Gun Rights Supporters – Urgent Action Needed in Richmond VA

Gun Rights Supporters – Urgent Action Needed in Richmond VA

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
Virginia Gun Owners Coalition

Virginia –-( I have some bad news but I also have a plan that gives me hope.

First, Speaker Bill Howell has once again burned gun owners.

Howell allowed his staff to ignore Delegate Athey’s request to rewrite the HB 2069, The Constitutional Carry Bill eliminating the need for a permit to carry concealed.

The bill was flawed and Athey had to withdraw the bill but vowed to come back next year.

In more bad news, HB 1573, the Castle Doctrine Bill, and HB 1438, the Firearms Freedom Act, are languishing in the Senate after having passed in the House of Delegates.

The Castle Doctrine Bill prevents a gun owner from being sued by an aggressor that is injured while unlawfully entering your property and threatening you.

The Firearms Freedom Act not only exempts firearms but all goods made and kept in Virginia from federal control.

But I have hope.
That is because what happens in the next few weeks will depend upon how hard you and I work to take advantage of the opportunity this legislative session gives us in the upcoming elections for Virginia Senate this November.

To make progress, we need to get rid of some anti-gun Republican and Democrat Senators this November.

To do that you and I need to get them on the record.

That is why it is so important that you help me flood Senator Mark Obenshain’s office with phone calls urging him to STAND UP to anti-gun Senate Leader Richard Saslaw.

You see, Senator Saslaw has sent the Castle Doctrine and Firearm Freedom bills to a committee to die without even a recorded Senate Floor vote.

The solution is simple. There are Senate rules for times like this.

If Senator Obenshain would simply move to suspend the rules and discharge the bills from committee we will have our recorded votes for use this November.

Without a recorded vote we will have to wait another four years to hold senators accountable on these issues.

That is why it is so critical that Senator Obenshain STAND UP and be a leader. A “YES” vote on suspending the rules will be a vote to move our bills forward and “NO” will be a vote to kill them.

The process of restoring liberty is a long and hard one. If you and I want the Castle Doctrine and Virginia Firearms Freedom Act to become law we must fight for it TODAY!

It took me ten years to get the restaurant ban repealed. It happened because we fought every year.

So please. Help me fight TODAY!

Nothing will happen unless Senator Obenshain decides to be a leader and STAND UP to Saslaw by moving to suspend the rules on the Senate floor and discharging the bills from committee.

Why Senator Obenshain? Simple!
Mark Obenshain has motivation to do the right thing and he wants to run for Lt. Governor in 2013.

That means he will be open to pressure from gun owners all over the state – – not just his Senate district.

I have talked to Senator Obenshain and he is sitting on the fence. He wants to do something but he is fearful that Senator Saslaw will punish him by moving him to a committee he doesn’t like.

I have great hope that you and I can strengthen Senator Obenshain’s spine by flooding his office with emails and phone calls.

So please, call Mark Obenshain at 804 698 7526 or email him at [email protected] and urge him to move to suspend the rules and discharge HB 1573 and 1438 from committee.

And please make a generous donation at to help me mobilize several thousand gun owners to send a loud and clear message to Senator Obenshain.

If you and I can convince Senator Obenshain that we are holding him accountable to be a leader he just might do the right thing and STAND UP to Senator Saslaw.

The legislature closes in three weeks. So please, let me hear from you today!

For Liberty,
Mike McHugh
President, VGOC

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