IDPA World Championship on Down Range Radio & TV

IDPA World Championship on Down Range Radio & TV

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Down Range TV

Howard, KS –-( This week on Down Range Radio, Down Range Radio #232:

The IDPA World Championship
Down Range Radio: This week, Michael starts out about the latest on the Fast and Furious Soap Opera, then continues to give a full report from the IDPA World Championship where over 300 shooters competed. With temperatures and humidity in the 90s, the shooters experienced some challenging conditions. Before the match, Michael thought about using a 1911 for this match, but decided to shoot the full size Ruger SR9. LISTEN HERE…

DRTV Weekly: The Evolution of the US Army Handgun
We're going back to Gunsite and their celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Model 1911. Sheriff Jim Wilson talks with Jim Supica, director of the NRA Firearms Museum, about the evolution of the US Army handgun from the percussion era to the year 1911.


Gun Stories: The M16 Rifle (Rerun)
Gun StoriesIt is arguably the most recognized firearm in the world, and the longest serving US infantry rifle ever fielded. It has been copied by numerous countries, and its civilian counterpart is produced by virtually every firearms manufacturer out there. Yet, when it was first introduced, many people immediately began writing its obituary because of the problems it encountered. Some claimed it was adopted more through political pressure rather than performance. And the design was a polar opposite of what a United States military rifle’s virtues were supposed to be.

The Best Defense Survival: The Tools of Preparedness (Rerun)
Best Defense SurvivalIn episode 6 of season 3: The Scrambler is a challenging course at Gunsite, but it is a good test on how you are able to manipulate the Scout rifle in a survival scenario. Michael Janich talks about having an air rifle in your survival kit. On the medical segment, we talk about broken bones and Rob Pincus talks about the 9mm pistol.

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