NRA Museum The Curator’s Corner – November 4, 2010

NRA Museum The Curator's Corner – November 4, 2010

National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

Charlotte, NC –-( NRA-ILA grass roots news recently debuted a new and improved format for the “Grassroots News Minute” video!

To view the current video in its new format, please click above:

NRA Museum's Jim Supica takes a closer look at the Devils Gun.

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    1. Perhaps you can assist me here… I am a NRA life member with a real problem!

      I have the Colt SAA US ARMY TEST PISTOL which was serial number S2 and was tested extensively as related in Kenneth Moore's book Colt Single Action Army Revolver Study, Page 72.

      It is a long, long story as to its recovery, the previous owner(s), and my research to try to disprove / prove the pistol to be either a)the genuine article, or b)a misidentification. I am convinced that this is the real thing. I am not trying to sell it, but would really prefer to share it by putting it on exhibit with various museums across the country and allow Colt SAA buffs to see and handle it. My first placement preference would be to have the NRA museum do so, if you would like to after you see it and determine its authenticity.

      I'm a bit at my wits' end, as everyone else I've contacted has been rather distant or downright rude, to include screaming at me over the phone telling me that I can't have that, it no longer exists. I try to reassure that I'm not trying to be dishonest in any way, I'm asking nothing of value from anyone other than a bit of their time to see if this appears to be the real thing, and explain that I'm trying to share this…

      My phone is 315-676-2344; Address is J.S.Paul, 2345 Route 49, West Monroe, NY 13167. You have my e-mail here, [email protected] . Can you assist me? I'm most willing to bring it to you for your inspection and discussion, as this is one of the historically best-documented pistols of the Colt SAA series, and should be available to enthusiasts for study.

      Thank you for your attention to this inquiry!


      Stephen Paul

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