VCDL Virginia Firearms Subcommittee Gun Rights Report

VCDL Virginia Firearms Subcommittee Gun Rights Report

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -( FIRST – There will be NO meeting of the Militia, Police, and Public Safety subcommittee #3 (Death Start) today (Friday) morning at 7:30 AM. In fact all meetings have been canceled.

Here is the status of the bills heard tonight (mostly good news). Bills passed out of subcommittee move forward and get voted on by the full committee next Friday:

HB 1070, Delegate Athey, alllows CHP holders to carry into emergency shelters – STRONGLY SUPPORT – Passed out of subcommittee

HB 886, Delegate Athey, 10th Amendment protection of manufacture/sales within Virginia – SUPPORT – Rolled into HB 69 (next)

HB 69, Delegate Carrico, 10th Amendment protection of manufacture/ sales within Virginia – SUPPORT – Passed out of subcommittee

HB 871, Delegate Cline, clarifies the right of a first time CHP applicant to an Ore Tenus hearing if denied a permit – SUPPORT – Passed out of subcommittee

HB 109 is Delegate Cole’s bill which repeals the authority of a locality to charge a tax on the sale of handguns and also requires those sales be recorded with the locality. Any records kept by localities under this law would be required to be destroyed. The bill passed out of subcommittee. STRONGLY SUPPORT – Passed out of  subcommittee

HB 1191, Delegate Griffith, Clerk of Court can issue CHPs if judge OKs him or her doing so – STRONGLY SUPPORT – was amended to protect Clerks from civil suit and passed out of committee

HB 236, Delegate Janis, shooting within 1/2 mile of subdivision OK if done safely – STRONGLY SUPPORT – being reworded and will be heard in full committee

HB 1217, Delegate Lewis, gun safety, including the NRA’s Eddie Eagle, to be taught in elementary schools – SUPPORT – passed out of subcommittee

HB 490, Delegate Lingamfelter, State Police to develop a plan for lifetime CHPs – STRONGLY SUPPORT – passed out of subcommittee

HB 684, Delegate Jackson Miller, makes butterfly knives illegal to carry concealed – OPPOSE – not heard, possibly dead unless heard in full committee

HB 520, Delegate Morrissey, requires of anyone selling 3 or more guns at a gun show have an FFL license – STRONGLY OPPOSE – Dead

HB 995, Delegate Nutter, “assault firearms” may be purchased with military ID or CHP as proof of citizenship – STRONGLY SUPPORT – Tabled by Nutter (probably dead)

HB 171, Delegate Pogge, provides that no employer, property owner, etc. may prohibit a gun locked in private vehicles in a parking lot – STRONGLY SUPPORT – Substitute wording added to make some exceptions for certain businesses, passed out of subcommittee

HB 1146, Delegate Jim Scott, prohibits anyone who has had parental rights taken away from ever possessing guns – STRONGLY OPPOSE – referred to the Courts of Justice committee

HB 1379, Delegate Sickles, weakens firearms preemption for child care facilities in Northern Virginia – STRONGLY OPPOSE – modified and passed out of subcommittee

HB 1209, Delegate Ward, requires that the State Police be notified of a change of address within 24 hours of a machine gun owner moving – STRONGLY OPPOSE – Dead, withdrawn by Delegate Ward

You can watch the progress of all the gun bills by clicking here:

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