Mastering The Steel Challange with Max Michel Jr

Mastering The Steel Challange with Max Michel Jr
July 29-30, 2010 (Match on July 31st)

Max Michael Sig Sauer Academy
Max Michael Sig Sauer Academy

EPPING, NH -(  You’ve seen it on TV and you’ve read about it in the popular gun press.

Now you can actually learn how to shoot it. It’s the fastest handgun sport in the world and it’s called The Steel Challenge.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to train with 3-time world speed champion and 2-time US National Steel Challenge champion, Max Michel, Jr. Max holds standing world records on several of the stages and he will spend 2 days teaching you how to compete and win in this exciting action pistol sport.

After the class concludes, come back the next day and be squadded with Max for the Annual Sig Sauer Steel Championships, just 2 weeks prior to the world championships. Class size is limited to 10.

  • Safety
  • Classroom (Fundamentals: Stance, Grip, Draw, and Transitions)
  • Stage Strategy
  • Range Diet
  • Mental Preparation
  • Draws
  • Transitions
  • Movement (Outer Limits)
  • Live Fire / Breakdown on Stages
  • Match Preparation

Coaching Through the SIG SAUER Steel Challenge Championship held on July 31.
For more information or to sign up online visit – Course # 10-MSC-MM-01 0r call the academy at – 603-679-2003