Lawsuit Filed Against Post Office Gun Ban

Lawsuit Filed Against Post Office Gun Ban

National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

Colorado ––( If there’s anything that makes a concealed carry permit holder upset, its criminal safezones.

A criminal safezone is where only criminals are safe, because armed self defense is banned. That’s why the National Association for Gun Rights has filed a lawsuit against the United State Postal Service.

The U.S. Postal Service uses bureaucratic rules to ban your right to carry in a Post Office, and that’s important, even if you don’t carry concealed –- it’s the camel’s nose under the tent.

You see, the U.S. Postal Service claims citizens don’t have the right to self defense in Post Offices.

There’s one problem with that claim: it isn’t true.

The law cited by the Post Office creates an exception for “lawful carrying of firearms” for “other lawful purposes.” On top of that, both the Heller and McDonald Supreme Court decisions guarantee “the individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation.”

Sounds like it should be simple, right?

post office gun ban
Lawsuit Filed Against Post Office Gun Ban

Well, no government bureaucracy ever gave up power without a fight.

And, given the anti-gun nature of the Obama administration, we know they aren’t going to instruct the Postal service properly.

So I assumed you’d want your organization to act… and quickly.

Do you support this lawsuit on behalf of law-abiding citizens for their self defense?

I sincerely hope so. I know, personally, it infuriates me to be disarmed just because I’m picking up my mail.

But imagine how Debbie Bonidy feels. Debbie and Tab Bonidy live in the mountains of Colorado, and are the plaintiffs –- along with the National Association for Gun Rights –- against the Postal Service.

Debbie Bonidy doesn’t like going anywhere without her personal handgun, which is why she went through the trouble of being trained, proving she’s law-abiding, and getting her concealed carry permit. Not only does the U.S. Postal Service say she can’t carry that handgun for self protection in a Post Office, but they arrogantly claim she can’t even leave it in her car when in their lot.

If we win this lawsuit, that outrageous policy will change in every Post Office in America.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director
National Association for Gun Rights

P.S. I hope you will support our lawsuit against the Postal Services’ ban on self-defense.

We’ve already filed the suit against the Post Office, and if we win, they’ll be forced to allow legally authorized citizens to carry in Post Offices across the country.

The National Association for Gun Rights was founded in 2001 to serve as a grassroots gun rights group focusing on building state-level gun rights groups and lobbying for pro-gun federal legislation. Brown has been a gun lobbyist for more than 17 years. Visit:

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wade wyatt

lets all carry guns to make work a fair playing field , maybe management wony harrass us so much then.

Big Ugly

By the way – Wyoming also passed "Constitutional Carry" effective July 1, 2011.

My question is, and was posed to a State Senator ……. if it's Constitutional …… why are you even voting on it?

His response?

"You know …….. you're right".

Big Ugly

USC Title 39 – bans the possession of firearms and other weapons on United States property. If the feds don't OWN it, their laws do not apply – many POs are leased. If firearms are banned on "postal property", why can you ship a firearm through the US Postal Service? How is it that "federal law" or "United States Code" even applies since the post office is a private enterprise and not a 'federal entity'? As far as I know, every single instance (with one exception) of "going postal" was a postal employee, or related to, or involved with, a… Read more »


NAGR is simply a fundraising organization to line Dudley Brown's pockets. It's not surprising that Greg is bashing NRA since he works for NAGR and makes a living off their attacks on NRA. Do not give money to these so called gun rights supporters. The only thing they are doing is fundraing. Dudley Brown claims to also serve as the head lobbyist for his other fundraising organization (rocky mtn gun owners) that masquerades as a gun rights organization. Dudley wasn't even registered to lobby the Colorado legislature for the last 6 years and only registered to lobby last month. NAGR… Read more »


Don't ask, don't tell, sounds proper, to me.

Have all USPS, employees, passed the backround check, as we did?

charles gayle

If you have a CCW use it.

Jim Macklin

The Kansas Attorney General publishes an FAQ, listing "Places were concealed carry MAY NOT be legal" because it may be legal. The history of "going postal" began after the Post master General under LBJ took the guns away from mail carriers and removed the holsters from inside the mail bags. This also removed the requirement that airline pilots carry a gun to protect the mail entrusted to airlines to transport. Hijackings to Cuba began after that too. Title 39 does say that a sign must be posted at every entrance, not 100 feet inside the door and behind a curtain.… Read more »


The post office has good reason to not allow guns the felons running the place would not be allowed in the building. The post office is guaranteeing the rights of convicted felons to a good civil service pension. Easy pickens in the lobby. Of course license holders should be allowed to carry concealed. The post office works on who you know and personnalizing permission to have gun in car. Post office is run by crimnals


I agree with Pablo. Concealed means just that. Get your mail and go home. Know one will know any diff. You would be surprised how many CPL holders do this. I don't need some one taking a shot at me and my family when my gun is in the car. The one's who choose not to carry at all is ok too. I hope know one ever runs into a problem where your life is in the hands of these thugs.


For a terrorist, it's wonderful to know where you can kill a dozen folks, get it all over the news, and get your name repeated all over the world. The terrorist's benefactors know for sure which family to pay for the terrorist's killings. Remember Fort Hood? Something to add to your list of places to avoid: If there's more than 10 people in line at the post office, it might be safe to leave and go back when there are fewer unarmed folks.


