Does Money And Praise Make An Endorsement?

Does Money And Praise Make An Endorsement?

NRA Harry Reid Cartoon
Does Money And Praise Make An Endorsement?
National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

Colorado ––( Last week the National Rifle Association officially announced they were not endorsing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D – NV).

They also went out of their way to make it clear they were not endorsing Reid’s opponent, Republican Sharon Angle — who filled out the National Association for Gun Rights Federal Candidate Survey 100% pro-gun.

A typical Washington non-statement, statement.

The NRA’s “non-endorsement” statement brings up a number of important questions.

Does giving a candidate money not constitute a more-than-tacit endorsement?

The NRA’s Federal PAC gave Harry Reid $4,950 this year, for his 2010 reelection campaign.

Does speaking glowingly of a candidate or politician during an election year not constitute an endorsement?

In the June 2010 edition (page 16-18) of the NRA’s magazine, the American Rifleman, they featured an article highlighting the work Harry Reid has done with the NRA.

I firmly believe that actions speak louder than press releases.

In that spirit, our cartoonist outlined just what that the NRA’s “non-endorsement” really means.

Please feel to forward the link to this cartoon to all of your gun owning friends and relatives.

For liberty,
Dudley Brown
Executive Director

The National Association for Gun Rights was founded in 2001 to serve as a grassroots gun rights group focusing on building state-level gun rights groups and lobbying for pro-gun federal legislation. Brown has been a gun lobbyist for more than 17 years. Visit:

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@Mike and Tom

The NRA is a disaster. Gucci-loafered lobbyists, in $3,000 suits, are how the NRA "lobbies," though in truth, they are changed by the process more than the politicians.

Who gets a bigger response out of a politician: some slick K Street

lobbyist, or thousands of grassroots phone calls? NAGR utilizes the later approach.

The NRA's sell-out on DISCLOSE and Harry Reid show how "our lobbyists" go native on us in Washington.

Here's some more info on the NRA's treachery:


Truth about the NRA's kickbacks must be hitting some raw nerves. Just wait and see what Wayne and Chris do if the DISCLOSE Act comes up again. Smart money is that they will sell out the Constitution again. Like the GOP needs another Reagan, the NRA needs another Heston. I don't even think Nugent or Norris are up to the task anymore…


Dudley and NAGR are frauds, borderline criminals. They don't lobby for anyone except themselves. They only attack NRA so he can line Dudley's pockets. For a group that claims to be lobbying for gun rights, it's awfully suspicious that they have spent no money doing so in Congress. NAGR exists to bash NRA and take money from unsuspecting people.


Odd that NAGR claims to have been "lobbying" for pro-gun laws at the federal level since 2001. They aren't even registered to lobby Congress as required by law and they have also spent no money lobbying according to this report.…

The only thing Dud is lobbying for is your checks.