Proof of Your Manhood – The Man Card from Bushmaster

Proof of Your Manhood – The Man Card from Bushmaster
Do you have what it takes?

Proof of Your Manhood – The Man Card from Bushmaster
Proof of Your Manhood – The Man Card from Bushmaster
Bushmaster Firearms
Bushmaster Firearms

Windham, ME –-( Inspired by the overwhelming response to Bushmaster’s “Consider Your Man Card Reissued” sweepstakes, today Bushmaster Firearms announces the latest part in the series; the Man Card online promotion.

To become a card-carrying man, visitors of will have to prove they’re a man by answering a series of manhood questions.

Upon successful completion, they will be issued a temporary Man Card to proudly display to friends and family. The Man Card is valid for one year.

Visitors can also call into question or even revoke the Man Card of friends they feel have betrayed their manhood. The man in question will then have to defend himself, and their Man Card, by answering a series of questions geared towards proving indeed, they are worthy of retaining their card.

Bushmaster invites you to visit to earn your Man Card and have some fun. If you decide to revoke the Man Card of a friend or two along the way, that is entirely up to you.

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About Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC
Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC (BFI) is the leading supplier of AR15/M16 type rifles in the United States for Law Enforcement, security and private consumer use. Headquartered in Windham, Maine, with additional facilities in Dallas, Georgia and Lake Havasu, Arizona, BFI supplies aluminum and advanced carbon fiber-based rifle platforms in calibers ranging from 5.56mm/223 to 50BMG. These and associated accessories manufactured by BFI meet the tactical rifle needs of US customers as well as Military, Law Enforcement and Security clients from over 50 countries worldwide. Visit our web site at

Click for Man Card Unless Your Scared?
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G. Edmond

What a sick pack of bastards you yanks are. No wonder the world hates you, as Randy Newman says.

Brian S.

Oi you got a loicence for that social media post?


This is pathetic.


To Bad its not the worlds only Authentic Man Card, Issued by us: