ATI Offers Entire Line of B&D 37mm Launcher Products

ATI Offers Entire Line of B&D 37mm Launcher Products

American Tactical Imports
American Tactical Imports

ROCHESTER, NY –-( American Tactical Imports is proud to announce that they are offering the entire line of Bates & Dittus (B&D) products.

B&D is a relatively new company that brings exciting products to the industry. B&D specializes in 37mm launchers of several varieties including a pistol configuration (SML-37) and the new under barrel launcher (UBL-37).

In January, the company made a formal announcement that gave ATI exclusive worldwide rights to distribute all B&D products. Now, these products are stocked and ready for shipment through ATI.

B&D launchers are made of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and 4140 hardened steel. They can handle 37mm ammunition including flares, smoke and pyrotechnic rounds for civilian use and batons, CS gas, rubber pellets and other less-than-lethal options for law enforcement and military.

The launchers in the B&D product lineup include:

  • The Original, the Top Break Launcher, or TBL, comes in a number of possible configurations. Standard is a 12” barrel with a full-length upper Picatinny rail, and a 1x Red/Green dot laser sight. The TBL is a single action/exposed hammer launcher available with solid poly rifle style or telescoping stocks, horizontal or vertical foregrip, and 12” or 16” barrel length. Wood stocks are also available as an option. (B&DT12RSH, B&DT16RSH, B&DT16TSV, B&DT16RSV, B&DT16TSH, B&DT12TSH, B&DT12WSW and B&DT16WSW)
  • The Survival Mate Launcher, or SML, is the pistol configuration 37mm launcher, offered in 6” and 12” barrel lengths. The latter comes equipped with a vertical foregrip. (B&DSML6 and B&DSML12)
  • The Extreme Duty Top Break, or ExD-37, caters to law enforcement and military and is intended to function consistently with training tactics; it is DAO with an internal hammer and approximately a 15 lb. trigger pull and available in 12” and 16” lengths, both with a custom aluminum vertical foregrip. (B&DE12CSV and B&DE16CSV)
  • The Under Barrel Launcher, or UBL, is the B&D recreation of the M-203. It has a 12” barrel with a full-length upper Picatinny rail for attachment to a Picatinny rail-equipped AR-15 style weapon such as the AT-15, distributed by ATI. (B&DUBL37)

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wayne gerhardt

Do you have the B_D TBL-37 Launcher in stock? How much? Thanks

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