Mark Kresser Named President and CEO of Taurus International

Mark Kresser Named President and CEO of Taurus International

Taurus Firearms
Taurus Firearms

MIAMI –-( Taurus International Manufacturing is excited to announce the appointment of Mark Kresser as President and CEO.

He will succeed long-time President and CEO, Bob Morrison. The move will become effective September 1, 2011.

“With Kresser’s vast experience in the firearms industry, he possesses all the qualities and strengths you look for in a leader,” said Bob Morrison.

“Mark has demonstrated time and again that he understands this industry and what it takes to succeed. I am confident that customers can look forward to continued quality firearms from Taurus in the future.”

Kresser has worked in executive management positions for the past 15 years and has gained valuable experience with Traditions Performance Firearms, O.F Mossberg & Sons, Inc., Sigarms, Inc. and Beretta USA Corporation.

Bob Morrison is excited to continue on as a Senior Advisor with Forjas Taurus and looks forward to the new and intriguing challenges the position is certain to offer.

With a rich history that began in Porto Alegre, Brazil more than sixty years ago, Forjas Taurus, S.A. has become a diversified, international company celebrating its resounding success as one of the world’s leading small arms manufacturers. In 1941 the company produced its first revolver and posting record growth every year since. Taurus brand firearms manufactured by Forjas Taurus are imported into the U.S. and serviced by Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. For additional information about Taurus, visit

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    1. Bought a wood grip for my Taurus Public Defender Poly off the internet. Needless to say, it did not fit my gun. I mailed it back, you received it on January 4th, 2016. I am still waiting on my refund. I have called numerous times, only to get the answer, “it is being processed” I just received a call from them last week and now they say they found the problem and it will be another 30 days before I receive my money. Is this company so hard up that they have to steel my meager money to stay in business?? I have NEVER dealt with such a piss poor customer service group as yours!!! You need to take a look at your accounting department, because they apparently are not efficient at doing anything timely.

    2. I need to speak to the CEO of Taurus manufacturing ASAP there is a big problem and I’m pretty ticked off about it 317-970-1422 if he can’t respond to me ASAP let me have his number and I will call him

    3. I Have tried repeatedly to reach you by phone. Gave you my credit card for a repair which you have used but I have not received a shipping label. Please send me the FedEx label to Joseph Seme 3741 Cottage Grove rd Akron Ohio44319

      The fact you have my money and I have nothing is not right.

    4. I am actually a HUGE Fan of Taurus, especially their Customer Care. I carried one for a pretty good amount of time (revolver) and sent it back periodically and it always came back perfect (I sent 1000’s of rounds through it annually). That being said, I just bought another Taurus after being away from them for a while, BECUASE of the great customer care. I bought the PT 709 Slim. While I love the fit and finish and overall performance (i.e. goes bang every single time without fail) it is absolutely useless to me. There is no means to buy replacement magazines, PERIOD. It comes with one (thus the price) and I have contacted 100 plus Gun Shops, Googled til my fingers bled, and been placed on every backorder list – no luck. YOU MUST KNOW the purpose of this small, concealable pistol is entirely negated by the lack of magazine availability. I FOUND ONE in the world on Ebay going over 100$ used. THis weapon was to be a carry, and now I am probably gonna have to get rid of it; the advantage over a small revolver is absolutely ZERO without an additional mag. I own a SAFE full of your guns, and while most are over 12 years old, I am a FAN. But, I call and call, and I get “no availability” for the mags. Who would market and build a gun,a nd include just one mag? Taurus. SOrta smart; right up until the point where you don’t sell additional mags at any costs. I’ll keep hunting and hunting, cause again, it goes bang with everything I put into it every time; but, if I can’t get a mag for it by the new year, it will have to be traded, along with all the others. Gun Owners are loyal, yet fickle. I’m in your corner, but to a point. Dropping a couple hundred on a good gun – no problem. Spending months looking to buy a mag for it at almost ANY price is enough to make me say good riddance. Take five seconds and Google Replacement Mag for PT 709. There are 100000’s of pages, and even WEB SITES that tell horrible stories about not being able to get a mag dating back YEARS. Most companies would be making serious bank on this. WHoever is in charge of supplying mags in this market should be canned/caned. THousands of people need mags for this well selling gun; yet you ignire demand. Makes no sense. You have my email, if time allows, find someone, ANYONE that will sell me two or three mags, and I will remain a happy customer. If not, I get it, good luck. JM

    5. My 24/7 G2 compact was jamming most of the time so I called Taurus and they told me to send it in and it could take from 4 to 6 weeks to get it back. However, I sent it in on July 24, 2013, received an email from Taurus that said they received it on July 29, 2013 and I received the gun FIXED on August 2, 2013.
      Because I had heard so many bad reports about service I was leery about sending it in but I’m very satisfied with the response.
      I haven’t tested it yet but Taurus said they fired 30 rounds through it with no problems.
      I’m very satisfied with customer service.

    6. Bought a Taurus 24/7 G2 .45 acp compact in late Feb ’13. First time I fired it it stove piped second time I fired it it jammed. I am talking trigger pulls not trips to range. I was never able to fire a complete magazine out of this weapon without a feed jam or stove piping. Upon inspection when the gun is fired and the slide comes back the inside of slide and barrel hit each other to the point of metal being shaved off the slide. Sent it to Taurus on 20 Mar 13 and was told maximum wait would be 6 weeks been 7. Was told that even though the gun was only in my possession for 17 days they will not exchange or replace my gun I have to wait for multiple parts to be back ordered from Brazil. Also the spent cases showed signs of the firing pin dragging on the primer. I wonder if I could either report my gun stolen to the police or better yet call my credit card company and tell them what’s going on and get my money back. Only good thing about this situation I was able to convince a friend not to buy a Taurus handgun.
      I will never “CARRY ON ” again!

