Advantage Hunting Blinds – A Step Above the Rest

Advantage Hunting Blinds – A Step Above the Rest

Advantage Hunting LLC
Advantage Hunting LLC

Raleigh, NC – -( The most technologically superior hunting blinds on the market, Advantage Hunting’s blinds are so advanced in function and design that they take your hunting enjoyment and comfort to a whole new level, and with less maintenance than other blinds.

If you are a big-game hunter, you know that the most important way to avoid detection by the game you pursue is to pay attention to the wind direction and leave the least amount of human scent in your hunting area.

Advantage Hunting Blinds
Advantage Hunting Blinds

The air-tight SCENTite Blind is designed especially for such a hunter. Fresh air enters through intake ports located near the bottom of the blind, which then draft your scent and vents it 30 feet above the ground level.

The Deluxe Rigid Hunting Blind uses this revolutionary patented scent-proof design, which allows you to hunt on the ground or elevated without the worry of being smelled, seen or heard. SCENTite blinds can be used to hunt most types of North American big game, such as deer, bear, turkeys, elk, boar and antelope.

When scent-control is not an issue, the Whitetail or Hunter may be the best blind for you. The Whitetail Blind is a more economical version of the Deluxe Blind with many of the same features. The Hunter Blind is a two-piece polyethylene 4’blind for one or two gun or crossbow hunters. The Hunter Blind is designed to provide comfort and protection of the elements in a maintenance-free, lightweight, rigid blind.

No matter your hunting environment or game preference, Advantage has a blind that is perfect for you.

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Brian Jacek

HI I am interested in a price for the whitetail scent free blind along the a paltform. Could you provide me a price on what I would expect to pay along with shipping.

Thanks BRian

eriobenc b

please se your elevnd me a price list on your elevated hunting blinds.