Thanks to All Who Helped Kill the California Handgun Ammunition Scheme

Thanks to All Who Helped Kill AB 962 and Especially to the American Hero Who Played a Central Role

California Gun Laws Research

Sacramento, CA –-( Most gun owners and ammunition vendors are aware of the defeat of AB 962, the “handgun ammunition” scheme, in the NRA / CRPA Foundation funded case, Parker v. California.

What many do not know about, however, is all the hard work performed by various individuals and companies in achieving that victory. Michel & Associates, P.C. has recently released a memorandum thanking all those involved. Click here to view the memorandum. Please read it and join us in thanking all who helped out.

Of all those who helped, however, one man stands above the rest: Stephen Helsley, a true American hero.

Steve Helsley is a human encyclopedia on issues concerning firearms and ammunition. He has authored writings on those subjects, his most recent work being Hemingway’s Guns, which he co-authored. Steve’s extensive knowledge on the subject of firearms and ammunition is an outgrowth of his dedication to the shooting sports and the art of reloading ammunition over several decades, as well as his passion for firearms-related literature. He maintains a firearms library of approximately three thousand volumes.

Steve also has extensive experience in the tactical use of firearms, which he gained during his many years of service at the California Department of Justice (DOJ). Steve worked for the DOJ (the Defendant in the Parker case!) for a quarter of a century. He reached the prestigious high rank of Assistant Director of the DOJ’s Investigation and Enforcement Branch. During his term at DOJ, among his many responsibilities Steve was recognized and relied upon as an expert on firearms and ammunition. He was also recognized and hailed as a hero, being awarded the Attorney General’s Purple Heart Medal in 1970 after sustaining four gunshot wounds during an undercover heroin investigation, and the Attorney General’s Valor Medal in 1974 for his actions during an undercover cocaine investigation that resulted in a hostage situation and gun-fight.

After working for the DOJ, Steve worked as the Chief Lobbyist for the NRA in Sacramento until he retired. He still provides his advice and services to NRA, its lawyers, and its members occasionally.

Steve’s expertise and valor were evident in the Parker case. His declarations and deposition testimony about the nature of ammunition and why the definition for “handgun ammunition” in AB 962 was unworkable were impossible for DOJ lawyers to overcome. His opinions were unassailable by DOJ’s attorneys, causing them to desperately resort to trying to paint him as biased and untrustworthy because of his NRA experience. In fact, Mr. Helsley’s deposition transcript is full of devastating criticisms of the DROS system, the “Assault Weapon’ Control Act,” and other schemes relating to firearm laws, and makes for entertaining reading for anyone who appreciates the lunacy in many of California’s ill-conceived firearm laws.

Steve provided his services on this case pro bono. He typically charges expert witness rates that begin in the hundreds of dollars an hour range. And he spent dozens of hours preparing masterpiece declarations on the history and nature of ammunition, answering the attorneys’ multiple questions about specific ammunition issues, and providing testimony.

The next time you purchase ammo via the Internet or at a store and do not have to provide your thumb-print like a common criminal, remember the patriots like Steve Helsley who made it possible. And please, do your part to fight for your rights by signing up for legislative alerts at and

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Bob Segalman, Ph.D.

Would you please tell Steve Helsley that his old friend, Bob Segalman, is trying to reach him. My e-mail is [email protected]. I have an idea how the NRA and our tiny non-profit could help each other. Thank you.