    7. I bought a brand new Taurus PT 1911 AR, your high end model. The machining on the inside of the gun is questionable for a what is supposed to be a world class company and it only got worse from there. Upon cleaning the barrel I found what can only be described as gouges or pitting 1 inch long in one spot and three other areas that are the same. This is a BRAND NEW pistol, your higher end 1911 and it left the factory like this? I have had to call 4 different times into your customer service and was on hold every time for no less than 40 minutes. I called today and was number 5 in line when I called, I WAS ON HOLD FOR 1 HOUR!!!!! Before I talked to anyone and they had no idea what they were talking about. I am boiling mad right now. I wish I would have saved another 100 bucks and bought a Springfield Armory!!! Taurus better do something to make this up to me!!!!!

    8. In December I bought a Taurus revolver. When I went to load it the barrel fell out . My dealer sent it in for repair. It was received by Taurus on Jan 8. On March 12 I called your company. They said the dealer did not send sufficient info with the repair. But that they had now identified the problem and it had been moved to the top of the repair list and I should receive it within a week. I called today and they said it will be 4 – 6 weeks because it is waiting for repair. Its already been 8 weeks, and now you want me to wait another 4-6 weeks!! I’m not happy about this delay and I HOPE the CEO actually receives these emails and will look into what appears to be very poor customer service. I am awaiting your reply…

    9. Just got off the phone with your customer "care". They just cost you a customer. I bought my 1st taurus over 20 years ago when they were still in Brazil. The 24/7 pro will be my last. It is having a trigger malfunction and customer service put me on hold 4x and wasted over an hour of my life and still wanted to make me pick up the tab for shipping the gun to them to repair. Ruger paid shipping both ways, took care of me on the 1st call AND sent me a free t-shirt. You were a better company when you were still in south america.

    10. Tomorrow…. will be the four months since I contacted your organization

      for an extractor

      to replace the one that broke in my 223 rossi heavy barrel rifle… I

      looked up "worst

      customer service in the world"… and it had your company's name ….if you

      can not

      produce an extractor…you need to send me a new barrel…at your expense

    11. Hi I just got my Taurus PT638 380 pro back from you after repairs were done. I haven't tried it yet,but noticed on the return invoice that only one issue was addressed ie; ejection repair. Although that might have been one of the problems but the issues not mentioned were as follows, the ammo clips state 15 round capacity and they only hold 14, the clip I sent back with the gun was bad, and it was returned, lite firing. Noe I know you advertise this gun to hold 15+1 rounds of ammo which is not true. Thus this false advertisement. Further more not to state fully what repairs were required is another issue. Because I don't really know what issues you attempted to repair. This is bad service at best, surely you can do better than this. The service order number is 442680 my pistol model #1-638041-15, serial#KDX74712. I appreciate a more detailed work order and what you plan on doing about the advertisement issue, and the bad clip you returned to me. Thank you for assistance in this matter. If I can't get the results I desire I'll take other steps if necessary.


      Mrs. Phyllis Rathke

      1. I need help as well, I bought a Taurus 380 and using a very popular ammo the firearm exploded in my wife’s hand. Thank the lord my wife didn’t get hurt. Sent the gun in to Taurus and was told that they could send the gun back in pieces or offer a discount on another firearm(wholesale basically). I spent thousands of rounds through cheaper weapons with no problems. I can’t but help to feel that I’m being ramrodded. If anyone can help, please, I’m a Navy Vet and Volunteer firefighter who spent 4 days in Barder County Kansas. I’m not rich by far, my wife needed a CCL firearm due to threats. I don’t know what to do or who else to call. Dead ends everywhere. I’m pleading help, and if anyone who has had the same problem please contact me on Facebook my name is Truman Donahoe. Thank you and please be safe.

    12. 11/29/12 bought a 223 deer rifle a year ago,this rifle has been sent back for the third time.rifle is still misfiring,if you could not fix it the first two times than you can,t fix it the third time,i don,t want another 223,i want a 243 to replace the 223 by 12/04/12 that is the only thing that will make me happy,like to hear from you by 11/30/12.michael estes

    13. purchased a brand new taurus judge in february.. already it's been back to taurus to repair the cylinder stop that gets stuck in the gun.. they "replaced it" (yet the stop has the same wear marks it did when I sent it in) and now it's doing the same thing again. Called taurus today- they want me to "send it back again and they can take another look." (great— another 4 week without a gun- and now I'm skeptical that my "home defense gun" will ever really function when needed the most!). I asked for a replacement gun or a refund.. no way. they've lost a customer.. should have bought the S&W…

    14. I brought a Taurus 380 that will not fire. The pin does not hit the bullet hard enough to fire. In order for it to be repaired I had to go to a arms dealer to have it ship, costing me $35 to mail it and $35 to Insure it and all this is for a product that didn’t work at all. That’s $70 dollars that I’m out of and you Want to offer me an extra magazine for the weapon. I’m sure your company can do better than that. I'm still out of $70 dollars.

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