The “Disclose Act” Stalls in the Senate

The “Disclose Act” Stalls in the Senate
There is an exciting development in the fight to stop the so called “Disclose Act.”

Iowa Gun Owners
Iowa Gun Owners

Iowa –-( This is the bill that would directly threaten our ability to advocate for your right to keep and bear arms by not allowing us to inform you about the voting record of incumbent politicians.

In our last article we warned you that the vote on the so called “Disclose Act” was set to take place on Wednesday.

The “Disclose Act” is the 1st Amendment killing bill that seeks to silence organizations like Iowa Gun Owners from informing you about the votes cast by your elected officials during election time.

Passage of the “Disclose Act” would be a huge benefit to the anti-gun incumbents currently elected to office. You see, anti-gunners don’t like hearing from you at any time but they especially don’t like to hear from you during election time.

But members of grassroots gun rights organizations just like you went to work contacting your Senators and Representatives and we are pleased to report that your actions have paid off!

The vote on the “Disclose Act” stalled as the anti-gunners failed to obtain the required number of votes needed to move this bill forward! Thank you for all your hard work.

Senator Grassley kept his word and voted against this bill while Senator “put all the guns on a barge and sink them” Harkin voted in favor of this act.

But make no mistake, this fight is not over!

While the anti-gunners failed to muster the votes required to begin final debate on “Disclose,” this bill is not dead.

The Senate adjourns next week but this bill may rise up again next week, or, more likely, this bill may come up again in the Fall. Anti-gun politicians like Senator Reid will wait for the right moment to spring this.

When that time comes we will inform you. In the meantime, thanks for all your calls and emails regarding this bill.

Clearly gun owners from all across the country mobilized on this and you’ve made a tremendous impact!

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