NRA Protects Second Amendment Rights Of Residents In Public Housing

NRA Protects Second Amendment Rights Of Residents In Public Housing

National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

Charlotte, NC –-( Gun owners and sportsmen earned a victory this week as the House Financial Services Committee considered and adopted an amendment offered by Congressman Tom Price (R-Ga.) to protect the Second Amendment rights of public housing residents.

His amendment to H.R. 4868—the Housing Preservation and Tenant Protection Act—was adopted by a voice vote on Tuesday evening. The measure would restore and protect the right to possess and lawfully use firearms for self-defense and other legitimate purposes in federally assisted housing, and would bar housing authorities from restricting residents’ legal ownership of guns. This amendment is very similar to the one that Congressman Price offered to H.R. 3045 last year. That amendment was adopted in committee on July 9, 2009 by a 38-31 vote.

Anti-gun Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) attempted to amend the Price amendment with a “second-degree amendment” to H.R. 4868. The Waters amendment—that would have allowed housing authorities to impose gun registration requirements—was defeated in committee by a 24-38 vote.

Adoption of the Price amendment indicates that the majority of committee members understood that a person should not be forced to give up Second Amendment rights just to have a roof over his head, and that many public housing projects are high-crime areas where people most desperately need the right to defend themselves. The NRA has long fought this battle both in the courts and in legislatures around the country.

Congressman Price should be commended for his leadership on this important issue since all Americans have a fundamental right to self-defense.

To view the committee vote, please click here:

We will be sure to keep you informed on any further developments.

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    1. You need to check your local laws concerning registering your weapon with local law enforcement. I doubt you had to. Some want you to register the fired brass that is provided with most new handguns. As far as reporting your gun stolen, absolutely the right thing to do. You will probably never get the gun back, but you are covering yourself in the event that the weapon is used in a crime.

    2. I purchased a gun 4/3/15 that gun was stolen in Aug I reported it stolen but the city of Greensboro told me there is no registration for guns in n.c . But thought when u purchased a weapon it had to be registered through the sherriffs department it was under a pubic housing address was I wrong for doing that and reporting it it was stolen out of my car on city property

    3. Ok, good start.

      But does it forbid States, Cities, etc from the same sorts of restrictions and bans?

      That's a pretty quick way to get rid of a lot of egregious law.

      Tell all the state and local government to obey the 2nd Amendment fully (in letter and in spirit) or lose all Federal subsidies and support money.

      Give them a choice of losing their pork and they will get with the program…


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