What Grass Roots Gun Rights Can Learn From Egypt

What Grass Roots Gun Rights Organizations Can Learn From Egypt

West Virginia Citizens Defense League
West Virginia Citizens Defense League

West Virginia –-(Ammoland.com)- In addition to firearms, hunting, and shooting, one of my hobbies is a study of international relations.

And those that have dug deeply into the Egypt issue are aware of something spectacular.

Mainstream media and talking heads worldwide have been speculating on “Who are the real forces behind the Egyptian revolution?”.

The only publication that has gotten it right is Foreign Policy Magazine. And the real story is more sensational than the misinformation flowing around the TV screen.

It’s about five folks.
Five. Five people working diligently on Facebook, Twitter, and other internet-based social media to spread the message, coordinate their efforts, organize protests, and generally bring down a regime. You have an incredible amount of power at your fingertips. Your keyboard is a mighty tool of change. Use it.

You have been doing an outstanding job so far. The House Judiciary Committee’s phone has been ringing off the hook. They know why the phone’s ringing before they even pick it up.

Now let’s take it to the next level. Set the bill number and phone number as your facebook status. Tweet the same to all of your twitter followers and anyone that might read it. Look through your email address book and fire off a message to everyone with the phone number and bill number. The message should be very simple.

Gun rights!
Call (304) 340-3252
Urge passage of HB3125 intact!

Spread this message like wildfire everywhere you can. You are getting their attention already. You spread this message on social media, and we’ll melt their telephone to a puddle on their desk. You do this, and we will see a significant impact here in our state.

I’m not asking you do something as massive as change a country’s entire regime. Nope. Just get one bill out of one committee. You can do it. You ARE doing it. Thank you!

Lobby Day is Upon Us
Lobby Day is next Monday, the 21st of February. We need as many of you as possible to show up and help us. Calls, letters and emails have an impact, to be sure. But your physical presence in your delegate or senator’s office has a FAR greater impact.

This is another opportunity for you to participate in your republic, and ensure that your elected representatives are actually working for your interests.

We will meet at 9AM on the ground-floor of the main rotunda under the chandelier.
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Keith T. Morgan
West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

The West Virginia Citizens Defense League (WVCDL) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, all-volunteer, grassroots organization of concerned West Virginians who support our individual right to keep and bear arms for defense of self, family, home and state, and for lawful hunting and recreational use, as protected by the state constitution and the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Visit: www.wvcdl.org