Gary L. McIntire Jr.- Since when are banks prohibited areas for legal CCW permit holders? For God sakes that's one of the reasons I applied for the permit in the first place.

ATTN: World! Gary L. McIntire Jr. carries large sums of money when banking and he doesn't carry his weapon when he's there! He also un-armed at the Post Office!

No one knows where or when a violent crime might be perpatrated against you. So Carry everywhere you can!


No offence there Mr. Gary L. McIntire Jr. But your logic just backs up the insane laws that have been passed over several decades that turn innocent law abiding people into easy targets for the individuals/groups that do NOT care about laws anyways. I of course am speaking about the criminal. The ones that choose to murder, rape, steal and molest are the only ones that win. But I guess if theirs is the side you choose to be on, that is most certainly your prerogative. It is a Free Country afterall. Isn't it?


What is Gary talking about just because a law has been around for a long time makes it smart to keep it a law. That's just insane and how does supporting the the ban on firearms in a post office support the Constitution? I am far from and expert on the Constitution but I didn't realize the constitution included a ban on firearms in Postal Office's! Bottom line Criminals are called Criminals because they break laws. Law Abiding Citizens are called such because they follow the laws. Gun Free Zones = Criminal Empowerment Zones.

Gary McIntire

Are you so ignorant that you do not realize that it has been against the law to carry a concealed weapon into a Post Office for longer than I have been around, and I am 50. Just because some idiot can't follow directions and follow what he was taught in the process of getting a concealed weapons permit, does not mean we all get behind this idiot and support his ignorance of an OLD and Established law. What in God's name does he need a gun in the Post Office for anyways, leave it in his car. There are areas… Read more »

Rich L

NO THANK YOU – Gary McIntire

William Davis

I'm planning to get a CCW and the legal process required to be legal to check my mail, seems worse than if I was allowed to carry into the PO.

Need to remove the gun from my holster, unload and un-chamber the gun while trying not to look suspicious, lock the gun and ammo away. Now I can get my mail. On return, repeat the process in reverse. Seems like lots of extra handling and maybe a higher chance of problems than if the gun was just left holstered and carried into the PO.

Hope this lawsuit wins.



First Post Offices, then acres and acres and acres of wild unpopulated land owned by USACE (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) I hope; so I can fish, kayak and canoe safely without worrying about feral hog attacks on my life and having to say "I hear banjo music … paddle faster."

Earl Wilson

It is dumb a$$ people like alex that are going to be the downfall of our country Him and the deadbeats with thier hands out too lazy to work they just want someone to take care of all thier wants. Who is going to take care of these people when the whole country gets on welfare?????? If all your pay goes to to give me people why should any of us work!!!!


Firearms should only be banned where metal detectors and armed guards are employed to protect the disarmed within – and an armed escort should be provided to/from the parking area or provision should be made to check one's firearm.


2 postal workers were killed in Henning Tn last month.


Yeah that was a tragedy, it is a shame that the postal workers were not allowed to protect themselves, victims of their own rules. The killer or killers knew they were sitting ducks with the Post Office being a Gun Free Zone.

Gun Free Zones = Easy Killing Zones


Alex is obviously a socialist idiot. The comments that bother me are about the NRA. The NRA can’t fight EVERY battle! We are fortunate to have various organizations all of which help in the fight for our liberties. The more organizations, the more we see, and the more battles we can take on. Lets stop the in fighting, and blaming the NRA every time they don’t jump the way you want. Be thankful and supportive of the battles that are fought!


Who says that the NRA would help if contacted? Where was the NRA in the elections this November? Where is the NRA on the Constitutional Carry issue?

National Association for Gun Rights. No compromise.


And where is the Frikin NRA? They should be in there helping u anyway, EVERY way they CAN right now, Dudley. And they WOULD if contacted.

Have u contacted them? If not, WHY not?? Pride & self-interests MUST be put aside. THIS IS 2nd in importance ONLY to the last 2 Supreme Court Wins!!!!


Brad Lee,

Great idea, but that same principle applies to nearly every Sheriff across the country who allows his deputies to arrest people for open carry, concealed carry, transporting firearms, etc (see the case in New Jersey with Brian Aitken for a prime example).

National Association for Gun Rights. No compromise.


I carry anyway. " Don't ask, Don't tell"

Brad Lee

It might be even simpler than that. All government employees have to have an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution and our rights. If they violate that oath, they have surrendered/vacated their office. IE they don't have a job anymore. Go after the post master general on those grounds.


Wow, Alex how do you manage to get out of your house with all that fear? Seriously? I hope the Post Office loses, then we can move on to the next gun free zone and eliminate that moronic safe haven for criminals… then the next and the next.


Yes Alex, because we all know people who intend to go places and shoot people obey laws… banning firearms only keeps people who obey the law from bringing firearms

Jeff Morelock

Anyone ever hear the expression "Going postal?" I think the post office is one place everyone should carry.


Alex's comment made me laugh. It would be nice if we could carry and not have to worry about going to jail. The post office has no compelling interest it banning firearms on it's property unless it installs some metal detectors like at the airport. Can't wait for the win!


I'm pulling for the Post Office on this one. It would be nice to feel safe in the Post Office. Nearly everywhere else in this country a person has to worry about which of the gun hugging wackos around them will start shooting.