Defense Technology Brand Releases Low Roll Distraction Device

Defense Technology Brand Releases New Low Roll Distraction Device

JACKSONVILLE, Florida –-(, a BAE Systems line of business, announced today the release of the Low Roll Distraction Device models in its Defense Technology brand.

The distinctive shape and unique capabilities of these products provide valuable new tools for police, corrections, and military tactical teams worldwide.

The ergonomic shape and ease of use of the Low Roll body, combined with the powerful output of light, sound and 12 top port configurations result in an even distribution of gases from the opposing ends of the canister.

Defense Technology Low Roll Distraction Device
Defense Technology Low Roll Distraction Device

The distinctive shape and capabilities are tools for police, corrections, and military tactical teams worldwide.

The Low Roll 8902NR model provides deflagration over 175(+) dB and 6 – 8 million candelas.

Available in a non-reloadable device, the distinctive shape provides less roll and better grip.

The diameter of the hex design body is 2.0 in., 5.0 cm. overall length is 5.0 in., 12.7 cm.

The Low Roll 8933 model is a reloadable steel body with a top and bottom port designed to ensure equalization of blast pressure to minimize movement.

The body design reduces rolling when deployed and will accept both 15-gram and 4-gram reloads with a M201A1 type fuze.

Visit or for a preview of this new product.

Available now, MSRP is as follows:

Model      Name                       Description                         MSRP

8902NR Low Roll Distraction Device® Non-Reloadable Non-reloadable Distraction Device® unit $50.00
8933 Low Roll Distraction Device® Body Reloadable steel body $55.20

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