept holding back tears as I watched the program. I kept thinking it was going to end with you jumping up and walking after some miraculous twist of fate. But if you aren't going to give up, then neither am I. Like you, I will close my eyes and remember my big fish, my long hikes and climbs, my blessings of family and friends. Tred, the… Read more »

rick berry

You do it the hard way ,so there for nothing has changed every day is the hard way the barta way. Don't ever stop doing the things you love to do.Just because life slaps you in the face doesn't mean you give up you are still blessed ,you have always made it about the journey not the kill .You are a true sportsmen.So hang in there and remember that even a bad is still a day with your family and friends so cherish that.

Bob huddleson

Tred! as i sit here and try to make sense of this part of your life's journey,and looking at who you are and how you are as far as your persistance and doing the unexspected , you are again my hero, because I know that if there was ever a man who will not let a curve from keeping him from being the adventurous outdoorsman that I/We like to to go with and be a part of the great hunting, fishing trips and true to life, you will do it the Barta way !!! You shall again take us all… Read more »

Andrew Giamoni

Hey Tred Barta, I am your biggest fan and I hope, hope, hope you feel better. I am nine years old, I hunt and fish all of the time and think of you. I like to sing your theme song all of the time!

I hope to meet you some day.

Robert Bushek

I was very shocked and very sad to see a real bow hunter and good sportsman contract this illness .Im 52yrs old and have been shooting recurves since i was 2 and your show is the best umong the rest . A real hunter with a real bow and good ethics WOW .I lost my older bother and hunting partner in july 09 and it was very hard to hunt elk in eastern ore with out him but his spirt is still alive and so is yours so never give up and get back to the woods where mother nature… Read more »


I was so shocked and depressed about your illness when I saw your show yesterday(Dec 19,2009) You are an inspiration to us all and we certainly wish you and your family the best. Keep working out and do some more shows, you are only limited by what you think you are. God Bless and keep your spirit high.

Larry Robertson

My wife and I enjoy your show

We are lifting you in prayer for total healing and restoration

many blessings to you and family

I'll nock one for you this week end !

darell bleakley

I was in prison and your show gave me hope. Your saying I'll do it the hard way is the way of my life.

I am home now and your news has crushed me you are my hero keep fighting the good fight thank you for the hope and smiles .