STI International, Inc. – SkinnErgram #119

STI International, Inc. – SkinnErgram #119
By Dave Skinner
STI’s Commander-In-Chief, has been blogging before the term became popular, in his SkinnErgrams. Take a peek and find out what’s going on at STI, the shooting community, and once in a while, you might find a good deal you’ll want to take advantage of.

STI International Guns
STI International Guns

Georgetown, TX – -( We’ll be doing a “STI 20th Anniversary” pistol. Our thoughts run thusly: Limited to a 200 piece run with serial numbers to be “1 of 200”, “2 of 200”, “3 of 200”, etc., “20TH” replacing “2011” on the side of the frame. TriTop slide with diamond LPI on top, decorative cuts on the dust cover, new STI 20th Anniversary serrations, STI presentation box, gold Titanium Nitride slide with Ion Bond black PVD frame and gold TiN and PVD’d exterior parts including the barrel. (Anybody want the sights on the side of the slide? I’m kidding! I’m kidding!) Because we consider 2010 to be our 20th anniversary year (incorporated December of 1989) we will do our introduction at the SHOT Show. Serial #’s will be assigned to customers in the order that the requirement is entered. We’re taking orders now.

I mentioned in Sgram #118 that the “LS” cost would be going up a little for 2010. So will the “Texican”. There are no plans to increase any other firearms cost, though the possibility on selected parts still exists.

Well, I told you I’d drop a couple hints about new product in the period leading up to SHOT, so here goes: Look for an “Officer’s” size 1911 even smaller than the “Escort”? How ‘bout a “Ladies Gun”?  Anybody up for a “2011” even smaller than the “VIP”? Accessories for the rifles? Smaller calibers of the GP6? Maybe a DAO, shorter version of the GP6? Shorter SA/DA version? That’s not all we have up our sleeve but it ought to be enough “bait” for the moment!

See it all in Booth # 3221 in Vegas. Booth 3-138 in Nuremberg.

No question about it, STI will finish 2009 with another record year, both for number of guns and total revenue in spite of the probability that the fourth quarter will end up as a total “bummer”. The first three quarters were phenomenal! I look forward to reporting the annual statistics to you after 2009 closes. I suspect that, in that great race between our “Export” and “Domestic” sales folks, the export side of the business this year will out strip the domestic even though all of you domestic guys increased your business with us this year. If you’ll refer back to Sgram #113, you’ll see how close this race has historically been. Additionally, I believe that Asia will shoulder Europe aside as our largest export region.

For some of you who are continually trying to increase your business: Have you tried for “Unit Sales”? This would be “bulk” (16-1,000 pieces) sales to police departments, military units, etc. Not just standard pistols but pistols with their unit logo, “Operations” name, anniversary commemorative, etc. If I’ve expressed myself poorly, please holler at your contact here for a better explanation.

The new price list for 2010 is coming together very well and should publish on 1/1/10. The new catalogs are on schedule and will be available at SHOT and after.

Our erstwhile webmaster needs ammunition for the coming shooting season, so I expect the NEW WEBSITE to be operational by 1/18/10 for a simultaneous unveiling with new product.

Come see us at the SHOT Show- Booth #3221

Sell a bunch. Have fun. Do good. Not necessarily in that order!

Dave Skinner

About STI:
STI International is a leading firearms manufacturer and the pioneer of the modular frame system for the 1911. A favorite of both top competitors and custom gunsmiths, STI pistols are widely regarded as the gold standard in the sport of Practical Shooting.